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    Congenital Fibrosis of ExtraOcular Muscles & Aphakia sucks, adding to it a huge strabismus! So I say, fuck those who makes bad jokes about my crossing eyes or my low vision. Do I have thick eyeglasses lenses? Yes, but who cares? They do help me a lot thou my eyes look huge behind them. Does it bothers you? You deal with it. Favorites games? RPGs like The Elders Scrolls series, Flightsims, City Building or SIMs, ME Sci-Fi Series and any other games. BTW, F@#% those who thinks bullying's fun.
    So I hate that I just can't get a better photo. Yet, I keep interested in music and, due to medical instructions I still play with handheld video games consoles, (I can't wait for the next Nintendo thing and lately I love PC and console video games... I mean XBox One. Mostly I love simulations and RPG games as said before.

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  1. Blackwell Academy and Kings Town outskirts

    So really British this little town reminds me of the Berwick Upon Tweed, only this one is not by the sea, so realistic is your town. Thank you very. really love your work.
  2. Finishing the seaport

    Nice work in this Port. loved the music. Thanks for bringing me back to the SimCity4. Great, great game.
  3. Entry 35 : Summer Doesn't Last Forever (5E137)

    The urban planner Robert Preston intrigues me and the picture of the final approach to Northpoint Airport (NPR) suddenly brought me back the "Dante's Peak scenario... so great and "almost" realistic is this map. I love to see all of your works, it is painful when I do not visit your pages. May I ask you something? I'd hear that in those Winters maps the winter is forever, is it true? For I bought the Snow DLC and I love it, but I didn't try those within in game maps, just because of that. Lol. Thanks for posting.
  4. Hillcroft Farms #2

    This is so Freak...ng and the most Spectacular Idea of how much and how far you're able to go with this awesome game. I wish you'd go and upload some of your map/farms villages city.
  5. Me too. I wholehearted agree with you. It's because of our critical aptitudes Cities Skylines came out that much great. They listened to us AND read the critics about that late fated ill EA Simcity Company president, who completely ignored us "the players or gamers" to his own greedy. I certainly hope games developers listen to games players in order to create great games that we'd happily pay and not a broken-down and ill finished games. As for your information Vals Lowder, I'd played old games that played for hours without a glitch or whatever. "Supposedly", games should come out perfectly working. That's what I think.
  6. I just want to know I'd love your work. You're really good.

    1. Linoa06


      Thank you so much :)

  7. Special 1 - Cartography of Cathnoquey

    This is so... so freaking AWESOME. I'm speechless. So freaking awesome. I just can't believe my eyes. I honestly think you should pay a visiting to those at BETHESDA. MAN... this your work is simply The coolest one Id ever seen. Thank to you, I can't wait to what comes next.
  8. Santos - Brazil

    Eu conheco a cidade de Santos e este mapa esta simplesmente soberbo. Cinco estrelas sem duvida. O melhor que eu vi.
  9. MP - Rio de Janeiro

    Very awesome and precise Rio de Janeiro map. Loved it... Really freaking cool map.
  10. Muito legal este mapa.  Vou baixa-lo imediatamente.

    Obrigado pelo mapa.

  11. After Dark Premiere #1: Night Bright Lights

    I love this game and... well, now I'm LOVING the game even more and I can't wait 'til tomorrow to get this Exp.
  12. Cities: Skylines - After Dark reveals completely reasonable price

    I will gladly pay the US$ 15 dollars. In fact, isn't much and Colossal Paradox deserves this for their great game. Can't wait to lay my hands on this new exp.
  13. Anno 2205: Stepping into the Future and Sticking to the Past at E3 2015

    The idea is very cool indeed, but..., I just wish they would drop out their DRM and force you online UPlay. Honestly... if there is any of those two Ubisoft "rules" I am out. I'd long not buying any of Ubisoft games just because of that.
  14. Cities: Skylines hits million sales mark

    Now, time to play my "One million sales mark"... check it out EA, Cities: Skylines. Bye.
  15. Santos - Brazil

    Cara... seu mapa esta muito bem feito. Da pra perceber a ligacao para Sao Vicente... inclusive a conexao para a pequena Ilha Porchat? muito louco mesmo. Obrigado por postar este mapa.