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  1. Bigger Private Schools

    Wicked! This really helps with the £££ high density area!
  2. I have tried to implement the High Speed Rail Network into my cities but seems like I have hit some problem with constructing the track itself... I have pretty much installed everything available online to make this work but still, it doesn't seems right.. The details are shown below... The problem seems to happen when I construct curves, diagonals and points and crossings… I have pretty much installed everything online to make this happen, but seems no joy at all…. Could anyone tell me what should I uninstall or renew in order to make this happen??
  3. Shinjuku Area and Region Update!!

    This is fanastic indeed! I can see what is professional! =] I can't wait to see your update! And now you moutivates me to do something with my Little Briton!