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  1. Welcome to my NYBT thread! Here you can follow my adventures as I try and recreate buildings from New York. My work will be dedicated to bringing spirit of New York City to SimCity. This post will be edited as I progress with my work. List of my uploads to the STEX: (click on image to go to upload)
  2. This is the thread about the BATs that took our breath away, the ones we followed as they were developed, but somehow they were forgotten. The main goal of this thread can be summarized as remembering and appreciating the BAT itself and effort put into it, and maybe getting the feedback from authors what happened and what can we expect in future. There is only two rules for posting here: be sure to list the name of the author and BAT (also include a picture of BAT), and be sure to upload only BATs which progress haven't been published for over year. I went trough one forgotten BAT thread today and found this: BAT: Elsinor House Author: SimFox last update> 18. september 2007. BAT: Blok 20 Author: delija21 last update> 21. february 2008. BAT: Federation Tower Author: SimFox last udate> 20. January 2009. BAT: Palace Albania Author: delija21 last update> 4. april 2008. BAT: SinoSteel Tower Author: SimFox last update> 28 december 2008. BATs: Cathay Hotel & Bank of China (Shanghai) Author: Odainsaker last update> 13 april 2009. [Resized Images to fit within 800x600 Rule Click Pictures for full size (if any) Xyloxadoria]
  3. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but actually, I have the SimFox 500 Fifth Ave files and I worked on the model a bit before my old computer broke:
  4. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    Fanastic as always. About the Regal Theater, I always loved how creamy it was in color. And altho the limestone facade is spectacular I think it might be too cool for the original color. In my mind, the bircks on the auditorium box part were always integral part of the theater. I would love to see them in the new version as well. Don't get me wrong, new thing looks great, but I would like the character of the original to remain. As for Art deco store, I forgot about that marvelous thing. I would like to know where does the floaing part fits in in the original.
  5. mipro

    Glorious! My favorite building from Detroit!
  6. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    RIP Noony Moose
  7. Windsor Atlantica Hotel

    What an amazing job u always do Jason!
  8. BATs by Bipin

    I am absolutely in love with the stores BAT!
  9. 2014 Trixie Awards Ceremony

    On behalf of Aaron Graham, NYBT CBT and myself, thank you guys for the Trixie!
    Great job Seraf! I am really happy you have finished and uploaded not only your first "modern" building but also an International Month BAT! Great job my friend!
  10. NYBT Hotel Pennsylvania

    Amazing job Seraf! You should be really proud of what you did here! I know I am!
  11. Le Shangri-La

  12. Telus Plaza North

  13. MacDonald Station