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  1. Krystal Hamburgers

    It's about time, thank you for this bat.
  2. SunTrust Bank

    Thanks!!! It looks amazing, will fit in with my southern U.S. city
  3. Hi, I am willing to pay for bat models and other mods of my choice. If you are a developer please message me. Pretty much I saw this mod by (MushyMushy) But he/she doesn't know how to convert it into automata. If you know how to, please help them or just updated it using their formula. I would like for those vehicles to drive and maybe even have flashing lights to stop traffic. In addition to that (scroll down)......... I would like for someone to create these Nova buses modeled after the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority byt
  4. Mosby Metro

  5. BAT Request Thread

    Can someone create the RSA Union Building in Montgomery, Alabama https://www.emporis.com/buildings/233906/rsa-union-building-montgomery-al-usa
  6. LMC

  7. Convention Center

    Thanks for this, it is great work. I was so over that Portland Convention Center by JTPortland that goes to crap right after you've built it, can you make a larger version of this, like at least 3 times the size? Convention Centers are colossal, but this will go well for my mid-sized city.
  8. Bolston Metropolitan Area

    Pictures of my metro area