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About this City Journal

New Chandler has been going for THREE YEARS and COUNTING! It's time for you to check out the two-time Trixie-winning tropical culture of New Chandler!

Entries in this City Journal


I was going to show parts of the Don Fierro District (there's glimpses of it early in this update) but the driving updates seem to be popular - and with Bayview and most of North Doherty looking presentable, I thought I should show it off with a highway update :)

As always the plants are all hand-placed by me. Enjoy update 63 folks!


We will start our drive on the hills north of Don Fierro Bay on Highway 1, and work our way south toward the heart of Doherty. Though this exit doesn't look busy now, during event days at Don Fierro Stadium, the largest stadium in the entire metropolitan area, this exit can get dicey.


Heading down the hill, the skyscrapers of the Don Fierro District tower to the left.


Crossing over the Don Fierro Bay Bridge now. Along with the Pulaski Bridge (refer to the giant mosaic to see the south end of it) it is the only method to drive across the Don Fierro Bay.


At the southeast corner of the Bay lies Springsteen Avenue, which loops through the wealthy houses in a district nicknamed "East Egg" after the Great Gatsby. Now it is the official name of the district (and no, there is no West Egg, although Bay Point would geographically fit the criteria. Bay Point was the focus of the giant mosaic in my last post).


Curving around a narrow stretch between Bean's Addition and East Egg. Central Avenue is the boundary of several districts in Bayview and the main surface street into Downtown.


The main freeway into Downtown is Highway 266. The interchange between Highway 226 and Highway 1 is massive, with neighborhoods and on-ramps in the middle of the parts of the giant cloverleaf.


The eastbound exit ramp.


Finally out of the 266 mess now....



A major surface street here is Othello Avenue. We are now officially out of Bayview and in Doherty.


Teeder Avenue connects two major intersections together and with Highway 1.


A simple exit onto Oceans Avenue (not so simple going Northbound). Oceans Avenue is the major artery running along or near the Pelham Bay coastline from Bayview to Abbott's Island, paralleled by Highway 1 most of the way.


Country Club Avenue is the main entrance into the sprawling 18-hole Pelham Bay National Golf Club. It extends through a bustling commercial district, Greenfield, as well.


On our left is a major transit center for the East Pelham Metro as we approach Highway 19.


And we're at the interchange, which is where we will stop for today. It's decision time.


Okay folks, THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN VOTE! Before you do a few notes about things.

About option 1 (pink, staying on Highway 1). This will take you to North Central Doherty for Update 64, as far as another interchange where I'll poll you all again on which way to go for another driving update for Update 65. If you like the roadgeek updates, this will guarantee you two more, so definitely vote for this one! Also, if you like really tall stuff, Abbott's Island is the Manhattan Island of New Chandler, so this will be a taller choice :P

About option 2 (green, taking Highway 19 east). We won't be on Highway 19 long because we've been on almost all of it already, but we will switch out toward Garden Grove (we will not go back to St. Clair or Murray City again) on another freeway. We have seen Garden Grove already so we will drive all the way through it and further. This would probably be a slightly longer drive than option 1, but I wouldn't do another driving update for Update 65 because there aren't any freeways nearby.

Thanks for the support, remember to comment (and vote!), follow, +1 - your love is what keeps me going :) deuces!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by my last entry! This is a teaser to the 63rd entry. This is an area I have enjoyed working on but I'm not sure it will fit into where I will be showing the next entry, so I thought I'd show it all off in one big picture. Also I have no idea when the next entry will be but hopefully it will be sooner than later.

A few notes - as usual, EVERY tree and rock along the coastline is placed individually by myself. This took a great deal of time to do but I think you will like the result. Second, every metro station you see here exists and goes to the giant metro system reaching over the entire metro area. This part of town doesn't get as much metro activity as the rest (a little less than a thousand people commute on the 9 every day) but it is sort of isolated from the rest of Bayview and the huge metro area it is in, so that's not really surprising.

Finally, as you may have noticed, this teaser is my 100th post in the new CJ section, so that's pretty cool also. Thanks for all the support for getting me to this landmark milestone!

Now a note about the picture. A while ago I did this with San Clemente City (another city in this megatropolis) but this time it's a little different. One version has labels that name every station, street, and landmark, on top of a picture that just shows off the city. I'd encourage you to view both :)







Bayview is one of the three anchor cities of the East Pelham Megatropolis, the others being Doherty and San Clemente City. Bayview is the northernmost one of the three, and shares a direct border with Doherty to the south.

This update will feature the part of Bayview on the south side of Don Fierro Bay. The next one will feature the northern side. We'll start in Del Ray District, on the Oceans Avenue end.


The Highway 1 end. This freeway links Bayview to Doherty.


Continuing east. Highway 1 is the freeway with the cars on it.



SoBo (South of Bohemia Avenue). The city grid is perfectly uniform in this district.


Bay Point District.


East Egg is opposite of Bay Point District. The houses here have views of the Downtown skyline as well as Don Fierro Bay.



Bean's Addition.


Lets end this update with some shots of Downtown Bayview. Bayview is the twelfth-largest city in the nation by population, and boast a "small yet tall" business district.




I'm back in school for my senior year so New Chandler's time is coming to a gradual end, but until then I hope you enjoyed this update, and I'll see you around for the next one of North Bayview :)


Garden Grove, Part Two

If you like suburbia, boy do I have the update for you... :P


There's a lot of nooks and cranies of Garden Grove I felt like showing again. Here's a few all-new pictures for all of you.

East Egg High School, an affluent area, as the name suggests.


Along the shores of the Royal River here.


By the bridge...


A commercial area.


The west end of University Avenue. Irvington University is at the bottom of this picture, you saw it in the last update.


Jonesmore District, and Jonesmore High School, which takes in a lot of students from Garden Grove as well.


On the other side of the freeway. We might be taking a drive on this one sometime soon, so remember this place.



The area near Garden Grove High School, which is in the middle of a peninsula of the Royal River.


I'll end this update in the CBD of Garden Grove!





That's a wrap for today! As always your critique and comments are what keep me going, so thanks for leaving them and viewing my work. Until next time :)


Garden Grove, Part One


One of the largest districts in Doherty is Garden Grove, which straddles the north shore of the Royal River, one of several rivers in the Doherty city limits.



The southeast edge of the district... which is a pretty affluent area.




These blocks are filled with college students attending the nearby Irvington University.


University Avenue splits the campus.


More of University Avenue.


North of campus.


More dense area...


This area is known as the Irvington Crossroads, it is filled with apartments rising out of green tropicalness. (and it's usually way busier than this :P)


We'll end this entry off with the commerce area of Garden Grove... which is what we will focus a little more on in Update 61. There's a lot still to show here :P





Alright well that's a wrap, thanks for viewing my work! And as always, I appreciate and I will reply to all of your comments :)


Update 60 Teaser!

I hope all of you have been having a good summer so far, I certainly have... which is why you haven't seen a lot of me :P

As far as SC4 goes, I still have completely set up the road layout and terrain for four large city tiles in the ever-growing metropolitan area I have been showcasing for a while. But haven't started the developing of them until now, and I'm still only part way through one of them but you'll see that one in Update 60.

Here is a shot of what it looks like now.



In the last update, a vote was decided on whether we would drive toward Carla Vista, or toward the airport. Most of you voted for the airport, so here we go :)

Note about the pictures: south is still the top of the picture, like last time. There's sometimes some arrows to help you out which direction we are going, because we will be going up, down, left, and right :P

Also, remember that I use no traffic mods, only the most basic NAM traffic enhancer. There are some areas that won't have much traffic (the airport stretch especially), some that are affected by which rush hour it is, and some that have a lot.


Here's a basic overview of where we are starting. This was where we stopped in Update 58.


The first exit off of 220 we will hit is Grosvenor Street. Most people coming from our direction don't take this one, in preference to Murray Boulevard, but those coming from the north on Highway 220 often take this into Central Murray City.


Next we have Diagonal Avenue (accessed by a one-way street) and Foster Avenue, which heads straight into the heart of Murray City. Traffic will get fairly thin after this point.


Stephens Avenue is the last exit into Central Murray City.


Windsor Heights Street is next. I haven't developed this area yet and it's the last exit in this city tile so you won't be seeing many cars here :P


Coming down the hill now...


The next exit is a junction to Highway 1020, which loops around Sapphire Bay, which is basically a giant retirement community. This trip would be way too short if we stayed on 220 toward the airport, so we'll take the 1020 exit and cut back on a surface street in a few moments.


The first exit off of the 1020 is Main Street, which caters to many of the wealthy houses in Sapphire Bay.


Upton Avenue is the next exit... which basically goes to the same place the previous exit does.


The Bay Beltline connects Highway 220 with 1020, running against the hotels on the coastline. We'll take this exit and turn left.


Dropping down off the viaduct to hit Sapphire Bay Parkway. We will go straight through the light here onto Highway 220.


And now we're back on Highway 220, heading toward a tunnel.


Hickson Street serves a small development, along with Sapphire Bay High School... which is right on the beach (not visible in this picture).


Along the coast... almost.


Passing by the economy parking garage for the airport now. One will need to take a bus to get back to the terminal. Still, it's cheaper than airport parking (but still not cheap :P)


Going up yet another hill, undoubtedly the steepest on the drive... and into another tunnel, that will connect us to the small cove where the airport lies.


Out of the tunnel now, and heading down the hill.


A traffic circle ends Highway 220, as we head onto the airport access road. The other avenue is the way one can get to Carla Vista, where apparently all of the airport employees live :P


Going down the final hill - the airport is coming into view as the jungle starts to clear.


The split between concourses A and B from concourses C and D. We'll just keep going straight for now, but this drive is basically over.


And that's all there is, we're at the airport now!


Just for the hell of it I made two nighttime mosaics. One is of Highway 19 - this would have been the first stretch we would have been driving on if Option A was the favorite.


Highway 19 is at the bottom of this one (a part we drove on last time, the exit was Holland Street), starting from Grosvenor Park and working down.


Now, one more thing before I go - a region view of the entire Murray City/Carla Vista/Doherty area as it looks right now. The actual city of Doherty, the biggest city in this metro area and the second-largest city in the nation of New Chandler, is the next thing to be developed. It's going to be pretty awesome by the time it's done. I think it's going to take up seven large city tiles so you'll be enjoying small parts of it at a time. Of course, when I can, I'll be doing updates that go along a highway (like this one) or a metro line (like #55).

Anyway here's the region view. That big square between 4, 5, 6, and 7 will NOT be developed by the way, it's much craggier than it looks in there :)


Are you guys liking where I'm headed with this? Leave your comments and ratings and what-not and I'll get back to you, I'd love to know what you guys are thinking about all of this!


Driving Down Highway 19

Replies are on the previous update, enjoy this one! It covers three large city tiles!


It's been a while since we've driven around a city in New Chandler. Let's get on Highway 19 at Athens Avenue eastbound, toward Murray City. (we will be driving from the right of your screen to the left)


Going under Laurelhusrt Park Avenue here. A Doherty Metro line goes by here too.


Knott Street was frequently traveled last week as St. Francis University hosted some Simlympic quailfying matches. You saw the college on the last update.


We cross the river now and go over a large hill and back down again. On the way down one can see the dense Central St. Clair District.


New Chandler City Avenue crosses over at a gnarly turn in the freeway. This exit often gets jammed because it is the only access to Highway 420 coming from the west like we are... on top of having to deal with the already bad traffic in St. Clair. Plus the name confuses plenty of people because New Chandler City is across the entire nation, several thousand miles away.


The eastbound freeway has an offramp onto 23rd Street here.


A partial interchange-esque exit onto Golconda Avenue. This road goes alongside the freeway all the way through Murray City, almost to Carla Vista, several miles away.


The freeway turns again here back in the due east direction. Part of the interchange the westbound direction has with Highway 420 is visible at the bottom here. Instead, we hit Clatsop Street, the third exit going to relatively the same place in a row :P


Two more two-lane streets are serviced here. Golconda Avenue is at the top right corner here, and Bocanegra Avenue (where we started the metro line a few update back) crosses over the freeway.


One of the most heavily traversed (and crime-ridden) arteries of the Doherty Metro area, National Avenue, is serviced by this giant exit. The detailed sign, especially in regard to the Doherty - East Pelham International Airport, can pass by drivers pretty quickly.


The National Avenue onramp also has it's own access to the Bonanza Street Viaduct, which crosses over Golconda Avenue and proceeds diagonally toward Murray City (this was also a metro station - the metro line is about six blocks to the south - it won't be seen in this update).


Holland Street, the last simple exit before things get unbelievably complicated.


Murray Avenue, the old way into Murray City before Highway 220 was integrated, has an exit... right before Highway 220. This is where we're going to have a pause on our drive.


And now you can vote! Please do vote! There's two ugly arrows on that above image, and they correlate to the colors you see on this below... the next update will be another driving one, the question is, where do you want to go? Do you want to go to Carla Vista and into the outskirts of San Clemente City, or take the exit and whiz by Murray City into the mountains toward Sapphire Bay and the DEP Airport?


Also, the next update will have a region view of Doherty... so far :) Until then, vote, comment, and I'll get back to you all soon! As always I couldn't thank you all enough for the support you give!


East Doherty


Here's a quick glimpse at the eastern part of the Doherty city proper. The previous two suburbs, Carla Vista and Murray City, were also to the east, but we are now in the city proper.

We'll start in the southwest and move toward the east from there. This is part of White Harbor, a small port on a river (rare, because Doherty is on a peninsula - most open out toward the sea).


Industrial area above White Harbor.


Continuing upriver.


There's some condos here...


St. Francis University is a small private college that is nestled between Highway 19, some giant mountains, and the river. Here are some new dorms, the hospital, and surrounding area.


The stadium and the west end of campus.


And the east end...


Here's another baseball stadium across the river, in an industrial area. This is directly across the river from White Harbor.


Over a mountain range now (there's a lot in the Doherty area if you haven't noticed :P) to the Foothills Shopping Center.


The North Foothills District. This road is brutal during the evening rush hour, as Highway 19 only has partial interchanges through here. As a result, most who take the freeway in the morning take the road you see here at night (there's no rush hour going on right now though).


National Highway 19


And it's interchange with Highway 701.


Upper St. Clair District, an affluent and dense area of town.


Central St. Clair District. Metro Line 3 runs through here.


Most of Central St. Clair is off-the-grid and dense - it's the densest area of Doherty outside of the CBD that is not on the coast.


And finally, South St. Clair District.


That's all for now, if you enjoyed this update or have a question, leave a comment, and I'll reply to you as always! Thank you for taking time to visit my journal!


Summer is coming...

The last update was over a month ago, and I've been working hard on developing the entire city tile to the west of Murray City. Now, there are three in a row (Carla Vista, Murray City, and this one). Once it's done I'll have content for at least three updates to power this journal into the summer, so that will be nice after being off for so long!

Until then, here's a little teaser. I know there is not a lot to see here except some mattb325 and maxis houses but hopefully you enjoy it anyway :)



My last update was my most viewed update EVER in my many years of city journalism here at Simtropolis, with over 1200 hits as I'm writing this one. For the second week in a row, there's no teaser!

It's not as big as my previous update but it does have two mosaics so it might take a little while to load. As always thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy this update! I think it's going to be my last one for a while because I've FINALLY exhausted Murray City and Carla Vista of content to show in the journal :)


Oriental Heights, looking over Don Alvano Avenue.


Foothills Parkway and Highway 19.



More of Foothills Parkway.


A few onramps and offramps on the south side of Highway 19.


Diagonal Avenue.


The border between Oriental Heights of Murray City and East Doherty... the wealth difference between the two cities, one supporting commerce and one supporting industry, shows here.


Highway 220, as it heads under the hills.


Two mosaics for you here. The first one is a north to south one along the National Avenue and Bonanza Street Corridors (the two networks that cross Highway 19). You might recognize that metro station from Update 55 ;)


The last one is an west to east one from Bocanegra Avenue through Downtown Murray City. The mosaic went sideways (hence that black corner) but it was pretty big already :P Also, this nearly 6000-pixel tall mosaic is NOT EDITED except for the black corner and the text. What you see here is what is in my game:

#noedit for you instragamers out there :P


You can see why I digitally tweak my images after seeing the dullness of that mosaic, but I thought it would be nice to kind of show you how it makes it better.

As always leave a comment, please! I replied to them all on the last update, some of you had questions on custom content, and I'll plan on doing the same again. Your rates and +1's are always appreciated too, so thanks again :) I still can't believe how far this journal has come!


Thanks for all of the great remarks on my last update! For the first time in God knows how long, I'm posting a new update without a teaser first! It's a transit update, and it covers three large city tiles! I don't have a transit map yet (the bus lines in Carla Vista's hill-based street layout aren't playing nice) but I will release one with Update 56, which might come sooner than you think. Thanks, and until then, enjoy Update 55 from Carla Vista and Murray City!

And one more thing, if you notice to your right, there's a little thing talking about a table of contents. New Chandler is currently in 16th place for total number of entries all-time in the CJ section, so if you want to view some past updates easily (there's a lot, obviously), I'd encourage you to look there. Of course, my best work is what you're seeing today, in my opinion.

With that said, get on board! :)


The Doherty Metro Line 3 connects San Clemente City to the Doherty City Center, with a spur (Line 3A, you'll be on that later) connecting Carla Vista to the Doherty-East Pelham International Airport. We'll start on the outskirts of Murray City at Bocanegra Station. You'll notice the red ENG on the side: This means English. On some Doherty Metro publications and signs, a blue ESP is shown, proving it to be Spanish. This will make more sense when maps are released because it really doesn't now :P


Next is the Martinias Transit Center, nearby private Catholic high school Notre Dame Prep. A few bus lines meet up here.


Proceeding on to National Avenue, a road synonymous with low-income "sketchy" shops. Be careful here at night.


In the Bonanza District now, right before the metro goes underground through Murray City's financial district. This is the site of a rare park-and-ride garage.


Not much farther down the line, underground, is Grosvenor Park Station, an area with midrise condo towers separating the financial district of Murray City and the western suburbs.


Crown Plaza, in the middle of Murray City, allows a connection to the 5 line. It's faster to get to the airport via the 5 line, but we're on a tour of Carla Vista too, so we'll stay on the 3.


The metro cuts north a little bit to Santa Clara Avenue's meeting with Highway 220 here. This is a popular bus stop.


Going a block south to hit a station on Diagonal Avenue, in east Murray City.


A large transit station is on Don Alvano Avenue's meeting with Santa Clara Avenue at Foothills Transit Center. A plethora of bus lines go through here.


A vibrant hillside neighborhood on the far west stretches of the city of Carla Vista, Trimalchio District is served by a station bearing the name.


Going over the hill now, and dropping down to Corita Avenue, Masterson Street, and Santa Clara Avenue's meeting. If you're waiting for a red left turn arrow here, you won't have a good time :P


Underground now under the typical Carla Vista Hill. Escondido Circus allows metro access with a connection to bus line 41, serving a tremendous population of northwest Carla Vista.


At the bottom of the hill is Crown Point Road. This station also is a major bus stop as well, on top of being a block from a freeway junction.


Beistegui Valley is two blocks north of the Beistegui Circus (traffic circles on the bottom, beneath the sign), the north end of the famous Beistegui Avenue shopping strip.


Downtown Carla Vista appears just over the next small rolling hill. We're switching lines here to the 3A, connecting San Clemente City to the DEP Airport without having to backtrack through all of those Carla Vista and east Murray City stations to the 5 line.


Down Carla Vista Avenue's first big hill is Carla Vista Cove... forgot to put that red circle around the station, my bad.


Over the next hill is Bridgeview, a relatively run-down neighborhood.


And over the next few hills, at the mouth of the Carla Vista River, is Doherty-East Pelham (DEP) Airport. Our line terminates here and this will end our ride.


As I said at the top a map will be done in time. Until then, leave your comments, I'll reply as always, and I'll see you next time! Thanks for riding in New Chandler today :)



I've had this second page of my journal reserved for "Documents and Files" which was planned to be my downloadable content. I haven't used it all that much and most of my downloadable content is now in the journal itself. With that said, as I approach 60 entries, I think it would be nice to have an organized table of contents.

NOTE: Well, this got bumped to the top... which was not what I was expecting

:P sorry for the inconvenience. You can still look through this, but it's not a new update :)

This is organized in chronological order so you know what entry is which. I've also organized it by city, so if you have a favorite, you can look at all of the content from each place featured in New Chandler. If you've followed for the past three years, you'd know that a lot of different places have been covered.


The original version of New Chandler was set in Latin America. It lasted from July 2010 to September 2010 and had fourteen updates. This version of New Chandler hosted a praised ISC session and a torch relay for the highly-acclaimed Simlympics in Chihiro, Petrova. After the ISC session, New Chandler was accepted into the Alliance of Independent Nations.

Update 1 - Transcendenta International Airport

Update 2 - Western La Brea

Update 3 - The Hills of La Brea

Update 4 - Nights in La Brea

Update 5 - The 15th ISC Session

Update 6 - New Chandler National Railway

Update 7 - Parque de La Brea

Update 8 - Another Rainy Night

Update 9 - The "C" Line

Update 10* - New Chandler Torch Relay for the Chihiro Games

Update 11 - The New Chandler CBD

Update 12 - Roseburgh

Update 13 - Winchester

Update 14 - The Capitol

* Update 10 was exclusive to Simsports. The link given will take you to Simsports, not to Simtropolis.


New Chandler 2.0 was set in the Indian Ocean. It lasted from September 2010 to January 2011 and had sixteen updates. This version of New Chandler hosted the AIFF Tropics Cup and the IFL All-Star Game, two now-defunct leagues. It also was awarded hosting rights to an AIN summit, but yielded rights to Cattala, because union drama forced New Chandler 2.0 away from the Alliance of Independent Nations into the Second Confederacy of Free Regions.

Update 14* - Help Me Build West Avondale!

Update 15 - Sophanem City Center

Update 16 - The Tall Parts of Sophanem (AIN Minor summit bid)

Update 17 - Shots of Winchester

Update 18 - Winchester: ...again

- Simlympic Poster Teasers

Update 19 - Winchester: A Ride on the "8" Line

- Mangrove Riviera

Update 20 - Doherty: A Culture Shock

Update 21 - Sophanem: the Older City

Update 22 - New Chandler City: The Big Kahuna

Update 23 - Beautiful Islands? Yup, We've Got Them.

Update 24 - The Districts of Doherty

- University of Parringshire Teaser

Update 25 - Parringshire: The Dreamland

Update 26 - Regal District, New Chandler City

Update 27 - Merry Christmas!

- Galanos War Memorial

Update 28 - Galanos, A Land of Color

Update 29 - Kensington District of Winchester (IFL All Star Game bid)

*There are two update 14's, with one also in the previous version.


New Chandler III is set on Adonia, the role-playing planet of the United Sovereign Nations, a union New Chandler III was the headquarter nation of until its resignation in early 2012. By far the most esteemed edition of New Chandler, it hosted the XV Simlympic Games in New Chandler City in 2011, hosted the SIBF World Cup in Rockaway, was runner-up to Atarashima in potentially hosting the XVII Simlympic Games in 2012 with Galanos, hosted an Adonia Games Committee Session in San Clemente City, bid to host a second ISC Session with Rockaway, all on the way to winning Trixies for Best Sports "League" in 2011 and Best Tropical City Journal in 2012. The longest-lasting version of the journal with twenty-seven updates and counting, New Chandler III began in March of 2011 and continues today, still on Adonia, despite being unaffiliated with a union.

- New Chandler is Back

Update 30 - Phoebe: The Winds of the Seas

- Rockaway: Teaser in the Rain

Update 31 - SIBF World Cup Opening Ceremony

Update 32 - Rockaway: The City of Magic

- Heritage Lakes National Park Teaser

Update 33 - Lake Martinazzi

Update 34 - A Ride on Line C3 of the Rockaway Metro

Update 35 - The City That Lives

Update 36 - Sights of New Chandler City (Simlympic bid part 1)

Update 37 - Parks and Parkways (Simlympic bid part 2)

Update 38 - Twilight City

Update 39 - Simlympic Opening Ceremony

- Playing with the Lot Editor

Update 40 - The Rain Reigns Over Darlington City

Update 40*- Simlympic Closing Ceremony

Update 41 - Darlington City In Brighter Times

Update 42 - Burlesque District and Vicinity of New Chandler City

- San Clemente City (Teaser 1)

- San Clemente City (Teaser 2)

- San Clemente City (Teaser 3)

Update 43 - San Clemente City: Take a Walk of Life

Update 43.5 - 5590 x 2465 Mosaic of San Clemente City

- Rockaway: XX ISC Session Bid poster

Update 44 - Rockaway: XX ISC Session Bid

- East Rockaway Teaser

- East Rockaway Mosaic

Update 45 - East Rockaway, En Español

Update 46 - 40th AGC Session and a Tour of San Clemente City

Update 47 - New Chandler Metro Line 7

- Galanos (Teaser 1)

- Galanos (Teaser 2)

- Galanos Metro Map

Update 48 - The Galanos Bid Book for the XVII Simlympiad

- New Chandler Goes Back to School

Update 49 - A Drive in the Big City

- New Chandler City (Teaser 1)

- New Chandler City (Teaser 2)

- New Chandler City (Teaser 3)

Update 50 - New Chandler City: A Fitting Drive for Update Fifty

- Ankeny Atoll Teaser

- Happy Holidays from Rockaway

- Come Fly With Me... a Panorama

Update 51 - Doherty-East Pelham International Airport

- Lomas de Carla Vista Teaser

Update 52 - Carla Vista and East Doherty: A Tale of Two Cities

- The Promised Land?

- San Urbano Teaser

Update 53 - Jewel of the Desert

- Teaser + Trixie Thank Yous

Update 54 - Introduction to Murray City

Update 55 - Doherty Metro Line 3

Update 56 - Murray City

- "Summer is Coming" teaser

(NEW!) Update 57 - East Doherty

*The Simlympic Closing Ceremony was not officially documented as an update, therefore, there are two updates labelled as the 40th update.


The capital and largest city of New Chandler, New Chandler City has the distinction of being the only city featured in all three versions of the journal. New Chandler City hosted the XV Simlympic Games in October of 2011, and was the World Headquarters of the USNW during the nations membership in that union from January 2011 to January 2012. With fifteen updates, New Chandler City is the most documented city in the journal up to this point, however, because of an accidental deletion of the region containing New Chandler City in New Chandler III, there will likely be no future updates from New Chandler City in the near future.

Update 10 - New Chandler Torch Relay for the Chihiro Games

Update 11 - The New Chandler CBD

- Simlympic Poster Teasers

Update 22 - New Chandler City: The Big Kahuna

Update 26 - Regal District, New Chandler City

Update 27 - Merry Christmas!

Update 35 - The City That Lives

Update 36 - Sights of New Chandler City (Simlympic bid part 1)

Update 37 - Parks and Parkways (Simlympic bid part 2)

Update 39 - Simlympic Opening Ceremony

Update 40*- Simlympic Closing Ceremony

Update 42 - Burlesque District and Vicinity of New Chandler City

Update 47 - New Chandler Metro Line 7

Update 49 - A Drive in the Big City

- New Chandler City (Teaser 1)

- New Chandler City (Teaser 2)

- New Chandler City (Teaser 3)

Update 50 - New Chandler City: A Fitting Drive for Update Fifty


La Brea was the first city focused on in the original New Chandler journal, and was present in many of the first updates from New Chandler in 2010. It was situated just to the northwest of New Chandler City. Though it did not host any events, it was the main focus in New Chandler's application to the Alliance of Independent Nations, the first step through a long journey of unions for the journal. Due to the region of the New Chandler City area being deleted in New Chandler III, La Brea is not expected to make a comeback anytime soon.

Update 2 - Western La Brea

Update 3 - The Hills of La Brea

Update 4 - Nights in La Brea

Update 7 - Parque de La Brea

Update 8 - Another Rainy Night


Roseburgh's main claim to fame was hosting the 15th International Simlympic Committee (ISC) Session in July of 2010 at the venue shown above. It also was the site of most of the first transit update in New Chandler. It did not make a presence in New Chandler 2.0, however, it is mapped out to be presented as a Dubai-esque oil boom-town in New Chandler III.

Update 1 - Transcendenta International Airport

Update 5 - The 15th ISC Session

Update 9 - The "C" Line

Update 12 - Roseburgh


Along with Roseburgh, Winchester also played a major role in the ISC Session. It also made a major presence in Update 9 with Roseburgh, although the two are worlds apart in New Chandler III, with Winchester still remaining a part of Greater New Chandler City, a role it also took in New Chandler 2.0 for a few updates. Because it's in Greater New Chandler City's deleted region, it probably won't make a return for New Chandler III.

Update 13 - Winchester

Update 17 - Shots of Winchester

Update 18 - Winchester: ...again

Update 19 - Winchester: A Ride on the "8" Line

Update 29 - Kensington District of Winchester (IFL All Star Game bid)


Sophanem was a hot bayside city in New Chandler 2.0, where to this point it is exclusive to. It is planned to be a large desert city in New Chandler III, however, those are still plans at this point. Sophanem was awarded rights to host a small union summit, but did not get a chance before New Chandler switched unions for the first of two times in its history.

Update 15 - Sophanem City Center

Update 16 - The Tall Parts of Sophanem (AIN Minor summit bid)

Update 21 - Sophanem: the Older City


Doherty was presented as a naturally-grown peninsula metropolis in New Chandler 2.0, a role it has took back in New Chandler III. There have not been any updates from Doherty from New Chandler III as of yet (although there have been several from the metro area... see "Carla Vista/Murray City" for more on them) but the first one should be made public by summer.

Update 20 - Doherty: A Culture Shock

Update 24 - The Districts of Doherty

- "Summer is Coming" teaser

Update 57 - East Doherty


Built as a flawless model of a tropical metropolis, Galanos came close to getting New Chandler to be the first two-time Summer Simlympic host in 2012. Galanos does hold the distinction for having the update with the most pictures in New Chandler III, on top of some content from New Chandler 2.0.

- Mangrove Riviera

- Galanos War Memorial

Update 28 - Galanos, A Land of Color

- Galanos (Teaser 1)

- Galanos (Teaser 2)

- Galanos Metro Map

Update 48 - The Galanos Bid Book for the XVII Simlympiad


One of the largest cities in New Chandler III, Rockaway first came to fame by hosting the SIBF World Cup Opening Ceremony in April of 2011, being followed by a transit update which remains the most commented-on entry of all-time in New Chandler. Rockaway also made a comeback in 2012 by bidding for an ISC Session.

- Rockaway: Teaser in the Rain

Update 31 - SIBF World Cup Opening Ceremony

Update 32 - Rockaway: The City of Magic

- Rockaway: XX ISC Session Bid poster

Update 44 - Rockaway: XX ISC Session Bid

- East Rockaway Teaser

- East Rockaway Mosaic

Update 45 - East Rockaway, En Español

- Happy Holidays from Rockaway


Darlington City was a relatively Americanized city set in New Chandler's tropical climate. It is currently active in New Chandler III and is known for sporatic updates; don't be surprised if you see a new Darlington City update sometime in New Chandler III.

Update 40 - The Rain Reigns Over Darlington City

Update 41 - Darlington City In Brighter Times


A mixture of Maui with skyscrapers and Honolulu without concrete, San Clemente City is a beachcomber's dream, best known for hosting an ACG session for the USNW, and being the focus of one of the largest SimCity 4 screenshots ever published. San Clemente City is part of the Doherty Metropolitan Area, the current focus of New Chandler III, so you can expect a comeback from this heavenly resort destination soon.

- San Clemente City (Teaser 1)

- San Clemente City (Teaser 2)

- San Clemente City (Teaser 3)

Update 43 - San Clemente City: Take a Walk of Life

Update 43.5 - 5590 x 2465 Mosaic of San Clemente City

Update 46 - 40th AGC Session and a Tour of San Clemente City


Carla Vista and Murray City are two bordering suburbs of East Doherty in New Chandler III. They currently do not have any updates together, however, updates 55 and 56 are planned to showcase both of these two cities. Be on watch for their releases.

- Come Fly With Me... a Panorama

Update 51 - Doherty-East Pelham International Airport

- Lomas de Carla Vista Teaser

Update 52 - Carla Vista and East Doherty: A Tale of Two Cities

- Teaser + Trixie Thank Yous

Update 54 - Introduction to Murray City

Update 55 - Doherty Metro Line 3

Update 56 - Murray City


New Chandler 2.0 and III have each presented their fair share of tropical islands every once in a while. There's enough updates from them (and such a high probability of a random tropical island update) that they deserve their own category.

Update 23 - Beautiful Islands? Yup, We've Got Them.

Update 30 - Phoebe: The Winds of the Seas

Update 38 - Twilight City

- Ankeny Atoll Teaser


Every once in a while, most often smaller towns, there are updates that present one thing, and that one thing is never shown again. These can go under the "one hit wonders" category (unless they are a tropical island, in which case they will go in the above category) and they are presented below.

Update 6 - New Chandler National Railway

Update 14 - Help Me Build West Avondale!

- University of Parringshire Teaser

Update 25 - Parringshire: The Dreamland

- Heritage Lakes National Park Teaser

Update 33 - Lake Martinazzi

- Playing with the Lot Editor

- New Chandler Goes Back to School

- The Promised Land?

- San Urbano Teaser

Update 53 - Jewel of the Desert

Again, I wasn't expecting this to go to the top, so if you want to leave a comment on my work, I encourage you to visit my last update, Introduction to Murray City. If you have anything to say about the table of contents specifically you can leave a comment here or send me a private message. Sorry to trick all of you wanting a new update from me, you'll have to keep waiting :P


I've got a lot done with Murray City, my latest project. It's nestled between Carla Vista (update 52) and the Doherty City Proper, which will probably be my next projcet. Honestly, I've got enough for probably three updates (one freeway update, one transit update, and one regular one like this), which will be enough to keep this journal active for most of the next month.

This city (except the downtown) is inspired by the Buckman and Hosford-Abernathy Districts of Portland. I'm shooting for a lot of concrete and mass transit usage while keeping it relatively green with a mix of residential and commercial. Those areas are also close to the city center like Murray City is.

With that said I hope you enjoy this VERY tardy update :)


This is Murray City. A lot of concrete and a lot of houses. (edit: no idea what the deal is with the elevated rail, it'll be fixed ASAP)


Highway 19.


Zaragoza Avenue.


Martinias Circle.


Continuing down Martinias Avenue...


Bocanegra District.


The Grosvenor Park District separates Downtown Murray City from the rest.


Downtown Murray City, for a suburb of a bigger city, boasts a very impressive commerce base.


The north end of Downtown, near Highway 19's interchange with Highway 240.


The south end, along Highway 240 (there's actually a lot of traffic here according to the route query, not sure why it's so dead right now :P)


I'll end with Bonanza Heights; Highway 240 goes straight under the homes here (supposed to be like the Vista Ridge Tunnel; Doherty's craggy terrain will present a lot of these)


And one of Murray High School.


Thanks for viewing! I'm not sure whether or not I'll do an update along the freeway or the metro line next, if you have an opinion let me know. I'm grateful for all of your comments so leave one, thanks for the support as always :)


Thanks for all of you who left feedback on the San Urbano update. It was very different than what I'm known for being good at, the tropical theme, and some of you pointed that out, so we're going back to more tropical urban goodness in the next update.

Speaking of that tropical theme, I've had the goal of obtaining the "Best Tropical CJ" since Dream of a Summer Holiday won the inaugural award in that category two years ago. I finally got it this year after being runner-up the last, so I'd like to thank all of you who nominated New Chandler and who have left feedback the past year. I very strongly appreciate it :)

I haven't posted a full update in over a month but I'm hoping to whip one out this week. I'm working on a new city, another suburb of Doherty. Here's the first look at it...



Yes! I'm still alive!

This update should've been ready a month ago, but you all know how it is. This is my first small town in a while so hopefully you enjoy :)


San Urbano is the name of a town surrounding what is probably the largest oasis in the Nahazzan Desert, a massive dusty plain going across the north of the country, and extending far north beyond that. Saint Pope Urban is the namesake of this town; his life is mysterious, similar to the life of the oasis that the town depends on.


The Old Town, as well as the town lawn and church.


The high school and athletics complex are to the south of the Old Town.


Outside are many agricultural areas, utilizing the water of the large oasis.


New developments to the south of the oasis.



New Chandlerites have always lived in dense areas, new apartments and condos spring up with oasis and desert dune views, even though San Urbano is a small town.


Congestion on the main road.


A glimpse of the lake.



More farms, and National Highway 1, a new and expensive road that connects all the way back to the people in New Chandler City who planned it halfway across the country.



Night shots. Not my forte by any means, but hopefully you enjoy them anyway!





Hopefully you enjoyed this update! Sorry I've been out so long, but until next time, leave a comment and tell me what you thought :)


San Urbano Teaser

Here's another teaser of the area you will see more of in the coming days. I'm in the midst of the awesome four-day weekend of barely any homework that follows finals week so this update will hopefully come pretty quick as I stay up late doing some flora details with this project I've undertook.

Leave a comment on what you think... I know, it's not much... it's a teaser, that's kind of the point (you'll see a ton of good stuff in the update though :P)



The Promised Land?

As I said in the replies to my previous entry, Update 53 will not be in Doherty. Instead, it's going to be.... here.......


Any guesses on what I'm working on? There's a pretty obvious clue if you catch it ;) Thanks for visiting and your comments as always.


As always, replies from the teaser are on the previous page. Here's update 52, enjoy :) Sorry it's a little later than I expected. If you've got finals like I do this week, good luck!


East Doherty and the city of Carla Vista brush up against the east bank of the Carla Vista River, a seven mile wide body of water (at this point) separating the metropolitan areas of San Clemente City and Doherty. There might not be any part of New Chandler more different than these two towns, separated only by National Route 19.



"Below" the highway is East Doherty, championing manufacturing and dirty industry for the western world.


East Doherty may also have the worst air quality in all of New Chandler.


Across the highway is Carla Vista. Even the name of it sounds appealing.



Shops along Avenida Beistegui.


Lomas de Carla Vista. You either get a view of Distrito Beistegui, the Downtown, or the river. Certainly a nice place to live.


Downtown Carla Vista, where most of the cooperate side of the industries in East Doherty have offices. Many employees walk to the river during their lunch break.



Some night shots of Carla Vista.





And one of my screwy traffic mod and East Doherty to end this update (this is why you've never seen them used before :P)


Well, that's update 52, hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment, see you next time :)


Here's a teaser to Update 52. We're going due north of the Airport across a few miles of mountains to a very unique valley.

I have to note to my viewers not around two and a half years ago that the original Doherty in New Chandler 2.0 was practically all grown; in fact, I didn't even know the buildingplop cheat existed :P I'm guessing about 90% of everything in Doherty and Doherty's suburbs will be grown by the game this time. My goal is a realistic balance of the mass transit system and the road system proven by the route query, and it's doing great right now (you'll see in Update 52, I've got some cool stuff planned), just like it did last time. If I use buildingplop, nobody commutes, so each neighborhood is kind of a surprise when it comes together; in a way it makes SC4 a game again, not an art project :)

I've done enough talking, so here's the picture. This is Lomas de Carla Vista; you'll see a lot from it in Update 52. As always I'd love to hear your comments about it :D



Come Fly With Me...

Happy New Year to all of you, here's a little bit of work I've done on Doherty - East Pelham International Ariport. I haven't done Doherty yet in NCIII, I showed it on updates 20 and 24 in 2.0 though. That was over two years ago, so I figured I should go back to Doherty for a while :P

I'm planning on staying in Doherty for a while, so let me give you my plan for it. It's part of a Tri-City metro area with San Clemente City (you may have seen that a few times this year on updates 43 and 46) and another town on what will altogether probably end up being a very mountainous and water-filled region. It's a unique challenge that I think I'll have a lot of fun with, unlike my other cities thus far where everything has been flat. I have it planned as the second largest metro area in New Chandler (behind New Chandler City) so I've got a lot on my plate, and I'm hoping to produce a formidable bid for the Simlympics eventually with it. That's a long way away and pretty far up in the air right now, but we'll see what happens.

Anyway, here's the airport for Doherty. Hope you like it (all the trees are MMP's by the way ;) if anybody wants a tutorial I'll give, it doesn't take as long as you think)


Doherty - East Pelham International Airport is a practically at-capacity airport built over what used to be a marsh at the meeting of the Carla Vista River and the Pelham Bay.


The airport has tried hard to keep as much marsh as reasonably possible.


The airport also goes against towering mountains, like everything else in Doherty.



The A-North Terminal.



The B and C Terminal.


The A-South Terminal.


An overview, so you know how cozy Doherty - East Pelham International is (the runway is surrounded by water or airport, never by mountain, don't worry :P)


Happy New Year again, hope you enjoyed this update, make sure to leave a comment, rating, all that fun stuff, that'd be cool :)


Thanks for all of your comments :) JGellock: I hate that station too, everything you see there is about two years old actually :P


Here's about half of Doherty-East Pelham International Airport. This is subject to change and it already looks different from when you're seeing it. It's a pretty big panorama (4980x768) so it will probably take a while to load, even on the better connections, so I'm giving all of the forums a link to it instead of putting it in [ img ] tags.

I promise, I'll have the regular 1366x768 HD pictures in the [ img ] tags when Update 51 rolls around, so you don't have to suffer through this process again :P

Click me!


Introduction to Ankeny Atoll

I said in the last entry that I'd be showing some real-life comparisons of New Chandler City and its real-world inspirations.....

...well, I accidentally deleted the region New Chandler City is in... so that's not going to happen :P

The good news is that New Chandler City had its own region, so it was the only city that got wiped out. Rockaway, Galanos, Darlington City, San Clemente City, Lake Martinazzi, and Phoebe (the other NC III places so far) are okay because they share three or four separate regions between them. I'm not going to rebuild New Chandler City until the new NAM Team release is out but once that happens I'll rebuild it for the fourth time.

In the meantime, I'm starting on a banana republic-type island called Ankeny Atoll. I haven't done this kind of thing for a while, so tell me what you think at a first glance :)



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