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  1. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    This should get 6 Stars but i can only give 5
  2. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Would it be posible to fix the Water Bug (Lots with a transparent Base Texture) with a dll?
  3. Mass Render Region

    Thx, it does make it a little quicker
  4. Mass Render Region

    Hello I wanted to ask if there is a Way to "Mass" Render a Region. RIght now, i have to go into every single City Tile,save and repeat, over and over again. How can i make this quicker? Thx
  5. The Forsaken Ones - City Parks and Plazas (2015)

  6. King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Vol. 1

    Nice Parks are alyways needed!
  7. There Will Be Diagonals!

    What Gobias Sidewalk are you using and where can i get these Stone Fences in the Last Picture?
  8. Developing the City of Pololomia

    Do you use the buildingplop cheat to get the same look of you R§§ Lots? I
  9. SimCoug's Lot&Mod Den

    I recently downloaded your W2W R$$Neighborhoods (v1.0) with all Dependencies Installed but the Bus Station still shows up as a Brown Box, did you miss something here? Thank you
  10. Developing the City of Pololomia

    Vizoria is that you?
  11. MGB Lot and Mod Shack

    I recently found this Mod (URBAN BEAUTIFICATION PACK VOLUME 2), they are all diagonals beautification Lots and use the default Maxis Base Textures for Grass and Sidewalk, but for some reason, TGN seems not to work on them. Can i fix this some way? Thank you
  12. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    The NIghtlighting is just great, as is the whole Lot.
  13. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    Can i use them with the CAM Mod? They are so nice. And if not, do you plan to make them?^^
  14. Real Freightyard V2

    Why cant i edit the Base Textures in PIM, there are always your Textures showing up
  15. KOSC's SuperSHK+ MEGA Parking for TGN / SWN

    Totally under my Radar, very nice !