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  1. The City of Blois

    Well, it's certainly been a while since I've posted here, why not spice things up again? Much has changed since the last time I posted, I have completely moved over to Cities Skylines and remade all my previous cities in cities skylines using the original SC4 maps. Anywhoo, no more chatter, let's get to the pics! Outside Blois Stadium, the main stadium for Blois' bid for the Alliance's Summer Games, showing the flags of New Duveland's provinces and territories in alphabetical order starting (left to right) with the national flag, the territory of Avaiki, Laperouse, New Caledonia, New Herault, New Munster, New Ulster, the New Duveland Capital Territory, Norfolk, Tasman, and finally, the national flag of New Duveland once more. Apartment living in Blois is becoming incredibly more popular, as it offers a luxurious lifestyle close to the heart of the city, while maintaining peace and quiet. Even though Blois is home to just under 400,000 people, the city's metropolitan train network is one of the most efficient in the country. Here we see commuters at Pontlevoy Station heading towards downtown during the morning rush. Another view of Blois Stadium, showing the lush sub-tropical vegetation that is featured in every park around the city. With a seat from here, you would get an impressive view of the city skyline! The city from above, laid out on a warped grid system, driving through Blois can be a breeze. Wide tree-lined boulevards offer an efficient way to get through town, or you could take the Devereaux Freeway, which travels along the edge of the city. The city skyline from Île de Waipapa (Waipapa Island), one of the most popular getaway spots for exclusive holidays, and is also home to a large collection of early French colonial housing, as well as several large open-air events. It's just a shot ferry ride from the heart of the city. Nothing says national or provincial pride like having your flag everywhere! Just in case you forgot that you were in New Hérault, New Duveland. Extras
  2. Show us your Area view

    Area view of Blois...
  3. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Some recentish shots of the city of Blois, which you may have seen before
  4. that looks like the style of an artist i have communicated with. did a "MonMarty" draw that by any chance?

    1. City_Master


      Sorry, what's this in relation to? 

    2. BugeyedDragon


      your profile picture

    3. City_Master


      Oh, right! The person who drew it for me actually deactivated all their online accounts,, but went by the name "Doctor-Anfelo". I can see they do have a similar art style though. 

  5. Show us your Area view

    Another image of my current city You can find some more here
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Cheers! Yeah good idea on the airports, I'll have to add those in in a another version of the map! The wik comes a long as being a member of the Ain (link in my signature), where you create a nation and work on its wiki to make it as realistic as possible. @DavidDHetzel cheers man! Haha now that would be funny! I can see it now on the news "mystery island nation no longer exists!" As the nation is actually based off the below sea floor of the Zealandia continental shelf. It very much is! Well, not as much as it used to be but we're still here going strong!
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    This isn't related to in-game aspects, but here's two versions of a map I'm working on for my Simcity nation New Duveland Cities included map Cities removed map (With HSR stations) Green: National Parks/Reserves Yellow: Highways Red: Freeways/Tollways Blue: Rail network Purple: HSR Network Dashed Blue: Ferries Any suggestions/critique would be greatly appreciated
  8. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Welcome to the bustling CBD core of Esperance, Lapérouse, New Duveland Still a work in progress, still got the airport to make out in the empty area on the edge of the city as well as filling the rest of the suburbs with many, many more trees.
  9. Show us your Area view

    My latest city project: Esperance
  10. The Random Project: Taris Thing

    A perfect addition to my cities! Fabulous work as always, Huston!
  11. Rio 2016 Project

    Absolutely perfect!
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    The mighty New Duveland capital Macquarie is slowly seeing new light... Next step is to redo the beachfront and touch up the inner-suburbs to make them look more lively and less repeated.
  13. BSC - VIP / Girafe's skills on the BAT

    Oh my that tower, now that is a work of art!