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  1. Ideas to improve the STEX

    And then there are the joke uploads, like all the iterations of Nuclear Starbucks. There's always room for the occasional humorous plugin... Anyway, this discussion got me to go back and fix the dependency links in the only one of my uploads that even has dependencies, so kudos for inspiring at least one content creator to fix something!
  2. Bipin's Hamilton - Two Storey House

    I can think of few contemporary houses that match this one in quality (aside from the Diaspra, of course)!
  3. Rebuilding a City From Scratch

    @tankmank, @Ln X, @kingofsimcity, @michae95l, @raynev1: Thank you all very much! As challenging as it was to rebuild a city this large, replies like yours make the process well worth it - and of course, I'm quite happy with how the rebuild turned out, too. @Belfastsocrates: Thanks! That government district is one of my favorite creations, so to see that someone as good at building grand public spaces as you loves it is really high praise. @tariely: Thank you very much! That blue plaza is one of my own creations, but the building you asked about is the National Art Center from Ottawa, Canada, by otty8116. @totalnoob: Thanks for your compliments on the campus! Tha first building you asked about is the CSX National Library, while the nearby buildings are the Statistisches Bundesamt, St. Addieline's Hospital, and the NGV International.
  4. Nuclear City

    Today's update is a little more, shall we say, utilitarian than usual (okay, you can stop groaning at that pun now). I've shown Nyhaven and Kendall's transportation infrastructure here plenty of times, but until a couple of months ago, I had neglected the even-more-important electric infrastructure. After all, without a constant supply of electricity, what would power the metro area's economy? (Okay, I'll stop punning now. ) I recently finished working on my first modular nuclear power plant, the Marshland Nuclear Generating Station. While most of Lower Columbia's old uranium-fueled nuclear plants have been decommissioned or converted to thorium-fueled reactors, this beast of a power plant is still active, just upriver from Nyhaven International Airport. Here's another view of the plant, showing some of the high-voltage wires carrying its gigawatts of power to the whole region. I recently replaced the wired pylons I originally used with these larger, wireless ones; this change allowed me to increase the spacing between them to something more realistic, while the invisible transmission lots I added keep the lines functional. The only catch is the lack of true FA3 pylons; I've substituted the turn pylons to simulate them, since they're at roughly the same angles. Some of the power lines running from this plant follow the railroad west past the town of Marshland (which, as you might imagine, is the plant's namesake). The town rail station was greatly expanded when the nearby industrial park was built. Marshland sits at the edge of the metro area (for now). But it isn't the edge of the region anymore! The Marshland quad used to be in the southeast corner of the region, but thanks to my painstaking efforts, the Nyhaven region is now twice its former size - 99 large quads instead of 49 (or roughly 44x36 km vs. 28x28 km). In fact, the first two pictures above wouldn't even have been possible before I expanded the region, since they cross the border into two of the new quads. Now I can build Kendall's suburbs as far out as I want - and as you can see, I've already done a lot of work on them. In all, the region is now home to 3.3 million people, thanks in part to those new suburbs. What's with that big black box labeled "SECRET", you ask? Well, you'll find out before long. Suffice it to say, though, that it will be no flight of fancy...
  5. One Liberty Place

    It actually does, but not directly: when the description says "functional landmark", it means the building is ploppable (and can be found somewhere in your landmarks menu). The absence of any mention of growables implies that none are included.
  6. One Liberty Place

    This really is a fantastically good BAT, aside from the issues other reviewers have already raised. One area where your uploads are lacking, IMHO, is in the descriptions: there's no information on lot sizes, in-game stats, DarkNite compatibility, dependencies or lack thereof, etc. All of this is information that users would like to know before downloading any BAT (at least, it's information I'm interested in having beforehand, and the same is probably true for others as well). I'd also like to encourage you to revive your BAT thread, so that you can get feedback on the sort of issues others have pointed out before you hit the Upload button. There are plenty of folks here who can offer friendly, knowledgeable advice on BATting and other subjects, so it's only logical to make use of the community's collective knowledge.
  7. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    @Linoa06, @mrsmartman, @TekindusT, @Ln X, @kingofsimcity, @jmsepe: Thank you all for your kind words! @tariely: Thank you! Those houses perched above the interchange were actually there first; I rebuilt the interchange after developing that neighborhood. I see your point about putting Tung Chung Crescent right next to the New York high-rises, but it's sadly a moot point now, as I had to demolish both due to cyclical abandonment. @Benedict: Thanks, Ben! I enjoyed coming up with the line names, but when your subway system has 20 lines, it gets hard to come up with interesting new names. Glad you like the map! @GreekMan: Thank you! I ended the old, forum-based Nyhaven CJ, but I left myself the option of reviving this version in case I had the time and interest to post updates again. @Jacob_G2013: Thanks! The building you're looking for is Tung Chung Crescent. @JoshuaGellock: You'll be glad to know that the viaduct in question has been replaced with an avenue underpass. @kschmidt: Thanks! See the tutorial I linked to above to learn how I made that giant roundabout.
  8. Rebuilding a City From Scratch

    Well, prop pox struck Kendall again, and there was nothing I could do to reverse its effects. Rather than limit myself to taking pictures of unaffected parts of the city, though, I decided I had to start over. Rebuilding a city as developed as Kendall - with over 500,000 residents and most of the map developed - was a daunting task, to say the least. I was committed to recreating the city as accurately as I could, so I needed a guide to the old version of the city. Thankfully, SC4 Savegame Explorer has a feature that displays a map of all the lots, buildings, or props in a quad (depending on which subfile you open), so mapping out all of Kendall's lots and transport networks was fairly easy. The hard part was labeling almost all of them, so I knew what to plop where. I also needed to make an accurate subway map, so I referred to the in-game traffic volume data view quite a bit. My final map ended up looking like this: By following this map, I was able to rebuild Kendall exactly as it was. But rather than slavishly recreate every detail, I took this opportunity to make a few improvements to the city. One of those improvements was rebuilding all of the R-3/50 freeway as a RHW (it used to be an overridden Maxis highway). Here are a couple pictures of how that effort turned out: This is the freeway's interchange with Pacifica and Nicholasia Avenues. Based on fan comments, I decided to rebuild this interchange in a trench to minimize the freeway's elevation changes. The new version also keeps the longer offramps grade-separated all the way to their ends, which should improve traffic flow. Further down the R-3/50, I built these overpasses. I ended up having to learn about the RULs the NAM is built on in order to fix a bug that affected the avenue overpass, which led to me becoming a full NAM Team member. I also made a couple new lots to replace temporary layouts. Here's the new Arts Plaza, at the intersection of Puget and Nicholasia Avenues. For the most part, though, I just wanted to get as much of Kendall to look as it once did as I could. I'm pretty satisfied with the results; the new Kendall is as vibrant and busy as the old one was. My efforts even match up across quad borders, as this mosaic shows. I made some improvements to the campus of Royal University, Kendall, as well. The flagship campus of Lower Columbia's federal university system, RUK was founded by King Edward as the Royal College in 1733. This legacy as a former college lives on in the names of College Street (which ends at the campus administration building) and the College Park neighborhood. This is an overview of the whole campus and its surrounding area, facing west. The oldest part of campus is in the middle, with the residential annex at bottom, and several of the university's newer buildings near the top, along with some of the fraternity houses of College Park. The football stadium's parking lot is also partly visible at left. Farther down the mosaic, College Street crosses the channel into the Federal Circle business district. The western half of campus is home to Mikaelslot, one of the university's largest pre-20th-century buildings. Originally built by King Michael I as an alternative to Kendall Palace, Mikaelslot and its grounds were gifted to Royal University by Michael's successor, Brandon I. Although the former palace was quickly used for classes and office space, the palace grounds were neglected until the 1950s, when the university needed to add new facilities. Most of Royal University's science and engineering classes now take place in the buildings that were built on the grounds. The east end of campus is where most of the dormitories are located. This is another area that wasn't originally part of Royal U's campus; it was purchased from the city around 1960, when the student population outgrew the old dorms. Finally, although Lower Columbia is an overwhelmingly Christian nation, it also has a growing population of Muslim immigrants. They recently built the Malkut al-Hijra Mosque on the edge of the Kendall Heights, east of Parliament House. Its construction was controversial, due to its size and prominent position overlooking the city center. It's here to stay, though.
  9. BTT (CJ Section): 17 December 2015

    Nice to see that my return was so well-received (#2 the previous week). Keep up the good work, Ben!
  10. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    @kschmidt: I think you'll find this new tutorial useful: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17390.0
  11. Thank you,for the like of my commnet ! Still I like to know how the mega roundabout is created in Ferderal Circle or is it a lot or filler ?

    Yours sincerely,



    1. woodb3kmaster


      I was going to save my reply for the next time I post an entry, but since you're eager to know: I used a series of eight draggable OWR curves, with the avenues connecting between them. This setup has turned out to be somewhat delicate, with the diagonal avenue-OWR intersections sometimes not aligning properly if I make any changes to nearby roads. However, with enough patience, it can be recreated.

    2. kschmidt


      Thank you,  I suspected it might be something to do with the dragable curves. Roundabout is about 8 square´s diameter; one-way road seem imposible you wont´get the smooth curves. Bat fitting very well insdie. Apreciate your patience to enlghtien me how this beautifull circle has been created !

      Sincerely yours,


  12. Three Interchanges and a Park

    @raynev1, @TekindusT, @Urban Constanta, @kschmidt, @slickbg56, @lucasfg3, @Compdude787, @takemethere, @dabadon5: Thank you all very much for your compliments! Replies to specific questions/comments are below. @tariely: I'm honored to be your inspiration! Most of the cars in these pictures came from traffic generator lots, which just spawn automata on nearby networks. The specific set of traffic generators I use is @blue sinjid's American Traffic Generator re-lots, but there are many others on the STEX as well. Now that my highways have more actual traffic, though, I don't really need to use them anymore, especially since I use one of the NAM's radical automata files.
  13. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    For those of you who weren't aware, Nyhaven and Kendall are part of the same metropolitan area. In fact, they're the two largest cities in the metro area. The following animation shows my progress in building and merging the two cities over time (up to about a week ago): I've done even more work on the metro area since the date of the last region view here, but Photoshop refuses to export an updated GIF (probably due to a memory shortage or summat). EDIT: After shrinking the image and reducing the animation length, Photoshop finally exported a new GIF. I've edited it into the space above. However, you can see some of my latest work in the Kendall thread. At this point, even the two subway systems have merged, creating a 20-line monster that's so big, it would be a nightmare to try to name each line the way I'd been naming them. Hence my decision to replace the names with letters and numbers, as the latest subway map shows: My latest work on Kendall was almost lost due to the city contracting prop pox. Thankfully, after doing a great deal of reading on prop pox's causes and preventive measures, I was able to continue from a recent, pox-free backup, and my preventive measures have kept the pox from reappearing. Here's some of that work, which includes my efforts to merge Kendall and Nyhaven into a single metro area. The Lords of Parliament, Lower Columbia's two heads of government, now have a residence and office that suits them. The leaders of Parliament's two chambers live and work in separate wings of Columbia House, shown here. This executive mansion is right across Upper Columbia Avenue from Parliament House itself. Based on earlier comments, I've worked on reducing building repetition around Federal Circle. I've also begun expanding the business district that surrounds the circle, so it hasn't completely filled in yet. I also acted on comments regarding the proximity of the seaport to central Kendall and completely rebuilt the area. Now, housing projects rise where cranes and stacks of containers once stood. I also rebuilt Edmonds Junction, the rail junction connecting Kendall's Library Terminal to the port and points beyond, to take advantage of the new FlexTrack features in NAM 34. The rebuilt Port Brunsmjöd now sits on its own island, with many more berths for ships and greatly improved rail and highway access. Pacifica State Highway 32 (visible in the top-right corner) runs through the port areas next to the port's rail line. PC-32 begins at this rebuilt interchange with the R-50, where the latter highway turns south into central Kendall. Due to this interchange's proximity to another one, the R-50 widens to 10 lanes here. That other interchange is where the R-250 ends. This freeway gives Kendall access to Nyhaven International Airport and runs through a number of new suburbs. The R-50, meanwhile, continues east into midtown Nyhaven. The largest of those new suburbs is Clifton Mesa, a massive planned community near the formerly-small village of Clifton. Huge earth-moving operations leveled the hills that once stood here to collect land reclamation material for Port Brunsmjöd in the 1960s, and city planners took the opportunity to build a suburb that would serve both Nyhaven and Kendall. Clifton Mesa is home to one of the metro area's largest shopping malls, and is where several subway lines from both cities intersect.
  14. R-3/R-150 Interchange, Northern Nyhaven

    From the album NAM Showcase - Monthly Challenge #5

    Link to full-size image: HERE Further north on the R-3 from my previous image, we come to the new northern terminus of the R-150. Drivers approaching from the south (top of this picture) can now choose whether to exit the freeway at Yule Avenue or continue onto the southbound R-150. I had to do quite a bit more demolition than I wanted to in the neighborhood surrounding the interchange, but such is the nature of trial-and-error construction.
  15. R-3 through Central Nyhaven

    From the album NAM Showcase - Monthly Challenge #5

    Link to full-size image: HERE Thanks to some of the new features in NAM 33, I was finally able to finish the R-3/R-50 interchange in midtown Nyhaven. Unfortunately, technical limitations prevent me from running 16th Street right under the flyovers, so I've had to improvise to keep traffic flowing.