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  1. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    first of all, intelligent women will vote for trump. Hillary is trying to be POTUS for two things 1) to be first woman president 2) power. thats it. nothing else. she doesn't care about anybody but herself. how anyone could vote for her is beyond me. She stated that all rape victims should be believed, yet when women come out and said that bill raped them, she dismisses it! she even goes so far as to hush them up. that is dangerous! hell even Bernie said she wasn't fit to be president... when trump blasts her for her stance on bill's victims, women will not even want to vote for her. In one poll her favorably rating among white men was 17%, unfavorable was 72%. nobody ever talks about that! Now how in the hell is trump dangerous. i swear to god i dont understand it. It is completely stupid to compare hitler and trump. What is wrong with building a wall between US and Mexico? All these illegals BROKE the law. They broke it. why the hell should they cut in front of people who have waited 10 years plus to get into his county legally? my uncle is a Canadian citizen. It took him 10 years to get his green card. He didnt say, hey lets cross the boarder and live in america illegally. My family came into this country legally! My family and millions of others did it right but god forbid we build a wall...god forbid we ENFORCE our laws I agree with trumps world view. America should come first. Our country is falling a part and we pay for everyone's defense. All the Europeans do is mock us and hate us yet we PAY FOR YOUR SECURITY! Why??We have been taken advantaged of by the world. I fully agree with that statement. All these american companies move oversees and regular Americans are put out of work. how is that fair. Sure i wouldnt like buying a more expensive product but if it was build in America, i wouldnt think twice. Both parties have screwed the american people over. We have have idiots running this country for 25 years. Trump is the closest we will ever get to a independent candidate. Bernie has no chance. I dont think trump is a true republican. I dont think hes a democrat. He took ideas from both parties and ran for president. hes an American that saw the crap that has been pulled on our country and decided to do something about it. Im college educated and im voting for trump but i much not be smart. i must be some dumb fool for believing in him in Massachusetts over 20,000 democrats switched to the GOP. it also happened in PA, and NY. And those places are considered pretty damn smart but go ahead keep saying that Hillary will win because i dont see it. Sure, i agree his unfavorables are a problem but im not worried. Hillary cant get 20,000 people into an area. only trump and sanders can. Hillary is a flawed politician. Trump is a flawed man. thats the true difference right there. id rather have a flawed man than a sellout like hillary
  2. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    i just cant wait for trump to wipe the floor with Hillary's pantsuit! president trump is coming and there is nothing the democrats can do to stop him! Obama can talk smack all he wants, Clinton can throw her woman's card around...since 2010 the democrats have lost over 1300 seats in federal, state and local offices...talk about a party that is in turmoil. the nevertrump crowd (within the GOP) will come around. Over time, the more trump attacks Hillary for all her BS, the more his favorably ratings will go up. I definitely think Trump will reunite the party. I highly doubt that by November, a decent handful of republicans will vote for her. they say it now but polls now show that trump is close, gaining or even beating her in the election. sure i might be wrong but a vote for Hillary is a vote for the same political BS that got us here. THAT you cannot argue
  3. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    i think it is absolutely stupid to compare trump with hitler. Hitler MURDERED people!!!! were is the damn proof that trump will start killing people and building concentration camps..it is so absurd. Hilter was nuts. where is trumps mein kampf huh? where the bleep is it? hilter was a total racist right from the getgo. does anyone honestly believe that trump is a racist? come on people get a grip on reality. some mexicans are dangerous. some mexicans are murders and rapists. and thats what trump said. what is wrong with saying that? they are bringing in drugs!! what i cant say? im suppost to shut up and let people into my country without having a say. thats your perfect little utopia huh? and thats why trump is popular. he says things that other people never say. both parties sold the american people out decades ago. this is a political revolution here. people are so afraid of hearing the truth. its is plain sad what is happening in the world. and whats wrong with building a wall? the Vatican is surrounded by one...Israel is surrounded by one but America cant build one because its is not fair to the illegals coming into the country?
  4. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    ^ yeah i know..the noms will have been chosen by the time the primary is in CA..... idk i can just see obama being really sour behind closed doors and in front of cameras smiling and laughing...acting
  5. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    she will be indicted when trump becomes president! i really cant wait to see the face of obama looking at trump on inauguration day haha. trump will hit hillary hard. i dont think she will do well. she will play the gender card at every chance she gets. trump treats women equally in his organization. he is just as hard on women as he is on men. so you cant give me any BS that he hates women. all he has to say is, what kind of a woman stands by her cheating husband...she has no self respect for her. sure trump has had marriage issues but the clintons are just fake... fake people...fake laugh, fake everything. EDIT: as far as debates go and all the name calling. i find it amusing. it shows these candidates as human. they arent do the normal 30 sec memorized lines like Rubio did a few weeks ago. i like comedian rubio. its a different side to him.
  6. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    yes! i lthink a lot of Americans want a president with some balls....to take charge and to say something and not be afraid of the backlash... dont be so surprised if trump wins it all. a lot of people are tried of the same old crap in Washington. many are tired of both parties and trump is there proving that there is someone that can do something about the crap that goes on in DC... im really going to be happy when obama is gone. he is nothing but a whiny b word....he complains and always blames the republicans....its old STFU obama!!! go away for good and take the clintons with you!!!
  7. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    yaayyy! bush is out!!!! i didnt like him one bit. wasn't very likable
  8. Cars

    sorry to change the subject.... so from 17-24: drove my dad's 2000 toyota camry. had some fond memories in that car. it currently has over 242,000 miles on in. i just got tried of driving that car and wanted something a little more my age. i started working around 22 and saved up enough money to buy a... 2012 Kia Optima SX in Corsa Blue! this is what my ride looks like but i live in California so ignore the background. i bought it used with 48,000 miles for $20k. fully loaded with navi, panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, 274hp that gets 22 city/34 freeway. its an awesome car. i just love cars so much and wanted something i could take pride in. very glad i bought this beauty! already looking forward to the next car haha. if i had the money id buy a new cts v..that car is sooooo sick! or a vette. hell if i could id buy both. one day....
  9. BTT: Time Machine - currently patrolling 2007

    ^yup coudnt agree more.....=(
  10. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    awesome stuff! glad to see you back! i thought you decided to quit nyhaven in all its fame and glory?
  11. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    I am a registered republican..im 24 and have voted in elections since 2010...the older I get, the more i sway from some of the republican principles. now i view myself as social liberal, fiscally conservative yet i still vote for republicans...the way i see it now is i vote for the lesser of the two evils....i think the democrats and the biggest liars and dividers on the face of this planet. they talk about being open to all view points and caring about everyone's well being....well what happens when a conservative is anti gay marriage? the liberals just tear that conservative up....it is so stupid that they view themselves as true rational people but when a GOP guy walks in, all hell breaks lose. another thing, we (GOP) are always called the party of the old white guys well look at who is currently running on the democratic side!!!! clinton is old, sure not a man but is white. sanders is 75 or whatever and is old and white....democrats have no room to talk. sure my party isn't the best but at least he have young old, men and one woman, black and white, hispanic....look at the diversity on the GOP....seriously, its getting old....also, i am a policial science major and after looking at how other countries do things....we need more parties that can get into congress and whatnot....the two party system needs to go away. we need people far right, center right, center left and far left parties who is my pick? Trump! i like what he says, he really isnt a republican or democrat. he is really an independent at the end of the day. he really is and he puts america first. he knew that he wouldnt win if he was an independent. bloomberg wont go anywhere....sure he can spend millions but i think a lot of people have somewhat made up there minds....i cant see bloomberg getting any votes from the gop of democratic side. i dont think he has the same name recognition as trump. say what you will about trump but i believe that there are lots out there who are closeted trump supports...they dont want to come out and say it but want him.
  12. Update 30- Santa Rio

    I used to be a regular here...made awesome CJs but just stopped coming by...I havent been here in months and the first thing i see is this awesome banner with a cool city....wow...after seeing that....i wanna get back into playing SC4....it makes me miss the old days of making awesome downtowns and sprawling suburbs.....your city is awesome but i feel so damn depressed casue i dont have that heart or drive anymore...sorry to rant but great looking city! 10/10!
  13. Global Warming is the biggest fraud ever. nobody can accurately predict the weather. The earth gets cool and gets hot goes back to cool and so on. it has NOTHING to do with humans! look at the ice age. what melted all the snow?? oh yeah SUVs!!! of course cause lots of factories were around back then. the earth goes in cycles. Global warming is one of the biggest narrcisitic moves in all of humanity next to selfies. its all about us and me and what I can do to protect us? we are a tiny speck in the universe the 1950s had the some of the hottest summers on record. thats a fact! there werent any SUVs back then like today look at ALL the predictions in the past ten years. the gulf would get terrible storms and hurricanes and what happened????? NOTHING!!!!!!! no major hurricane has hit America since 2005 (katrina) maybe you can make a case for Rita in 2006. look at the past week or so. that storm that was heading towards florida. i forgot the name. it was going to be a big hurricane and what happened? it died down it became a tropical depression algore got rich over scamming everyone. oh yeah im algore im right. global warming is going to be so terrible by 2015. BS so please. stop believing in this myth that humans are causing everything and buy a real car not a prius. you wanna buy a hybrid go ahead but buy a camry hybrid or a lexus es350h or some german variant im sickand tired of people predicting worse year after worse year. why keep believing any of these scientist when they continue to be WRONG as for the el nino. they are predicting the big rains especially for CA. we really need it but i won't hold my breath cause its a PREDICTION
  14. Bridge flashing problem bug help

    i think i got it sorted out. i changed the software to standard. thanks rcs. i am using windows 7 professional and i installed sc4 deluxe version thanks for the help