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  1. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old the only thing to play with was dirt. lol. and walking my dinosaur.
  2. Merry Christmas [Page23]

    Story: We only have nine more cities left to establish. Our population has reached 12.1 million. This means the voting for cities has closed. There will be some time after this update and the next. Here is a little more insight to how our government works. We have an election day too. Government positions: <State> Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Treasurer, and Chief Justice! <County> County Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, County Treasurer, County Judge, County Representative, County Delegate! <City> Mayor, Vice-Mayor, City Treasure, City Representative, and City Delegate. Everyone gets a ballot they vote for city level, laws, one rep, and at least one delegate. For county level, laws, one rep, and at least one delegate. There is one rep for each of the 245 cities, and one for each of the three counties. There is a delegate for each 10,000 city population count. There are five delegates for each 500,000 county population. There will be more about this in later updates. We think education is important we have 235 elementary schools and 128 high schools, 57 college campuses. Our fine state has 189 police districts with 492 buildings. We also have 236 fire districts with 1,170 buildings. Finally, we have 235 medical districts with the same number of buildings. If recreation gives you satisfaction, each of our 236 cities has a city park. We also have 151 soccer fields, 14 beaches, 44 zoos,40 baseball stadium and 51 country clubs. Radio: Today’s highlighted program is “A Merry Christmas” Chapter 2: Scene 1: Found a spot Nar: The Innkeeper comes back. “The manager said all our rooms are full. If you wouldn’t mind staying in our manger we could find a room in a day or so.” Joseph says, “That sounds homely. Do you have a doctor around?” Mary says, "A doctor sounds really great right now.” Innkeeper3 says, “Sure thing I’ll have the doctor meet you at the manger in five minutes.” Joseph and Mary make their way to the manger. Once they arrive, a beautiful feeling comforted Mary. Dr. Frankysence came soon after he got the message. “Greetings, my name is Mur Frankysence, I’m the local doctor. I see you are going to be having a new member of the family.” Joseph says, "Yeah, are you a PI as well?” Nar: so the doctor asks some questions and then goes to get some equipment and medicines he might need. State Budget: 3,127,133 Income 2,678,972 Expenses Projection State Population : 12,591,182 Focus City: Los Lobos rings in at 169,079 founded 12/25/1854. Mr.Aire Davis won the election for mayor. The city uses 56K, power 293K water, and produces 2K units. This city has the state’s largest supply of ketchup. They have my elementary, high, and private school and library. The city provides 4 police stations, 8 fire stations, and my hospital. We also have 46k commercial jobs, and 30k industrial jobs. Los Lobos has an airport. We also have a soccer field, zoo, baseball stadium, and country club. Its zip code is 92542. Its phone exchange is 520 – 660 – 664. Our city receives it utilities from City 56. Cities: Phatamento, Casa Quesadilla, Pillsbury Town, Karp City, Wood Vill, Year Hear, Phatidious, Hey Hey, Fletcher City, Worker City, Hair, Rules, Monster City, Jerome, Kool City, Eighties,Peter Place, Jehosiphat, Mt. Phatta, Atkins Valley, Sam Town, Toasted Towne, Lake Angel, New Springfield, Monder, Maggie Ville, Ben Think’n, East’r, Fresh Towne, Fish’n ,Town, I Coast, Hazard City, EmPhatic, Fort Marzipan, Genesis, Burn Phone, Dersun City, Ted Heights, Highest, Silver Side, Topped, Ponzi Acres, Cosmosis, Dos City, Mandelbratwurst, Ranger, Peyton Valley, Buckeye, Love, Wyndough Township, Santa Jilliana, Peek Fork City, InPhanta Real, Pirate Creek, Smart Town, Slider Ville, Harper, Foot Laker, Carrotsburg, Murkle, Zion, Moxy, Oak Point, Dirkenburg, Quack Valley, Meep Meep, Scootle Ville, Acme Anvils, Chattering Chimpmucksvill, Port Angel, Trilogy, Jolly Towne, Lissy Towney, Spoon Town, New Fudd City, Watermelon Farms, Left Out, Century, Forest Town, Melton Township, Heavenly Hills, Musk Kity Phat’n, Dawg Ville, Foster Vill, Reeseville, West Hershey, Rolo City, Carmel Falls, Gravitation, Rancho Malt, Muki Cyty, Rancho Carroll, San Edo, Golden Rod, Puero Matteo, Hill Town, Dawg Lake, Monster Villa, Hammer, Trufflebury, Phatiform Falls, Hummingbird Haven, Griffith Park City, Bell, Kathryn Kity, Gray Hall, Narducci Township, San Sonata, Knife Vill, Rocky, Clock City, Two Too Town, Cross Ville, Slick City, Snickersburg, Glory Acres, Boyes Balloon, YuleLog City, Town O Tinsel, Praying Peace, Coco Lot A, Grace Point, Bladder City, Colt Cove, Boster, Flights Peak, Rain In, Heinz Town, Zamboni Slick, Carter's Fold, Marklesburg, Yellowbird, Jones Town, Twentysix Cyborg City, Mount Reindeer, Dasher Valley, Vixen Hills, Blitzen Town, Wondrous Gift, Blessed Bounty, Donner Passage, Comet Lake, Angel Bay, Lance A Lot, Tea Party, Frog Valley, Quick Sand, The Peakz, East Range, Voter Ville, Bluebird Nest, Zevende, Cavalier City, New Jack City, Triumvirate Town, Sithalburg, Common Wealth, Birkinfield, Chalmers, Buckley, Val Valley, The Cryb, Third Town, Apollo, Chocolate Towne, Snow Cone City, Park Central, Mount Tuckajack, Lake Ness, Chupacabra Corners, Wright On, Rummy Ridge, Lawsonville, Mikeville Creek, Hike the City, Fish Head, Hall Town, James Town, Park South, Peak Valley, Bread Vil, Butter Ball, German Valley, Fast Gone, Slow Foke, Rest Coast, Los Lobos, Noah’s Ark, Oyster Gallery, Cincinnati, Eugenia Corners, Kingston, Williamson, Belvadera, Harlodton, and Jamesville. Neighbor Deals: Part of the reason this update was so long in coming is I changed how some of the neighbor deals worked across the counties. The original idea was to have the neighbor deals to spread out from the three county seats. That is how it has been, and why the later updates took longer and longer was I had to keep stretching out the deals. I have now changed only parts of the neighbor deals. I filmed parts of what I did. I hope enjoy that bonus feature. I’ll be going into more detail on neighbor deals in the next update. {Christmas present] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSMbxz5oPCk
  3. Teddy City- A Redo

    Great looking stuff TB, I've been busy, I like the added detail of including the street names and sign. I feel like going to "Hospital Park" and say "What's up Doc?" lol.
  4. United States of Simerica (USN)

    Great Pharming Photos of Phabulous Pharmer wonz. Great update can't wait to sea what happens next
  5. Schulmania

    Ok, 1M is one Phat number. from a Phathead to a Phatcat Cong-catz you and your epic story telling drama skills I think if you were running for Pres you would "Trump" everyone else. Love your show.
  6. Eastleigh- A Return

    Looks cooler than an iceberg, "sorry" lol. Looks like A million Bucks $,$$$,$$$ lol. great job
  7. Beauty in Disquise

    Very nice looking city . I really like the street view with the people and traffic. I can almost hear a cat purring. great job
  8. BTT: Time Machine - currently patrolling 2007

    looking good here doing great keep rocking on.
  9. BTT (CJ Section): 10 December 2015

    Well you keep rocking lists like it 2999, lol.
  10. SoCty: Mountain Towns

    Looks really great ! #
  11. BTT (CJ Section): 3 December 2015

    Looks like your getting close to the end of last year, yeah! Another great week of list a fling wonders.
  12. Ben's Top Ten +10

    only a week or two left to get caught up with here. Most impressive always love seeing any and all of your lists.
  13. BTT (CJ Section): 19 November 2015

    I just love seeing your list any day, even on this lovely Valentine's Day.
  14. Darlington (WIP)

    I'm looking though a window at an outstanding city.
  15. BTT (CJ Section): 12 November 2015

    What a Super Saturday list of bowler's I see everyone made strikes, yikes! great job Ben how's the getting caught up working so far?