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About this City Journal

A Skylines Journal

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Its time for a redo of Ocean Valley- I know, I know- not again right? Well ya- every time they update Skylines I have to start over-

Founded in 1189 as the Kingdom of Zyphone, the castle no longer exists and has since washed into the ocean over the years. Before that it was a tiny village dating to the stone age, then bronze, and iron age- at was under the control of the Roman Empire. Some of the original roman village layout exists in the road layout.
Ocean Valley Intl Airport- located on the ocean the landing is a beautiful landing as you look out over the sea. The airport was completed in the 1960s and replaced the old Ocean Valley City Center Airport. A highly used airport, its a hub for traffic heading from other world airports to parts of Teddyland, and is often the first place in Teddyland you see.
St May's Catholic Church- built in 1878, St Mary's is a landmark in itself- Located along an old roman road, its in a busy part of town, near parks, quaint homes, and schools.
across from the church is this quaint neighborhood- as you can see your not far from the ocean here, The highway forms the edge of this neighborhood, yet the quiet prevails. This is a reminder that you are, in fat, in the heart of a sea side city.
Port of Ocean Valley- one of the busiest ports in the nation, the Port of Ocean Valley has both cruise and freight ships almost daily. This cargo hub is a stop for trucks as they provide the goods for the nations needs from far away places over seas.
A seaview is abundant from this sea side homes near the airport- part of a restoration project, these homes are built with views in mind, they aren't cheap, averaging $890,000 for views like this. However each home is designed to take in the views, with a short walk to the sea for those without the best of views- whether taking in the sun set, or just to look at at the vast expanse of the ocean, to own these homes is like owning- paradise.
Ocean Valley Consert Hall- on of the last remaining structures from the past, the concert hall was built in 1599 and is the oldest continuously run concert hall in the nation. Located near St. Mary's people can take in shows here, and feel a satisfaction like never before. This is a sanctuary for many, and a great way to end a stressful day.

See you soon-



Reaching New Heights: Downtown Ocean Valley- part 1

Welcome to downtown Ocean Valley- A beautiful part of town, Midtown Ocean Valley is a hub of activity. Located off the Central Express road, Midtown Ocean Valley is a beautiful edition to the city.
As Seen from Skyline Park, Downtown as you can see is reaching new heights. With constant construction, the area is growing rapidly. More people ant to live here as it features the most commanding views of the area. Not only can you see the river, but the ocean can be seen from select apartments along the city's streets.
The Midtown curve as it comes off the Midtown Switchover Interchange. An amazingly beautiful turn, this is a commanding view along the Central Express Road.
A Skyline to remember- Along the Central Expressway the city stands out as a city of the future. This is the Financial District of Midtown.
The newest skyscraper of the city- The Cocoon-  A rounded a futuristic styled skyscraper designed by Peter Grupen of GTW Enterprises, this structure is one of the most identifiable buildings of the Financial District.
The oldest Skyscraper of the city, The Belmoor Building, designed by Trace Brookford (1877-1950) in 1923 and completed in 1925, Belmoor Building made an impact on the future of the city. This art-deco styled building features a lower level cafe with sidewalk plaza, and its the first building you encounter when you enter downtown on Reckmore Road.

Hope you enjoyed a look at the beautiful downtown. See you again.


Back To The Valley- Another Redo- A Stronger Connection:

I bought the expansion pack- so I went for something new- and man was it time to shine-
Welcome back- after a long hiatus I'm back- This time I have made a new version of Ocean Valley, one that looks more beautiful, and with a lot more creativity then before.
Ocean Valley-Thomas Gradey Intl. Airport- Completed in 1971 as a replacement to the aging Municipal Airport (1929-1973), Thomas Gradey Intl. is a major hub for those coming to the country. In fact if your flying into Teddyland the odds are good you'll land here to switch flights to other Teddyland locales- Weekends are busier then weekdays, this photo shows a weekday view.
Ocean Valley Convention Center- A massive and imposing structure, it can be seen for miles. Built in 2009 on top of an old landfill, the building is now an attraction in itself. More resembling a museum then a convention center it sits across  from Greyman Park. Concerts, exhibitions, meetings, a bit of everything comes here- On the second floor is a restaurant, with commanding views of the nearby neighborhood.
Northwood Catholic Church- Sitting in Stadium Park subdivision and built in 1799, this church has become a focal point for travelers. I can be seen from the nearby highway as travelers pass though this graceful city.
Port Of Ocean Valley- This large port is a main shipping hub for the nation- its not pretty to look at, but it doesn't have to be- Cruise Ships and Cargo Ships come here from the world over to deliver goods and passengers.
Aderwood Switch- A massive interchange the Aderwood Switch is the busiest, and most imposing of the cities interchanges- It offers amazing views for those lucky enough to be on the upper decks- views of not only the airport, but of the river and ocean as well. Seems the city knew what it was doing after all.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the new Ocean Valley.


This update is dedicated in memory of those lost in Paris- It is with a heavy heart that this update is done.

United Sim Nations Presents: Ocean Valley-Pretty Place.

In the wake of the tragedy in Paris Ocean Valley has shown its support-
City hall featuring a banner in the colors of the French flag. Built in 1607, Ocean Valley was originally a a mansion for the home of Lord George Hurtmare. Upon his death he donated his home to the city, for there use. They chose to use it as city hall.

A French Flag adorns a french inspired pillar in the City Hall Round About- the round about is just a couple blocks from City Hall. Inspired by Louis XVI, this noble pillar is a showcase of this remarkable city. Designed by Jean Michel- a Paris born architect, he was commissioned in 1945 to design a World War 2 memorial- this was his design. The plaque thats covered by the flag reads:
                                                           TO  THE ROYAL MILITARY
                                                                         LOST IN
                                                          WORLD WAR II 1939-1945
Somehow the pillar seems fitting  as another memorial.

Enough Gloom and Doom- here we show the Stadium Spdi. Always busy, the SPDI is a remarkable exit to the stadium. A Stoplight sits in the center. It was added in 2011 after an accident killed a baseball player as he tried to get through the interchange to head home. It simply added a reminder that the interchange is overly busy after games, and needed to be reworked.

Fun in the Sun? Try an amusement park. The city has many attractions for it. This is one of them. This attraction is a major magnet for tourists- Prices are fairly cheap, but the fun of the place is top notch. Featuring an observatory, playground, a couple roller coasters and a Farris wheel, this attraction is a wonderful place to visit.


Hope you enjoyed this latest update. See you again soon.


A United Sim Nations /journal:
Ocean Valley- A tourist Mecca

Welcome- Its time to see the tourism of Ocean Valley- while most of the pictures are tourism, 1 shows why its a tourist city to begin with.


An old Catholic Church. St Anthony' is on James Turner Mem. Bvld fairly close to the church we showed you the last time. It lies in the Seaview Estates District, This popular tourist site lies in a prime location for those traveling along the ocean.


Take me out to the ball game. The city's baseball stadium lies off the highway. Featuring a parking garage and rail station, The stadium is beautiful. Easy to see from the highway, the stadium features a SPUI type exit- one of the newest in the nation.


Shoreline Arena.  This Convention center overlooks the ocean. Its name is misleading as the area has been filled in to add more land since the structure was built. Completed in 1995, the arena holds conventions on a monthly basis- featuring a restaurant, bar, and open area for conventions, the arena is part of the rich cultural history of this seaside city.


Seaview District. Several neighborhoods are tourist mecca's, and this one is one of them. Its reason is location. Quaint homes, wonderful shops, and the arena and Catholic Church make up this district.


James Turner Mem. Bvld. You can see the catholic church in this picture. This is the main northern end exit to the road. The always busy road has very little stop lights as a way to ease traffic congestion. It worked. The bend shown is referred to as Northboro Bend.


Hope you enjoyed a fresh new look of Ocean Valley.



Ocean Valley- A redo

Sorry for the long hiatus, glitches in game caused me to have to restart again, this time with a more European like layout, with lots of curves in the roads.


James Turner Mem. Bvld looking towards the New World Baptist Church. The church itself was completed in 2007, and designed by the firm of Cox and Balls LLC. (ok sounds like the making of a dirty joke), on of the cities best known architectural firms. The white facade makes the building stand out on the road, as you round the curves that make up this road, that takes you towards the coast.


The layout clearly showing curvy roads. This is an older part of town, where buildings are closer together then the rest of the city.


In this view we are entering the city. The highway is Kings 10, one of the busiest highways in the nation. But then again, when your near the ocean, the roads are bound to be busy.

Yes, despite its seaside location trailer parks exist. This one is along K-10 and is one of the smallest trailer parks in the city. Still its a nice place to live, in a quiet part of town despite its highway location. Its close nit and friendly.


Another layout view in the older part of town. Lots of curves. You can see the industrial sector in the distance. As you can see the land is a flat prairie, yet it still presents a sort of beauty to it, despite the flat terrain. Would you wanna live here? I know many would. And many do.


Hope you enjoyed the newest look to this city on the sea.


Note: This is a completely new layout from the original- it quit working after the upgrade. For some fun we will show only night shots.

Welcome back- today we will look at the city at night- its majestic beauty shows better after dark.

Shoreline Drive- Shoreline Drive features a vast area of commerce and a beautiful seaside trail. With lots of places to go 24 hours a day in this city its never dull in this beautiful city. Here we can see people walking along to trail to the right of the image, and cars going down the road. During the day its often crowded, but at night, the coolness brings out more walkers then drivers.
A residential neighborhood on a sleepy night. Quiet and peaceful, everyone in there little homes, Ocean Valley residents enjoy life in this home, nights are rewarded with cool weather, and the warm sunshine creates a frantic hustle and bustle within this city. As you can see at night people stay in. Why go out if you don't have to right?
The curvy Warmander Road. In this shot we have just gone over the highway into its central business district. Like along the coast this area is still very much alive in the night.
same road, different location. Parts of Warmander are straight. The Road curves in and out of different districts, its lined with commerce the whole way, creating a vast area for shopping. This spot is generally a bit more quiet at night as its closer to residential zones then the areas near the highway.
The layout of the city as seen after dark. The curved overpass is Warmander Road. you gotta look close of course.
Warmander Road and Seaside Drive are seen in this pic of a vast residential area. Warmander and Seaside are the wider roads as they wind there way through. Coming off of them are many narrow streets. These narrow streets are residential areas, where people sleep in peace in this beautiful, coastal city.


A Beginning

Welcome to Ocean Valley, Zyphone district, Teddyland- located 250 miles north of Teddy City, Ocean Valley is a spectacular city on a seaside plain. Beautiful and well laid out, Ocean Valley is a major tourist hub on Teddyland North Shore Center.
Ardbury Street. A former roman road, Ardbury Street consists mainly of commerce and industrial sectors. Often busy, the 6 lane road only remotely resembles its past self. During roman times this was the major north-south trade route, with a town where Ocean Valley now sits. It consisted mainly of a military presence in that time, but by 1790 commerce began to appear. By 1890 it became a wade corridor as you entered into the city's vast west end.
coming up the hill from the ocean into a residential area along Shoreland Pkwy and Freeman Street, here we see examples of the cities residential planning at its best. With good schools, great medical and a wonderful police force, Ocean Valley is more the beautiful, its a great place to live and work.
A look at residential zoning in the city. Keeping with the roman past, the grid is located near the shore lines before being broken by the twists and turns of the modern planning.
Shoreline commerce on Shoreline Pkwy and Hereford Road. Lined with cute little shops, Shoreline Road is the main Oceanside route in town. Stop for a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants and cafes that make up this quaint little part of town.
Another look at commerce shows just how quaint the commercial districts really are. This large city is meant to attract tourists, and boy does it show. Keeping its past alive, while looking into the future in a careful balance of old and new architecture.

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