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  1. HD North American Semi Truck Cabs Vol.1

    Really cool, I love how realistic this turned out!!! 5/5 Great Job
  2. NYBT - Parisian / 220 South Central Park

    Yet, another excellent skyscraper to add to my skyline Great job!!!
  3. Welcome to Oakton City

    Haha thanks:)
  4. CornerBrook, Woodland County

    Thankyou :D
  5. Seaside City

    Seaside City: Woodland County's Major City: Seaside City was established in 1943 and is now a thriving city filled with mostly young people. Seaside city never sleeps due to how many concerts, sports events etc. it has. Population: 364,389 Crime: No Crime Education: Exceptional Tile Size: Big Downtown Seaside City: The business district of Seaside City, it's what keeps the city up and running. Prince Edward Bridge & Palo Alto Bridge: Prince Edward Bridge is the gateway to Seaside City and is home to the main motorways in Woodland County, and the upper bridge is the Palo Alto Bridge. Portland Village: Portland Village is well known for its great hospitality and upscale cafes. It houses the cruise ships docks on the far left. Bayside Iconic Condos: These condos are worth a little over a quarter of a million due to how breathtaking the views are from the condos. Thankyou for visiting my City Journal
  6. CornerBrook, Woodland County

    CornerBrook,Woodland County Crime: Medium Education: Above Average Health: Good Tile Size: Medium Population: 15,439 Inhabitants Overall View of CornerBrook Downtown CornerBrook: West CornerBrook: I'd wanted to post more, but I have limited image space sorry guys... Thank you for visiting my journal much is appreciated:) More coming soon!!!
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I searched everywhere for the One PPG Place located in Pittsburgh, PA and I can't seem to find it. (Its the blue building on the left of this picture with four pointy things on each corner on the roof) -Thanks Kyoto
  8. Automated Fireworks Display Mod

    What an awesome way to celebrate the New Years with Sim City :D
  9. PhoenixNews International (DarkNite)

    Very nice night lighting texture!!! ;) keep up the good work
  10. Infinity Tower, Brisbane, Australia

    I like how the building is in a oval shaped style it's very rare to find buildings like that in Simtropolis good job :D
  11. Westpac Building, Melbourne, Australia

    Wonderful building I like how you did the windows:)
  12. I love how the noise barrier is glass and see through. Bravo!!! ;)
  13. City of Fayettesville

    O yeah thank you for reminding me :P
  14. Ferrari 458 Italias

    Lol now were talking ;) imma drive in style in Sim City 4 now hehe. Great Job!!!