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  1. Tree Controller Dependency Nightmare

    These are the listed Dependencies for the Cascadia Tree Controller: Dependencies: There are several dependencies for this tree controller. If you use flora MMPs at all you likely have all of these already. Yes there are a lot. No I don't care, because there isn't some magic alternative where they're bundled together; it's this or nothing. Make darn sure you have the latest update of these files; many have been updated since their initial release. Flora by CP: BSC Mega Props CP01 BSC Mega Props CP02 VIP flora: VIP Rural Pack VIP Fagus VIP Aesculus Flora by Giraffe: Feather Grass Sparaxis Narcissus Poppies Berries Lupines Bushes Conifers Subalpine Firs Larch Common Spruce Ash Birch Noweigian Maples Chestnuts Flora Tuning Parameters by Lowkee. As mentioned, if you already use Lowkee's or Gobias' terrain mods you DO NOT NEED THIS because it comes bundled within their terrain mods. Are you absolutely sure, that you have them all? And your Plugins folder organization is a nightmare btw. You should really take care of that and organize it. Maybe you should take a look here: I'll save you a lot of trouble, if you keep your Plugins organized right from the beginning. Kind regards!
  2. Agricultural demand has suddenly disappeared

    I am testing for a while now my own modded version of my so called SP(C)AM, which takes care of the incompatibility between both MODs. So far it works just great and as intended.
  3. Agricultural demand has suddenly disappeared

    But I think, that the CAM 2.1 Mod by InvisiChem corrected the problem with the I-R Agricultural jobs, or am I mistaken here? Kind regards!
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey, you might wanna take a look here: http://somy.gozaru.jp/p8.htm http://somy.gozaru.jp/p9.htm Kind regards!
  5. Removing SC4desc files (Dazed and confused)

    Well, the different files used in SC4 can be confusing indeed. First rule is always: if you're not sure, what the SC4Desc file does, open iLives Reader and look into it! It could be the Descriptor file for a 1: Growable building (than it IS needed), 2: separate Descriptor file for a PLOP building (NOT needed, because usually the DESC file in inside the SC4Lot file), or 3: PROP file (also needed, otherwise the PROP won't show up on the lot as intended). When you look into the SC4Desc file, it says what it is right in the first row: Exemplar Type 0x00000010 Type: Prop or Type: Building. Sometimes the creator of a PROP files put this in the file name like: XXXX_PROP_XXXX_0xXXXXXXXX.SC4Desc. But that's not a rule. Some creators also like to put the SC4Desc file of a Growable into the SC4Lot file but copying it manually! Everything is possible. And unfortunately a lot of downloads here that are Ploppable Lots come with a separate Descriptor file, which is not needed, because as mentioned earlier, the SC4Desc file part is already inside the SC4 Lot file. All it does is clogging up your Plugins. So, whatever you do, make sure you look into the SC4Desc file before you delete it! Saves you a lot of troubles! Kind regards!
  6. Dependencies fault

    Did you recently remove files from your Plugins folder? The missing file is one of the files you removed. Put the files back in, open the city, bulldoze every building, that you don't want anymore and then remove the files from the Plugins folder... It must be a file you recently removed... Good luck! Kind regards!
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    No 1 looks familiar, but didn't ring a bell yet, No.2 is here: http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/staedtische-einrichtungen/polizei-feuerwehr Scroll down a little bit and you'll find it! Kind regards!
  8. 11 minutes to load SC4

    I'd name NAM and SPAM mods, big time... @VitroOliveira The only thing that really helps, is to organize the your plugins, use a DATPacker tool and an SSD, where SC4 is installed. But the first thing is to keep your files organized. And to understand, how SC4 loads the files. Therefore I highly recommend the use of rivit's SC4DataNode tool to determine, what's going on. And after analysing it,organize,clean and optimize the plugins folder. You'll find the SC4DataNode tool here: I refer to the manual in the installation folder to get to know the basics how to use it. But the only way really is learning by doing while you use it. After you used it and cleaned out your plugins, I recommend using a DATpacker tool like http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=26 and a free software called Clone Cleaner to detect duplicate files within your plugins. The lite version is free for private use. http://heatsoft.com/ In the end the SC4Datpacker bottom window should look like this (see example screenshot): no entries there, nothing... Everything, that shows up there during the packing process indicates to duplicate files somewhere in your plugins. A path is shown then in the bottom window. Work with it! I am not going to tell you here, that this is going to be an easy job for you, and that you'll be done in five minutes with it. Nope... It took me days in the beginning to get started, to figure out, what is what and how to read the amount of data you get. I started from scratch 5 years ago, piece by piece, got distracted by modding stuff, now I have only 4,5 GB in my plugins, datpacked, and it loads in 30 seconds... Game crashes? Gone... and my game is 5% vanilla, 95% mods... But I still have around 20 GB files waiting to be redone, to get back into the game... Kind regards!
  9. SC4 Plugin Packer 2008 don't work

    And why do you have two SC4 installation folder? Are you unsing 2 different versions a.k.a. an older vanilla version and a newer digital version? Or is this may be a leftover from a previous installation? Kind regards!
  10. SC4 Plugin Packer 2008 don't work

    Did you try the main homepage? http://clonecleaner.com/ Kind regards!
  11. SC4 Plugin Packer 2008 don't work

    It look like you have a lot of "duplikates" in your plugins folder. Every entry in the bottom window of the DATPacker indicates either unnecessary files or a duplicate file (stated as (Useless file, all entries have been superseeded in....) You need to find and remove ALL those duplicates. It saves space when datpacking and at the end loading time. Finding all the duplicates is a pain in the butt, and I strongly recommend the use of a 3rd party software to help you do the work. But you also can do it by hand, if you prefer, and a starting point is always the path in the bottom window of DATPacker. I do use this FREEWARE version to help me checking on duplicates: http://www.clonecleaner.com/index.html The "Lite" version is free, but limited to just one path you can set in the options. But that's just fine, because you're only interested in finding duplicates in the SC4 plugins Folder, right?! And like it was said already, remove ALL files with extensions OTHER than SC4DESC, SC4MODEL, SC4LOT, and DAT. Start small! Empt out your Plugins folder, put a few files back in, and start cleaning. Keep your Plugins organized! I also strongly recommend the use of rivit's SC4DataNode tool to find duplicates. You'll find it here: And take your time. I know, you probably don't wanna do it at all, but it is necessary that you get it done. Good luck and kind regards!
  12. Recycling Trucks

    Yes, the reskin by Fanta works as an override for the ingame garbage truck, and here is another one: And yes again, you can make Props out of an automata model, and because automatas are real 3D models you can rotate them in any degree you want, and here is how: - Use the LE to generate a new prop exemplar (using ANY model); give your prop a meaningful name. This step is necessary in order to get a new (unique) instance ID for your prop. - In the reader, change the Resource Key Type 1 property to Resource Key Type 0; The latter references a model with one view aspect (S3D file); the model must have "full geometry" (both "front" and "back" faces) in order to be displayed correctly. - Change the value in the RKT0 property, to point to the model you want to turn into prop. - In the prop exemplar add a kSC4BuildingModelRotationProperty. This tells the game to rotate the model as you rotate the city; otherwise it will always display the same side (front). Strangely, the value for this property doesn't matter (it can be left empty), it's the presence of the property that specifies if the model should be rotated. - Change all needed properties, eg the name (typically User Visible Name Key), AppearanceZoomsFlag, wealth, flammability etc so as to make it a well-behaving prop. Remember to set the Occupant Size property, as it will get the size of the (initial) model you used to create the prop in LE. - Then the prop is ready for use in the LE. - Unlike in the reader, the X, Y and Z axes have their "normal" meaning (Z refers to the height). What is causing all the confusion is just a naming inconsistency in the S3D.DLL's interface, which was propagated even to the reader's user interface. - The Rotate and Flip/Mirror operations work only for models with one Zoom/Rotation (not for the 20-Z/R, ie those generated by BAT exporting), for the reasons discussed earlier in this therad. I have also tried rotating BAT models (eg for making diagonal versions), but the results were poor. While for certain models (with simple, orthogonal LODs) and angles the lack of back faces might not be a problem, there are problems with the textures (stretched) and protruding objects (badly deformed). So I'm not sure if providing this operation (even with the aforementioned limitations) is really good (though as far as the programming effort is concerned, it's really trivial). - The Flip/Mirror opeation reverses the Index (triangles) too (swaps the 1st and 3rd vertex refs); otherwise the model/material isn't visible ingame (though it is visible in the reader). The program does not do this in the "invert" case (mirroring with respect to the XY plane), as the order of drawing doesn't change. Btw I'm not sure if this specific opearation is really needed, it might be preferable to remove it. I have not experimented a lot with flipping/mirroring, so I'm not sure if reversing the triangles is always needed; it is definitely needed for flat models (horizontal planes) but I'm not sure about the rest (vertical, inclined or more complex ones). It might be needed for all cases, or may be needed for some cases. I could change the operation, and make this optional or conditional - in the last case some more experienced modders should describe the conditions in detail ("specify" them exactly, ie as an "algorithm"). - There is no documentation (help) for the new features yet, but you should be able to figure them out easily. And here you find more information about automata modding: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=22.0 Kind regards!
  13. RTMT v3.6 brown box issue

    You are missing the SC4Model file for this bus station. Can't tell from here, which one it is, but please check the RTMT Readme again carefully, and the RTMT installation folder. Inside the RTMT installation folder there is another folder called <Models>. That's one place to look for the SC4model files. You need to check all the dependencies required for RTMT to work and match them to what's in your RTMT folder. And check the other folders for model files, too. The RTMT setup can be a little tricky. Good luck! Kind regards!
  14. SimCity 4 rotatable SPAR roads?

    To change the game speed with a hotkey you'll need to press <Ctrl - 1> (Slow) or <Ctrl - 2> (Medium) or <Ctrl - 3> (High) and/or <Ctrl - Pause> (Pause/Play on low speed) ingame. Kind regards!
  15. 11 minutes to load SC4

    I do use this little tool to datpack almost everything in my plugins folder... http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=26 A couple years ago I was up to 20 minutes waiting time, before I finally could play the game... That ain't no fun... Kind regards!