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  1. Well, now my two cents here. I use a tool called PicPick. In the settings of the tool, you have a lot of hotkeys preset already to capture pictures ingame. You can set the folder, where the captured pictures are stored as well as the type of screenshot, that is taken, like jpg, bmp, gif and png. All you do is press the "Print" button on the keyboard (or the key, that you wish to press, because you can change all that in the setting), and when a picture is taken, you'll here a little sound. Very handy, very easy. Kind regards!
  2. I think, this one is available now: The original one from @ebina disappeared somehow. Anyway, you might wanna check this one out. Kind regards!
  3. The 505 Year Education Experiment

    Very interesting stuff here, and I think, the result of that is, what everybody tells you: our Sims always take the job closest to their home when commuting. Even, if that means, turning a good (better) paid office job down and go work in a smelly, stinky factory... That's awesome!
  4. I can tell for sure, that .DAT packed files and folders take a lot less time for the game to be loaded, and, they're always be loaded LAST by the game. Without .DAT-packing my plugins loading a city would take 20-25 minutes for me, before I could play... No, I am not willing to wait that long... no way...
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Jap, I think, you're looking for this one here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3015 Kind regards!
  6. Throwing my two cents in here... From my experience the best approach to organize the plugins is to learn, how SimCity 4 loads them in the first place. And this can be done by using this: In the included Readme! you'll find the basics, how to use this tool. It's awesome. This shows you, after scanning your plugins folder, how SimCity 4 will load your files, and with this information you start to rebuild you folders and files inside the plugins folder. You're also able to find damaged or broken files/dependencies etc etc... It's an awesome auditing tool. It helped me eliminate all my errors, and now I can play the game without any trouble, CtDs etc at all... Kind regards!
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    It looks more like, it was re-lotted for personal use, but you also can find it in here: Kind regards!
  8. NAM Rail Stations Transit Switch Fare

    Well, it turns out, that in the original files only four out of seven lot files have that said exemplar in it... Funny... Anyway, I'll delete it out of those exemplar files and everything will be fine. Kind regards!
  9. NAM Rail Stations Transit Switch Fare

    Well, for all I know is, that they haven't been in the NAM 35 z__NAM folder like Simgoobers or Deadwoods creations since now... And I do have the original files in my plugins forever, so if they would have been delivered with any further release of the NAM, I guess, I would have found them already... Kind regards!
  10. NAM Rail Stations Transit Switch Fare

    Well, I don't think so, because the original Marrast rail stations are around for a very long time... And this property isn't in the original exemplar file. And I know, that the fares can be set in the TSCT. That's why I was wondering about it, when I saw the property setting in those stations... They are new to the NAM 36 though. So ok, it remains a mystery... I can live with that... Kind regards!
  11. NAM Rail Stations Transit Switch Fare

    Ok, @rsc204 thanks for the explanation. How are the fares, that the sims pay to ride a train or a bus, usually detemined by the game, if this property isn't used at all obviously?! Is that part of the simulator, that is used in the NAM or is that hardcoded in the game exe?! Just curious... And how is a train station used differently, if it has the Transit Switch Fare property in it comparing to one, that does not have it?! Has anybody tested it yet?! Questions, questions... Kind regards!
  12. Hi folks, first I want to thank the whole NAM team for the great work and effort they made and still make to the support us with a new version of the NAM. It's a lot of work, and I think, that's highly appreciated by the community. Thanks again! But for a change I do have a question: When looking through the files after the installation of NAM 36 I've found the marrast' rail stations in the MTA Station Override folder, which is great. I stumbled upon an exemplar property called "Transit Switch Fare" 0x0BFC0A4C. Because I've never seen it before in other train stations, I checked the original marrast files also some other rail stations in that NAM folder, but it looks like, those marrast stations included in the NAM are the only ones with that property. a) What's the purpose of that property? I have an idea, but I might be wrong, so I'd like to ask the gurus here and b) why is this property available in those railstations and not in other rail stations like the included Simgoober rail stations?! I am just curious Kind regards!
  13. Broken industrial demand?

    No, you don't. If you like farms, you could use those instead. That's, what I do. But, I've to admit, I use Mods, and those are changing the demands. Haven't been playing with Vanilla in years! 99% Mods and 1% original game in my case... And you're right, supporting 60k citizens will be kinda hard with farms, especially Vanilla only here... But, what the heck, give it a try. May be it works out, if you're playing a huge map?! Kind regards!
  14. 4gb_patch?

    Yes, I do use iLive's Reader 0.93, Lot Editor, PIM-X and other tools with Windows 7 and 10 with no problems. I just set the windows permissions in the tools installation folder (in my case I called the folder "SC4 Tools") to Read/Execute, so that those tools even work with mit standard user account permission. Kind regards!