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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys! so with the hint of a road modding tool in the next DLC arriving, and presuming it's something like Network Extensions let's discuss what roads would be cool to add! I've looked at the source code of Network Extensions and I've looked at their textures etc so I want to make a start at creating textures for roads. for that i need suggestions! Rules: Use https://streetmix.net/new to visualise your road. I won't even consider ones that are just some random description For roads you want to zone on: use either 16m wide roads or 32m wide roads as those are the two widths that work with zoning. For highways you can use any width lanes for cars, trams, buses etc should be 3m in width. parking should be 2m wide sidewalks should be at least 2m wide (maybe 1.5m at the smallest) and this is for either side of the road, so at least 4m of sidewalk altogether! try and keep in mind that it's not about creating new types of prefabs like MOM, it's for reskinning like we do with Network Skins! Here's some examples of Vanilla Roads visualised in StreetMix a 16m Wide Basic Road: And a 32m Wide Medium Road You can click on the above links to be taken to a template in streetmix. Give me inspiration!
  2. I cannot install BAT

    I can not install BAT Installed With SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition, which is not reinstalled simcity 4 deluxe, for that I have no cds, please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is one of the extra files @catty-cb has maintained on her site and now has kindly passed over to us here at Simtropolis for hosting. Inside the zip are the SC3_URK.exe file, some .bmp templates, and the all important SC3URKreadme.txt. Place the SC3_URK.exe in your C:\GOG Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps folder. The Read Me file is rather important for this tool. In the pics I've used the A1 Clongowes Castle for the example. Basically you load a building, extract 4 .bmp files, edit those in your favorite imaging program, and then reassemble them into a building or landmark. This looks like a very useful tool for peeps with talent. (Unlike me who just dropped in some coloring haphazardly to show that it does work.) The Read Me mentions other stuff you can do. Might be a good idea to read it. You will notice this file is not my creation and credit for keeping it alive goes to catty. This STEX entry will stay under my name tho since I'm in charge of the new SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum and I'll be the one to reply to comments or questions.
  4. Landmark Converter Tool

    Version 1.0.0


    This is one of the extra files @catty-cb has maintained on her site and now has kindly passed over to us here at Simtropolis for hosting. Inside the zip is the LandmarkConverter.exe file. Place it in your C:\GOG Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps folder. There is also a Readme_LandmarkConverter.txt file in the zip which explains how to use the tool. (Tho it's really easy so just refer to that if something goes goofy.) I've used @Yohane Architects's Golden Coast Apartments building as the sample in my pics. You will notice this file is not my creation and credit for keeping it alive goes to catty. This STEX entry will stay under my name tho since I'm in charge of the new SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum and I'll be the one to reply to comments or questions.
  5. Extended Road Upgrade



    This mod adds two new road building tools that allow you to upgrade between one- and two-way roads and to change one-way road directions, without having to demolish and rebuild the road. The tools work very similar to the default road upgrade tool. To convert an existing one-way road to a two-way road, you simply select the two-way upgrade tool and click on the segment of the the road you want to upgrade, and drag along the road to convert multiple segments. To convert a two-way road to a one-way road, however, you must drag to the direction you want the road to go instead of just clicking. One-way roads can also be changed to go to the opposite direction in the same manner. The roads are always converted to the same type counterparts, so it does not matter which road type you have selected in the road tool. This also means that it is not possible to directly convert a 4-lane road to a one-way road, because there is no 4-lane one-way road type in the game. Instead you must first upgrade the road to a 2- or 6-lane road and then convert it to a one-way road. Unzip into ..\Cities Skylines\Files\Mods. Activate the mod in your game. While the mod should work quite reliably, it is still somewhat experimental. Therefore it is recommended that you always save your city before using the mod. Current known issues: - Does not work on Linux. (fix planned) - Sometimes the mod stays on even when you are not using the roads tools, preventing you from placing electric lines or water pipes. If this happens, restarting the game should fix it. (cause unknown) - You can upgrade roads outside of the city's building area. (fix planned) Created by: Wiliz from Steam Workshop Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408209297
  6. Hello. I have been trying to export a region view image of my entire region (2048x8192 small tiles). The Region Census program apparently can't handle large regions, so I thought I'd reinstall SimCity 4 Startup Manager, as I know it can export the region image as well. However, now that I've installed it, SC4 Startup Manager is telling me that my regions' cities are all "inapplicable", and it won't show anything but blank ground tiles in its preview of the region. I don't understand what this means, as I've already tried loading them in the game, and the region shows up just fine, in addition to the cities having no problem loading. It's only SC4 Startup Manager that has the problem. I've already tried deleting its .ini file to let it re-make it. Does anyone know if there's anything I can do here to fix this? I'd previously edited the config.bmp of the region using Startup Manager in order to expand the region to the north and east; I think maybe this has something to do with it. When I did this, all my neighbor deals were canceled, but that's been fixed since then. I would also like to possibly use Startup Manager to more easily edit the config.bmp to subdivide city tiles in the new areas in the future, but I guess if I can't use it, I'll do that manually. Also, failing this problem getting resolved, does anyone know of another tool besides Region Census that can view/export an image of the entire region outside of the game?
  7. Version 1.1


    This mod adds a new set of Coastline and Waterways path and tools. These paths can be used to place the trade port's docs or ferry docs where ever you want. They are most practical when used in conjunction with mods that let you change where the water graphics are (ie Sky Storm's Regional Freeway Mod) and you want the functionality to match. The coastline paths are needed to be drawn from left to right when looking towards the land. This is to ensure proper orientation to the docks. 7/7/2014 - Version 1.1 has incorporated our new Icons and images into our mod to make the game easier and more similar to the unification of graphics and style to be that of Maxis and the original game look and feel. Thank you Banwashere (Ban) for the hard work and dedication for becoming our community artist and champion of our new identity and graphic art on this subject and with all our mods that have been released and our future release to the community. These will be added to Akar and each individual mod as are required and represent the3 first update of many in a series that will unify mods and our interfaces. We are very happy to have him on board and the quality that his talents will bring to our mod community and in general to our future developments THe waterways paths need to be connected to the regional path that's located outside the city in order to bring the boat traffic. These paths come in 2 flavors, a narrow, 80 meter path and with one boat lane going each direction and the wide, 100 meter path which two boat lanes going each direction (so two boats can go on it side by side passing each other) the coast line paths will show as wide green lines while the coast line tool is active, and so will the waterways paths when the waterways tools are active. You need to make sure that the greens for the coastlines and the waterways don't intersect or you won't be able to place docs on the coastline. To install this mode extract the rar into your simcitydata folder. NOTE / TIP.. There are routes always in place already when you are on any map with water that exists. Is not always seen in the map your actually editing but can and is there outside the map area. These Waterways act as visual guides and route guides for the ships and boats. They are more visual than anything however to impact and have value for trade and visitors. You must connect to these routes that pre exist just like you would a regional road or else traffic would and will not flow down the path you create for these new routes. As demonstrated by someone already you will notice that the boats do not care if you are on LAND or WATER they will go under ground if needed to get to a port if you plop one. Visually its not what we want but functionally its very much what everyone wants in some ways. Water is not always where you want it and neither are plop points for ports and other such harbors. We are working on better ways to create waterways that will allow a more realistic perspective of water as you plop ports and docks.
  8. Hello modders on Reader, I've been trying to figure out how to make the flame tool more powerful, but I can't figure it out. Anyone know how I could do that?
  9. Hi there, Been wondering around these forums for some time, untill I came acrosse post made by Pygma. Kinda liked the idea, so I started working one some new tool to make life easier. SCTweak allowes you to create all of those tunnels and overpasses etc, without having to close SimCity or edit any file. However be aware that this app is still in very, very early developement and requires a lot of work (obviously...). Don't want to make a to long story out of this, please let me know if it works for you.. or not. Instructions: Download the latest version: TinyUpload Mega Start as administrator Click start button when SimCity 5 is running Select a road height from the drop-down Draw a small "test" piece of road to apply new height settings Hints: Increasing speed > 5 could cause simulation issues (check your sewage flow, depends on city size) Tunnel option does not work on the edges of the map, this is not fixable Release notes: R7 Support for patch 6.0 (TinyUpload Mega) R6 Added HotKeys, added speed mod, tuned some road types (TinyUpload Mega) R5 Updated to support latest SimCity patch 5.0 (TinyUpload Mega) R4 Updated values for tunnels, improve shutdown behavior (TinyUpload Mega) R3 No longer required to reload, just draw a small "test" piece for height settings to be applied. (TinyUpload Mega) R2 4.0 update, "Always on top", extra debug logging (TinyUpload Mega) R1 rewrote to a c++ debugger based patcher (TinyUpload Mega) R0 non-functional Having issues? Please provide me the following info: What OS you are using Game version Game language Log text from the tool Description of the issue (when, where, how?) Buy me a beer! Please Note: Some antivirus tools seem to give a false positive on this file. Ofcourse any scammer would state that this file is completely safe to use and so will I: "This file does not contain any form of malware. Don't download if you do not trust it"
  10. How can I find out the exact percent (%) of Water in my City? The Marina requires 25% of the city be water before it becomes available. I know many people cheat to get it, but I'm doing a city that earns the rewards. Is there a tool I can install that will display what percent of the city is considered to be water? Or is there a file or menu I can check to learn this? Also, what are the ways to increase water % in an existing city that you do not desire to demolish or start over? Are there buildings to add that count as water? Can you just lower terrain below sea level and it immediately counts towards the water %? Doubtful, but does the water ordinance affect the water %? Or perhaps adding water pumps or pipes? Thanks! - Cougar2004
  11. Welcome to Nakheel Tower Project Thread Hi everyone, some users and administrators from this page know me because the "Burj Khalifa Project" This is the link of Burj Khalifa: I can say that the project is ended, but when i read the coments of the link of download... I Will Restart, the las Update of this is in the day is in 2012... well i show the pick guys: This is a comparison of the Chicago Spire, what you think about? i downloaded the file, and i begin again today. PD: Sorry for bad english Greetings from Venezuela
  12. hello all, are there any updates from ea about creating your own building's with a tool or something?
  13. SC4Tool Help

    So I've been trying to use transit enabling on SC4Tool, but when I click it, it asks for the path, etc. I click through to find the folder necessary, once I hit "OK" it doesn't actually set it. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. I don't start too many discussions on here... so I will start one... what is your favorite tool to use on a map in SC4 Terraformer... myself, I just LOVE the equalize tool in SC4 Terraformer... I just love using it on photos I covert to grayscale and it totally smoothens the terrain...
  15. A link will be greatly appriciated. I want to make buildings of my own.
  16. BAT4Max 5



    Major redesign of BAT4Max tool! New features Glare, Ground, Sky and more New Interface streamlined and workflow oriented interface New easy one click installation one-click installation that takes care of everything, including necessary updates to your GMAX+SC4Bat Installation instructions and support Special notice July 27, 2011 Fully compatible with 3ds Max 2012 / 3ds Max Design 2012. Export problems with 3ds Max 2012 and 3ds Max Design 2012 are caused by errors in release version of 3ds Max. To resolve them install Hotfix1 from Autodesk site! -Mod edit: Converted old BBCode gibberish to HTML. Note: The Autodesk link seems to just go to the generic knowledge base and is no longer a direct link to the referenced Hotfix1. I've left the exact underlying URL as it was originally. -Cori
  17. Version


    SC4 Building Tweaker by Ilive -------- This version is based on Ilive - Reader 0.8.4. This version fixes a problem with EQ selections. This program allows you to modify properties (capacity, cost, power...) of some SC4 buildings.(including your own plugins) The first time you launch the program, a setup box will appear , asking you to fill two fields : - sc4 location : indicate the folder which contains the file simcity_1.dat - SimCity Locale dat : indicate the filename named SimCityLocale.dat How to use it ? Go to the first combo box and select an entry among Residential, Industry, Reward ... The building list is filled. Then select one of entry , the property list displays differents properties of the building. You can edit one of these properties by double clicking on the values. Once you have modified all the properties you want, you have to save the modification. So, click on the 'Save As Dat' button, write a filename and save it in the SC4 plugins directories (for exemple, My Documents\Simcity4\Plugins). Other Functions : Reinit button : this button reinitialize to the default buildings properties Import Dat : each time you launch the Building Tweaker , the properties list is build from SC4 properties. By using this button, you can update this list with your previous saved dat. Properties button : you can configure the XML file (wich contains displayed properties) through this option Notes : The shown properties are stored in an XML file named blg_prop.xml Mod Edit: Fixed broken formatting, and restored description from the included readme.

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