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New SorGun

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Welcome to New SorGun




Welcome to New SorGun.

The year is 1851. The California gold rush is beginning to wane, but thousands and thousands of pioneers are still making the long journey west each year. One group of intrepid settlers made the trip across the Rocky Mountains on the Oregon Trail expecting to make their fortune in the new territory. After arriving in Portland earlier in the year, the group decided that the town was already too crowded and over-developed (the boomtown had a population of 821 according to the 1850 census).

Determined to find a good homestead, the group headed north aboard the schooner Approximate. Two weeks later, the ship sailed into a bay and dropped anchor.

This is where our story begins.


The fine print:

I am attempting to build a region within the context of historical events starting in the mid 19th century. While I may reference actual historical events, the content of this region is entirely fictional (think of any Hollywood movie “based on actual events” and you will get the idea).

I’d like to thank Drunkapple for sharing the Townsville map I’m using.

I’d also like to thank onlyplace4, ionionion, and Cycledogg for their great BATs of 19th century buildings. There are many others, of course, but finding gems from these three gave me the idea of trying something like this in the first place.

Table of Contents
Update 1 - Natural Beauty (1851)
Tutorial - A few RFR Water Tips
Update 2 - Neighbors (Fall 1851)
Update 3 - Winter Months (Winter 1851-1852)
Update 4 - Laying out a Town (Summer 1852)
Update 5 - Heavy Construction (Fall 1852)
Update 6 - New Settlements (Spring 1853)
Update 7 - I'm a lumberjack (Fall 1853)
Update 8 - Revisiting the town of New SorGun (Fall 1853)
Update 9 - The Farmer and the Cowman (Spring 1854)
Update 10 - Hermits and Homesteading (Fall/Winter 1854)
Update 11 - Four years of Progress (Fall/Winter 1855)
Update 12 - War! The Battle of New SorGun (February 1856)
Update 13 - The Battle of New SorGun - Part 2 (February 1856)
Update 14 - Mr. Delin's Dream (Summer 1856)
Vote! The Delin Settlement will be named...

Update 15 - Postwar SorGun (Spring 1857)
Update 16 - Security (December 1859)
Update 17 - 1860 Census (Spring 1860)
Update 18 - The American Civil War - Part 1 (1861-1865)
Update 19 - The American Civil War - Part 2 (1861-1865)
Business Tycoon Wanted

Update 20 - Home Away from Home (Summer 1867)
Name that Fort

Update 21 - A Blacksmith in Porthaven (Summer 1868)
Update 22 - 1870 Census - Part 1 (Summer 1870)
Update 23 - 1870 Census - Part 2 (Summer 1870)
New SorGun Halloween Special
Update 24 - 1870 Census - Part 3 (Summer 1870)
Update 25 - She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain (Spring 1873)
Northern Pacific Railroad Official Poll

Update 26 - Counting Chickens (Fall 1873)
Update 27 - End of the Line (Fall 1873)
Update 28 - Out Damned Finch! (1874)
Update 29 - The Spike Heard 'Round the Region (1875-1876)
Update 30 - A Bully Plan (1876-1878)
Update 31 - A Coal, Sir, If You Please (1878-1879)
Update 32 - 1880 Census - Intro (Spring 1880)
Update 33 - One Year (1851-1880)
Update 34 - 1880 Census - Between Two Cities (Spring 1880)
Update 35 - 1880 Census - A Dream Deceived (Spring 1880)
Sheriff Wanted
Update 36 - 1880 Census - Manhunt (Spring 1880)
Update 37 - 1880 Census - Fox & Hound (Spring 1880)
Update 38 - 1880 Census - My Kind of Town (Spring 1880)
Show and Tell
Update 39 - 1880 Census - Rolling Stone (Spring 1880)
Update 40 - 1880 Census - Homeward Bound (Summer 1880)
Update 41 - 1880 Census - Epilogue (Fall 1880)
Happy Thanksgiving

Update 42 - Mother of Exiles (Spring 1882)
'Tis The Season
Something Salty This Way Comes
Update 43 - Kitty's Tale (Fall 1884)
Update 44 - For Whom The Bell Tolls (1882)
Update 45 - New SorGun Recap (1851-1883)
Update 46 - She sights a Bird - she chuckles - (1884)
Update 47 - Fog of War (Fall 1884)
Merry Christmas 2015
Update 48 - The Great Debate (Fall 1884)
Update 49 - Stump Speech (Fall 1884)
Update 50 - Election Day (Fall 1884)




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Interesting. I'm eager to see the development of you historical settlement. The image of the ship near the shoreline is an excellent introduction to the story as well. Two thumbs up!

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Just to reiterate... after dropbox dropped the ball and killed every single public link for all their users (:rage:), I decided to go back though my old entries and try to sort out the mess.  Along with fixing every photo link, I will drop a comment  with a little insight on each entry.  It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since I started New SorGun!

Speaking of New SorGun... I got a lot of questions on the name.  I won't give away the origin, but I will tell you that there was an original 'SorGun' that I started over at SimPeg.  It is reduced to ashes now, and I don't even know where the images are.  Anyway, that is why my second foray into CJ's is titled New SorGun.  One more fun fact.  The name of the schooner (Approximate) that drops off our intrepid settlers is a play on the actual name of the boat that delivered the settlers of the historical Pacific Northwest town that New SorGun is roughly based on.  *:8)

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