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New SorGun

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New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 16

December 1859

The New SorGun travelers reached Washington DC in the fall of 1857. Although it was the capital of the United States, it was still very much a swampy dirty mess at that time. Mr. Denenny and Mr. Master didn’t feel much out of place.


Earlier in the year the Supreme Court passed the Dred Scott Decision which, in part, caused the panic of 1857. Capital investment in the western territories dried up and the political will to support projects in the west was waning. These events did not deter the New SorGun deligation, and the two gentlemen were able to get appointments in front of President Buchanan’s staff, as well as a few members of congress.


Before heading back west, Mr. Master attended to some business in Baltimore, MD (we’ll find out more about that later). The pair made their way back to New SorGun with high hopes – the politicians seemed sympathetic to their cause, and the Army was looking at establishing additional outposts in the western territories anyway.

In the Spring of 1858 New SorGun and other frontier towns in the SorGun region were still suffering from the recession. The little town couldn’t escape the bad luck – even the Walker Barn – one of the first built in town, burned down over the winter.

But rumors were spreading that good news was headed this way, and the Territorial Governor had just sent a post informing New SorGun of exciting political developments. The town was abuzz with excitement – would the army build a post nearby? – Was the navy assigning a warship to the bay? – The little post office became the most popular spot in town.

Finally, news arrived at the end of April, 1858.

How could this be? New SorGun was the largest settlement in the area – Porthaven was barley a spec on the map! The citizens felt they had been betrayed by the politicians. It was well known that the founder of Porthaven, Mr. Delin, had close ties to the higher ups in Washington DC and elsewhere.

Whether new Army post was chose for strategic reasons, or political favors, we will never know. In any case, a company of Army Engineers first arrived in Porthaven in the early spring of 1859.

A survey of the land proved that the high ground near the mouth of the Delin River was a perfect location for the fort.

With the help of loggers from Porthaven, clearing of the land began immediately.

A steam donkey was leased from Mr. Yarahi’s lumber company in New SorGun in order to expedite the clearing process.

An overview…
Update 16 - 9 logging mosaic.jpg

With the land cleared, work began on the barracks…

...and other structures needed to support the soldiers.

Shortly after the barracks and support buildings were complete, work on the main fort commenced.
(click for full size)

The abundance of tall pines ensured that construction moved ahead quickly.

As the fall of 1859 arrived, construction was nearly complete.
Update 16 - 14 fort construction mosaic.jpg

The army hired extra workers from Porthaven in order to ensure that the fort was completed by winter.

The finishing touches were added, and the Army wrapped up construction before the first snowfall.
Update 16 - 16 completed fort.jpg

Here is a look at the progression of the fort’s construction at a distance.

Here is another animation with a little more detail.

As the year 1859 was nearing its end, the new decade was full of promise for the town of Porthaven. Mr. Delin’s dreams looked brighter than ever – but what would become of New SorGun? Stay tuned…

Replies to the last Teaser

Mithrik: Interesting, hope those are good news.
Good and bad, I suppose...

dubaidude303: Humm. What's the news?
It's a Fort *:)

grstudios: Looking forward to that next post!
Hope you liked it.

Mastof: Its not raining, so its probably a good day *:P
And it does rain there a lot - but I have no photoshop skills for that *:(

Markus J: I like it, really strong feel of the old settlements

Helsinki 2: yay *:D I was getting worried for New Sorgun then
The worry isn't over yet...

Simul8ter8: Wow! the town is really looking great!


Recommended Comments

Slendidly done! I was wondering, just how does the Army plan on responding to any crises around NewSorGun in a timely manner? Looks like a long march through some tough terrain .

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Brilliant job! I love the way the flora isn't too crowded together, it gives a nice "spaced out" feeling.

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Awesome update... love the last two pictures..

It's good to see a Military presence now.. hopefully the area will be much safer for years to come.

Although I predict there might be a horrible conflict on the horizon.

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Even though I couldn't see the last three pics, for some unknown reason, I can say surely that it was a great update with a nice story holding it up...
Have a good week!

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Thanks everybody!
ImageShack was giving me fits of trouble, so I re-linked all the pictures to my dropbox account - hopefully that should fix any broken picture link problems.

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Directors Commentary:
-For some strange reason, some of these dropbox images still appear to work... at least they do on my computer.  Still, I'm going to error on the side of caution and transfer everything over to imgur for safe keeping (until they change their policy at least).  EDIT:  Actually, moving them to Simtropolis for safekeeping :)
-I had a lot of fun creating the building scenes in this update.  I was lucky enough to find 'under construction' models that pretty closely fit the final PEG fort (another great model that I really wanted to highlight in this CJ).
-Lets play ANOTHER round of missing shadows... go!
-Union troop MMPs are starting to get some heavy usage *:)
-Thanks for stopping by... see you next time on this broken links tour *:lol:
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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