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New SorGun

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1860 Census



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 17
1860 Census

Spring 1860

So much has happened in the first 10 years of this region, it’s time to take stock and see how everybody is doing. As of 1860, the region includes three towns with over 100 people. Farms and cabins dot the landscape, where previously only trees once stood. The westward expansion is in full tilt, and the SorGun region is experiencing this demographic shift firsthand.
(click for full size)

Materburg is first up. Founded shortly after New SorGun, this quiet little settlement has grown slowly but steadily.

The dense forests continue to be pushed back from the river’s edge each year.
(click for full size)

The center of the village has seen a few more shops and stores, but not much has changed since the founding.

The town still relies heavily on agriculture – and since the Indian uprising a few years back, many farms in the region have been destroyed or abandoned, so Materburg has been very important in providing food for settlers in the area.

Some of the original settlers continue to grow and expand their plot of land – and some farmers have done quite well for themselves.

Further east lies Junction – a once bustling crossroads – but the town was burned to the ground during the Indian War of 1856.

Some roads remain, but now it is mostly dirt, ashes and overgrown weeds. Occasionally travelers pass through here – but far less frequently than before.

Walking through what was the center of town, the smell of burnt pine still lingers in the air.

A lone grove of fruit trees and a single structure are all that remains in Junction. Perhaps it is a faint heartbeat from a town that has been left for dead.

Traveling north along the banks of the Rannug River, it becomes obvious that Farmer Ben has been busy these past few years.

Pine trees have given way to fruit trees and farmland. Farmer Ben has even employed workers to help with his growing enterprise and a second cabin was built to house them.
(click for full size)

While Farmer Ben’s land was spared during the hostilities of the Indian War, the small village of Wapato Indians was not. Like Junction, the village is quickly being overrun by nature.
Update 17 - 12 wapato village burned.jpg

A short trip up the river finds us in New SorGun.

About 10 years since its founding, New SorGun is still the largest town in the region and despite some setbacks, still remains the focal point for settlers in the area.
(click for full size)

Although most the town survived the Indian War unscathed, some of the farms to the south of town were burned during the attack on the town.

With the addition of many Wapato Indians who took shelter during the war, the area known as Indian Point has grown the most in the past few years.

It becomes quite lively during the day, with the hustle and bustle of folks going about their business.
Update 17 - 17 Indian Point mosaic.jpg

Up the road from Indian Point is the main employer in town – Yarahi’s Mill.

The demand for lumber has tapered off in recent years, but that has not stopped Mr. Yarahi from expanding his lumber operations. The neighborhood surrounding the mill is developing a bit of a reputation. With all the mill workers and lumberjacks living nearby, it is not entirely undeserved either.
(click for full size)

Heading uptown from the mill lies main street and the center of commercial activity in town.

The market is always busy, and a new clothing store sporting the latest San Francisco fashions just opened up across the street from the lumber yard.

The creek at the edge of town has become a popular leisure destination for the townsfolk, with its fields of wildflowers and excellent fishing.

Porthaven is the last stop – located further north from New SorGun and nestled next to Mill creek, which flows into the Delin River.

The town is only a few years old, but it is growing at breakneck speed.

The mill is still the main employer, but some small businesses have sprouted up in response to the growing population.
Update 17 - 25 Porthaven mosaic.jpg

And with the addition of the federal army fort, the Porthaven is set to grown even faster.
Update 17 - 26 Porthaven fort mosaic.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this update. Thanks for stopping by!

Replies to the last Teaser

MilitantRadical: Missed ya SimCoug, looking forward to this.
Thanks! Hope it was worth the wait.

Mithrik: I was wondering what happened when you did not update on Friday. Good to know you are not going to missing an entry this week.
Yep, RL totally gets in the way of SC4 sometimes *:)

dubaidude303: Good to see the update! *:)

Fox: I just love your region.
Thanks! Credit goes entirely to Drunkapple though.

NMUSpidey: Meandering rivers make me happy.
Me too! But a challenge to build around...


Recommended Comments

Oh wow ... a lot of construction is happening now ..

I almost wish I could a some land and develop it and have some land for conservation for the future too.

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Beautiful... Made me stick to the screen like a little boy in front of an ice-cream truck...
I just love your CJ, with all the small cabins, wooden paths, little mmp's that add to the feel.
If it was real, i'd go there to relax.
p.s. What is the small dirt path on the 4th pic of Junction? It looks non-SAMish, and I haven't seen this before.

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This is one of the best active city journals right now, and there are a few really, really good ones. I am always looking forward to the next chapter in this cj, and am never disappointed. Excellent, excellent work!

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Great stuff once again. I'm so glad to see New SorGun bouncing back from its dark times. I was wondering what became of the Wapato after the war. Good to see they found a home in town. It's a similar story where I live. The Kechemeche had a good relationship with the settlers , and within a few generations those that remained were merged into the population. It's a tribute to your story telling skills that many folks ( me included) have become invested in the characters you've developed in this wonderful journal. Keep up the great work !

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Now, will this journal take place in the 19th and 20th centuries, or will it slowly grow into a populated area as we talk late 20th century? It doesn't matter, it's brilliant.

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This is absolutely breathtaking. I pray to god and hope soo much that you won't loose your patience, imagination and enthusiasm, continue this awesome CJ and after some time we will see SorGun after 50...100...200...500...1000...or I don't know how much years later.
Kudos to you!!!

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Been following your CJs and I never stop reading all of them. May I know what map did you use. Looks awesome and I really want it.

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