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New SorGun

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The Battle of New SorGun - Part 2



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 13
The Battle of New SorGun - Part 2
February 19th 1856

When news of the raid on the settlement of Seattle reached New SorGun, the citizens decided it was necessary to plan for the defense of the town. A crude stockade was constructed around the perimeter of the settlement a few weeks prior to the start of hostilities in the region.


Due to lack of time and resources, the stockade was constructed along the most obvious avenue of attack. Areas to the south of town were left outside the stockade, and the creek acted as a natural defense barrier to the north.


The makeshift wall was hastily constructed, but it did offer an adequate defensive barrier.
Update 13 - 3 Fence Mosaic.jpg


The center of town, with the recently constructed 3 story buildings would offer the last line of defense in case the outer stockade was breached.


On the morning of February 19th the Indian war party made their way from their camp to burn the town just as they had done the previous days.


The first skirmish of the day took place at the bend in the creek. The stockade fence was a surprise to the attackers, who mostly fired from the tree line.


The settlers stood their ground, and the fence proved to be a deterrent to the Indian raiders.


The war party began to probe the outer defenses of the settlement, looking for a weakness.

Fire was exchanged throughout the morning – the Indians from the treeline…


…and the settlers returned fire from behind the stockade.


Sometimes the fighting was quite intense.


As morning turned to afternoon, the war party had probed all along the outer stockade. The defenseless farms south of town were put to the torch but all the settlers were safe within the town wall.


Late in the afternoon, while the bulk of the Indian raiders continued to fire on the stockade, a small group of brave warriors crossed the creek to the north of town in an attempt to flank the defenders and crumble the defense of the town.


The warriors were able to cross the creek without incident.


The Denenny home, one of the first constructed in town, was burned while the warriors made their way toward the center of town.


It looked like the Indian’s maneuvering may work, but help had just arrived, far out in the harbor…


The USS Decatur, the same Sloop of War that helped the settlers of Seattle defend their settlement, had arrived in the nick of time.



The heavy cannon fire from the Decatur broke any will the Indians had of finishing their assault on New SorGun.


A detachment of Marines arrived in town just as the sun began to set. The Indian war party was beginning to withdraw, and it looked like the settlement of New SorGun would survive another day.



The battle lasted throughout the day, and although the settlers suffered a number of wounded, none proved fatal. It is not known how many, if any, Indians were killed. After the battle the settlers combed the tree line where the war party had fired on the settlement, and no casualties were found.


I never intended for this to become war journal, but I did want to include pieces of actual history that coincided with the time period and this piece of the story just kept growing. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for taking the time to stop by!


Replies to the previous Teaser


dubaidude303: Ooooo can't wait *:) Nice
Thanks - hope you enjoyed the conclusion.


MilitantRadical: The Last of the Mohicans theme goes nicely also, heheh. Looking forward to your next as usual.
Thanks! I don't know if I can pull off the background music like some CJ's - maybe I'll give it a try sometime.


Simul8ter8: Now if only some Indians would come and save the day! dun duh! It's Mochahontas, the mother of yummy coffee drinks!


NMUSpidey: Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen. After the villages being burninated, the remaining settlers must be at least a little nervous.
A little nervous indeed!


Mithrik: Waiting to see the next part of the Battle of New Sorgun, I really want to know if you will use the MMPs you have been working on lately.
Yep, they made it in here - as well as something new I was working on...


Kevenbro: O bro can't wait to see what happens bro!
Glad you liked it bro.


Recommended Comments

Excellent work SimCoug. You had a good narrative for this battle, and it's good you wanted to add in this historic event, you should make more as your progress, to add in more to the realism of your CJ.

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That was exciting! I'm happy to see the settlers hang on for a victory, one I hope is permanent. Either way, that was an excellent update, the scenery was perfect. Awesome work, SimCoug!

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Hey if you can't get [u]Mochahontas[/u], then call [u]Frappajawea[/u]! the[b] [i]sister [/i][/b]of delicious coffee drinks! and one real kickbut fighter!

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Very nice. You don't need to put background music, we can just put on our own. For some reason the first song that came to my mind was [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50_iRIcxsz0"]Battle of New Orleans[/url], even though it is quite unrelated.

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Directors Commentary:
About 20 more image links fixed... curse you dropbox!
This was a fun entry to make... lots of MMPing with the fence and battle scenes.  I even got to add rifle smoke via photoshop.  Not too shabby, I think.
While working on this entry, I realized I wanted to make some MMP's out of Peg's Civil War props.  Turns out that project would lead to a couple special entries in the future (and a fun collaboration to boot). 
I felt like I was playing an old war game with some of those battle overlay images *:lol:
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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