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New SorGun

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The Farmer and the Cowman…



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 9
The Farmer and the Cowman...
Spring 1854


Farms! Agriculture has had a few years to develop in the region and the hard work is starting to bear fruit. New SorGun is boarded by the Cascade Mountains, which make up part of the Pacific Rim. The volcanos in the area have contributed to the rich soil that farmers are just beginning to discover.


The once dense forests are being transformed into farms of all shapes and sizes.


While steam engines and other technologies are just beginning to change the face of the world, farmers in New SorGun are still plowing fields with oxen – just as it had been done for centuries before.


While most of the farms are still relatively remote, a number of farms near the town of New SorGun are starting to see houses built near the fields.


Fruit trees, like apples and peaches, were being cultivated by local Indian tribes long before the first settlers arrived. Their expertise has proven very helpful to many of the local farmers.


Cattle are still an important part of the local economy, and their numbers are growing with each new pasture.


As more trails and roads are being developed around the region, horses are becoming more important for transportation. A few stables have been constructed to accommodate the growing demand.


Replies to previous Teaser

kakado_to_save: this.... is.... SORGUUUNN

Thanks, that was quite an introduction *:)





And he does it again *:)


dubaidude303: Woha!! That farm on the left looks like my grandparents farm! I really like this!!! 10/10 *:)
Thank you! I was going for realism, and your comment just made my day *:)


Fox: Awesome once again .. love all the details.


Mastof: Amazing Stuff, the grass is freaking me out for some reason though *:P
Maxis pasture... yeah, not ideal.


colco2121: This is the inspiration for a lot of my work. I go WOW at every entry!
Thank you, that is quite a compliment!


MilitantRadical: Can't wait.
Hope the wait was worth it *:)



Awesum. That is all.


*3 days later* LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL... LOL... LOL.

Hey, I'm doing what you said! *:D
Thanks! Yeah, he wins the comment award again *:)



That’s all for now – Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to hear your feedback.


Recommended Comments

Looks fantastic as always, everything is so wonderfully detailed. I need to develop my Delorian time machine so that I can go back in time to New SorGun. Thanks for telling me what ground texture you were using. Are the horse and carriage from the ST/Exchange?

P.S. I'm sure someone has already asked and you may have written it somewhere, but where does the name SorGun come from?

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Beautiful work, as always. The farms look so realistic you probably don't want to stand downwind of them on a hot day. I'm a big fan of farms so this one's a no- brainer. 5/5 , only because Simtrop won't let me rate it higher than that .

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Directors Commentary:
In case you are just now stumbling upon this, I am in the process of fixing all the broken image links thanks to Dropbox.  And I figured while I'm at it, I might as well write down a few thoughts while I was busy taking a stroll down memory lane.  It's still hard to believe this CJ is over 5 years old.  
I remember spending a good number of weeks on these farm lots, so this is basically a showcase of that work.  These lots also morphed into the huge farmhouse lot set that I completed quite a while ago.  I guess I really need to get those up on the STEX :uhm:  EDIT:  Here they are
I had a lot of fun with these farm lots (and the future farmhouse set) because each lot gave me plenty of room to be creative, and there are so many great props that fit in with each scene.  It was difficult to hold back and not go overboard.  I could spend hours alone digging through Jmyers farm props .
At this point I was really trying to get an update out every other week, with a teaser and replies to fill the off weeks.  I think the regularity of updating really build a following, although it really made me work to ensure I had a full update ready to go on time.  
Hope you enjoyed this entry revival *:)

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