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New SorGun

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Postwar SorGun



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 15
Postwar SorGun
Spring 1857


Congratulations to daTSchikinhed for submitting the winning name. The voting was close, but Porthaven was the clear winner. The townsfolk celebrated the founding in the fall of 1856, and Mr. Delin spared no expense with the festivities.


More good news came to the region around the same time. A fragile truce was reached between the US government and the hostile Indian tribes. Although peace was a welcome development in New SorGun, the result of the conflict was having a devastating result on the settlement. Before the war, new pioneers were emigrating to the region almost daily.


But since fighting broke out, new arrivals are almost non-existent. In fact, many settlers are packing it in and moving on to greener pastures. For the first time, New SorGun has seen a decrease in population.


Farms outside of the relative safety of town are being abandoned due to the constant threat of new hostilities breaking out.


Materburg was fortunate to avoid any direct fighting, but the town prepared defenses all the same.


And farms around Materburg were being abandoned as well.


The lack of productive farms was causing food shortages throughout the region. The farm wagons, once overflowing with local crops were now nearly empty. The townsfolk were getting worried.


New SorGun was forced to import food in order make it through the winter, further draining capital and resources. The dock workers were kept busy as ships unloaded their goods.


Business leaders in town were getting anxious. The uncertainty was driving away customers and halting any growth. Main street felt like a ghost town.


The townsfolk voted to raise enough cash to send a delegation to Washington DC in order to lobby for a US Army instillation to be built near town. As the first fall breeze blew through town, many of the townsfolk gathered near the pier to see Mr. Denenny and Mr. T. Master off. Much was riding on the success of their journey.


Replies to Vote! The Delin Settlement will be named...


dubaidude303: Great looking place! Can't wait for the results! *:)
Hope they were the results you were looking for *:)


Simul8ter8: The way that river twists and turns is spectacular!


Evillions: I'm voting for Porthaven. Anyway, nice image! Can't wait to see this fully developed.
And you picked the winner.


westy177: wait did you terraform the river yourself it looks epic the way it turns nice update *:D
It's mostly the work of Drunkapple and his awesome map skills - I only tweaked it a bit.


hahei: I voted Delinwood. BTW, do the people who submitted one of the top five names get a small piece of land?
For now, only the winner will receive the 2 acres - but because of the great feedback, I will have future possibilities for land ownership.


Fox: Still an amazing looking region. I've voted!.. Thanks for letting the community be apart of your CJ.
Thanks, and thanks for participating.


NMUSpidey: Winding river is wonderful.
Thank you Spidey.


turdferguson1: Cedar Creek, the name flows a little better than the other ones.
I liked that one too - but alas, the people have spoken. *:)



Thanks for stopping by!


Recommended Comments

Nothing sadder to me than the sight of an abandoned farm. Food crisis? I'll bet that river is full of salmon ! Get some lumber from the mills and build a fishing fleet !

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Right up my alley, beautiful work! Salivating over your storyline. One comment: you kinda mix up scales with onlyplace4's BATs. They look peculiar juxtaposed in the same town. Is this intentional?

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This is an amazing journal , im more of a Cxl man myself , but this makes me see why people like sim city, In other words , this is the[b] only [/b]sim city journal i like

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Directors Commentary:
-It had been a while since I intentionally made my sims abandon my towns... I guess it gives the appropriate look.  I wish I could have used C.P.'s newer models that have boarded up windows as the abandoned setting... I guess I'll have to do another entry with those down the line *;)
-Can you spot the model without the shadow... more modding mistakes *:lol:
@estates to the real made a good comment regarding mismatched building scales... at the time I didn't know there was anything I could do about it except not use buildings that didn't fit along my other ones.  Fortunately I eventually found the amazing SC4 Model Tweaker by @cogeo.  Now I am able to use pretty much any building I wish by tweaking the scale to fit alongside everything else in my library.  Its not an exact science, but I think the results look pretty darn good in game.
-I noticed I was starting to use a lot more of the ploppable sims in this entry... I definitely like the look of a town that feels 'alive'.  
-Image links work... check.  Thanks for stopping by :)
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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I like Your picture under name " And farms around Materburg were being abandoned as well."

You often work with models OP4. This is my favorite author. It was a pure Soul.

i like Your CJ from fist step...

I look forward to continue *:thumb:


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