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New SorGun

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A few RFR water tips





NMUSpidey said:

That water looks really great. Very cool pictures. It'd be nice to join those campers at the end, too.

Thank you NMUSpidey - that is plop-able

It's tricky to lay down, but the flowing water textures are top notch. I did a quick tutorial over at SimPeg, so I'll share it here too for those interested.



Kevin said:

a beautiful landscape... love the stream *:)

Thanks for the comment, Kevin!



vivapanda said:

Great natural scenes!

Thanks vivapanda, I figured since I was starting a settlement from the beginning, nature should have a large part.



demon_W said:

Nice clean job on that main river!

Thanks, the river definitely took the most time to get right.



Paulobergonci said:

lol it looks like my Cjs *:P

great start, that river is stunning

[browsing Paulobergonci's CJ] Ha! Cool, another historical inspired CJ. Although I don't think I can compete with some of your MMP work - those farms are stunning. I'll be by to steal some Ideas *:)



Jetty Jockey said:

A beautiful start !

Thank you Jetty Jockey, hope you like my future updates as well.



jack3oh3 said:

Nice MMP's! That must have taken so much time.

Yep, MMP work is always time consuming, but it's almost like painting, which can be relaxing at times. It can also be frustrating too [sounds of bulldozing in the background].



RFR Tips (a small tutorial)

I’ll try and explain a few tips I learned while bulldozing hundreds of RFR water tiles. I am by no means an expert, so take this with a grain of salt.


First, I used the full tile, called “normale bachtiles” for most of my stream (as well as the 45 degree alternative when necessary). When you plop this, you get 7 different water textures.


I also use the matching ¼ tile called “kleine bachtiles” which is basically the same textures as the full tile (except for the 5th and 6th plop, which I think were switched). I noticed that the first three plops, and plop 4-6 match up pretty well – so I sort of played off of this when plopping my streams. The 7th plop is difficult to blend with the others, so I suppose it could be used as a stream all on it's own.


Here is an example – the first stream is using the 1-3 plops, the second stream uses the 4-6 plops, and the third stream transitions from one group to the other.


So here is a stream that transitions from calm waters to more turbulence.


Next you can fill in some parts with the smaller ¼ size tiles, remembering to match the tile textures (you basically get three chances for either a calm stream, or turbulent stream)


Uh oh, sometimes when matching textures you get this


No problem though, we can just cover it up with a few well placed rocks


Fill in the surrounding shore with a mixture of sand, rocks and pebbles and you have yourself a stream. I think epicblunder’s tutorial best explains how to fill out the creek bed, so I’m not going to go into any detail there.


Hope this was somewhat helpful. If this wasn’t clear, or if you have a question please feel free to ask – I’ll be happy to help as much as I can.


Recommended Comments

These are actually the water plops I have decided to use for my CJ (when I get around to that part) Thanks for the tips and showing us all the textures, that will come very helpful soon. :D

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Guest hahei


Great tutorial! I can't install RFR water because unfortunately, installer files don't download for some reason. Do you know why?

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[quote name='hahei']
Great tutorial! I can't install RFR water because unfortunately, installer files don't download for some reason. Do you know why?[/quote]
I can't tell you for sure, I just tried it again and it worked without a problem. You could try sending [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/user/241465-der-gammler/"]der-gammler[/url] a PM and they may be able to send you the .dat file.

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