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New SorGun

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Laying out a Town



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 4
Laying Out a Town

Spring/Summer 1852


Most settlers of the American West didn’t risk everything and set out into the unknown just for the adventure. No, it usually came down to money and the idea of bettering their lives. Some went West to strike it rich with a gold find, but most went with the idea of finding a claim of land and making an honest living. Our party was no different, and in those days starting a town could often lead to big riches down the road. The first settlers of New SorGun did just that in the spring and summer of 1852.


Town Center – The first cross roads in town eventually became home to the first store and storage shed. Mr. Onlyplace put up two buildings in the early spring, and one serves as a Saloon and the other a General Store. Both are quite popular with the townsfolk, one especially.


Denenny Home – The Denenny family was on the first boat to anchor in SorGun Bay. They worked hard all winter and early spring to get a proper house built. Their claim includes much of the northern part of town.


Walker Farm – The Walker family was also part of the original settlers. Farmers by nature, they were able to plow and sow two fields, both of which are beginning to bare a nice crop as spring turns into summer.


Cattle – As word got out that a new settlement was springing up on SorGun harbor, other pioneers made the trek and began trickling in throughout the spring. Some drove cattle from settlements further south, which are now producing milk for the town.


Inland Farms - Other new arrivals began working the fields where giant trees had once stood. Some were able to get houses built in the spring, and others are just beginning the task.


Harbor Road – The trail that runs along the waterfront became known as Harbor Road. Houses are now beginning to line the dirt track, and the few farms that were plowed in the winter are now showing signs of a good crop.


Crop Harvest – With summer in full force, a few crops are ready to be harvested. The entire town turns out to pick the fields leaving nothing to be wasted.


24 brave souls began the year in crude shelters on the beach, now their town numbers over 100 and they are able to provide fresh food for themselves for the first time. Luck has been with this group of settlers over the course of the first year – only time will tell if that continues.



NewSorGun Replies Banner.jpg

LastTrueChamp said:

Wow this is incredibly well done, the progression with each update is very realistic and you really get a good sense of the history of New SorGun.

Thank you LastTrueChamp, I hope the history aspect will continue to be a draw. Thanks for stopping by again!



JGellock said:

Love this. The early development looks stunning.

Thanks! The pioneers of this era were quite amazing considering how much they accomplished.



Moskva said:

Outstanding level of realism man, Out-freaking-standing!

Thank you Moskva, I really strive to get the look of this CJ as historically accurate as possible. I'm glad you like it.



Eclipticalstorm said:

I like that map!

Thanks! I wish I could tell you how I did it, but I was just pushing a bunch of buttons in Photoshop until I got something that looked nice.


Thanks everybody for the comments - I'd love to hear what you think about the latest entry.


Recommended Comments

Directors Comentary
Hey look, some of my first custom lots *:P
I think I was still a bit overwhelmed by the whole process.  Trying to decide on the base textures and overlays alone was quite daunting.  And I remember basically using every dependency that I currently had in my plugins (which was basically everything I could get my hands on).  I wasn't until later I learned the less is more rule to loting.  Keep your plugins in tight order kids.
I can also tell from the MMP placement that I was basically going through my collection of MMPs and just using whatever I thought looked cool *:lol:
Fun fact.  I was using the PEG dirt roads, and if you have ever used them you will know that they have old looking lamp posts that pop up along the road every so often.  Well, obviously New SorGun wouldn't have electricity at this point, so, not knowing any other solution, I went through with photoshop and 'smudged' out all the lamp posts.  If you look carefully in some of the pictures you can see my handy work.  *:no:
The cattle pic is actually my favorite from this entry... not too overdone and it conveys an interesting subject.  
OK, moving right along... 
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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