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New SorGun

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Four years of Progress



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 11
Four Years of Progress
Fall/Winter 1855


It’s been four years since the first settlers boarded the boat in Portland, Oregon and set sail into the unknown. Since the first crude log cabins were erected on SorGun Harbor, the region has seen plenty of growth and development. The small communities of Materburg and Junction have sprouted since then as well. Let’s take a look at this thriving little region as it stands in 1855.

(Click for full size)

Our first stop is Materburg and the surrounding area. The forests are slowly giving way to Farms, and the lands along Mater Creek are proving to be very furtile.

The forests immediately surrounding Materburg are also being pushed back, giving new arrivals a chance to build homes and start their new life.


Some of the early farmers in Materburg have done quite well for themselves.


Small cottages are giving way to multi-story farmhouses and outbuildings.


Before we move on, here is a quick overview of Materburg at the end of 1855.

(Click for full size)


It has been a big year for the bustling town of New SorGun. In order to accommodate more shipping, the town pooled their resources over the past winter and built a proper pier.


Now, New SorGun has become a regular stop for ships passing up and down the western coast of the US.


The increase in visitors has been a boon for business in town.


The Walker Family has done very well for themselves, their farmland is slowly being developed and has given rise to the first 3 story buildings in the entire region.


The lumber business has also been very productive. The logging camps across the harbor have built permanent workers cabins to house all the loggers working in the surrounding forests.


During the day, the area is bustling with activity.


Finally, a look at the progress New SorGun has made over the past 4 years.

(animation – open in new window if not working)


It was hard not to add more pictures, but I didn’t want to clutter things up too much. Thanks for stopping by, and feedback is always welcome. Thanks!


Replies to the last Teaser

dubaidude303: Ooooo Can't wait!

Great, hope it was worth the wait *:)


MilitantRadical: Thanks for that epic list. Looking forward to the next entry.

Yes, that was the list I started MMPing with.


Mastof: Very nIce



Ggamgus: If I had a drop of water for every time I envy your work, I'd have more water than in that entire pic. By the way, yooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllccccccccccccooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thanks again for the great comment!


Mithrik: Will be looking at my notifications, I am subscribed to your CJ

Hopefully you got the notification for this one *:)


Simul8ter8: So Sad!!! I didn't comment last time!!!

That’s OK, I’m glad you had a chance to check it out.


Fox: Love the look of the region and those little rivers are going to be great to work with when you develop more.

Yep, I’m looking forward to it – but it’s daunting at the same time.


Recommended Comments

Personally, I wouldn't have had a problem with more pics. A collection of beautiful screenshots is hardly what I call clutter. That's OK, though. I'm encouraged to know there's more awesomeness waiting in the wings.

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@Mithrik - Actually, that was bugging me too - I had to crop off some of the development on the right side, but I think it flows better now.

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Really enjoyed reading those captions as I scrolled through the images of nice detail and realism. Killer stuff! thought that animation of the progress was a nice finish.

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Directors Commentary:
Hmmm... Not sure what I was thinking with the prop selection on some of those lots.  A lot of over-saturation.  At the time I think was going through the STEX, PLEX and LEX and just downloading any old buildings I could get my hands on.  Binge downloading... it can be a serious problem.  
Also, building scales don't always match up... something the model tweaker has allowed me to correct in future episodes.  Although I know I've spent many hours trying to get each BAT juuuuust right.  The perfectionist in me kinda sucks sometimes.  
What do you think of that pier?  I'd say the Historic Harbor is a pretty good upgrade *:)  But it worked at the time, for sure.  I was happy to get old wooden ships of any sort looking like they were docked in SorGun harbor. 
The animation at the end was pretty much the whole reason for doing this update.  I think it turned out pretty well... it's still fun to watch as it cycles through the different dates.
Ok, lets move on to next update and see if we can't fix some more broken links...
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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