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New SorGun

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Hermits and Homesteading



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 10
Hermits and Homesteading
Fall/Winter 1854


The settlements and towns around New SorGun were anything but urban – but for some folks, ‘saying hello to the neighbors’ required a few days journey. Although the Homestead Act wouldn’t be passed until 1861, the groundwork had already been laid and homesteading was a way of life for many settlers in the SorGun territory.


Let’s take a closer look at a few of the more remote citizens in the region.


Old man Nug moved to the area a year and a half ago. Nobody is quite sure why he filed his claim on the hills west of New SorGun, but he quickly built his home near the river and the northern most hill.


Nugs Hill, as it came to be known, offered a great view of the surrounding area, and a lookout was built atop the hill closest to Nug’s cabin in order to keep a watch over the waterways leading up to New SorGun.


Finally, a little animation showing the changing seasons over the past year.


Moving south, Farmer Ben was the first to make claim on the flat and fertile soil along the Rannug River. Ben was always very organized and very careful about keeping lists full of numbers. Most folks thought he was a bit eccentric, but quite a friendly fellow, and well-liked by everybody in town. As the temperature turned cold, Farmer Ben had a sturdy cabin over his head, and big plans for the following spring.


Not much is known about the Fox family. Mrs. Fox visits town now and again for supplies and tools – she seems to run a strict household. Their cabin is a good two days travel in the hills southeast of New SorGun.


It is rumored that Mr. Fox is an excellent hunter – folks at the Crossroads saloon say he got a 20 point buck after the last snowfall.


A little closer look around the Fox cabin reveals a secret on the hillside…


But that isn’t the only secret in New SorGun. Earlier in the spring, a party stopped by town – said they were heading north. At the time nobody paid much attention, as folks would stop in town every so often before heading further north into the wilderness. Most were Gold miners or trappers – perhaps these folks were doing the same. Nobody in town can remember their name now. That will soon change.


Replies to the last Teaser

Mastof: Greag Job. I love thy rivers *:D


dubaidude303: WOHA!!! Keep them coming!!! 10/10 *:)
Thanks, hope you like this current update as well.


TekindusT: Can I go hiking in your update? Wonderful!
Hikers are always welcome in New SorGun - just watch out for bears.


Simul8ter8: Yay Women!!!... NO! I don't mean it like that.
That actually made me laugh!


Mithrik: That's a beautiful forest. I am under no way able to compare mine with yours. Show me your way master. *:P

But being serious, you are making a very good mix of the VIP, CP and SimFox trees. Keep up the good work there.
Thank you Mithrik! But Paeng, Marsh and Epicblunder are some of the true flora masters - I just try to keep up with them *:)


MilitantRadical: I'm excited, as usual. I'm going to have to study your RFR water tips entry so i can have a nice river like that somewhere.
I'm glad you find that little tutorial useful - All it really takes is some practice - I'm sure you will be knocking out some awesome looking rivers in no time.


NMUSpidey: Awesome! No John Denver for you this time, though. I'll hold off till we see the update.
I'm curious what song you will find for this update *:)


Fox: Another great update!!
Thanks! *:)


Sorry for the lack of timely updates – Summer + side projects + bla bla bla, you get the picture. Hope you enjoyed the update – I’m really starting to like these seasonal flora options. Hopefully I’ll get better at using them. Any and all comments welcome - Thanks for stopping by!


Recommended Comments

Could ya just stop blowing me away with every entry?! It is just like: BOOM! EXPLOSION! KABLAM! Everything is just so serene and wondrous I am transported there instantly and every memory I have of walking through lush forests comes flooding back. I can smell the trees, the flowers, the water, and I feel the wind blowing through my hair! Thank you SimCoug!

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Interesting stuff man!. keep up the good work :P
I know it sounds like something every person that comes along would say but it's true, i liked it
it's as simple as that!

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That's an excellent mix of ploppable water and non-ploppable in the last one.

I wonder how do people get to make such harmony...

Anyways, the images look terrific, keep up the work, and hope that your side-projects don't get you delayed with your journal.

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Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Whhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-- 56 hours later --hhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

THAT'S how much I liked this entry. :D

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Beautiful! I love the little stories about the people who live here. I bet Nug thinks there's something valuable in those hills?

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Just found out about your AMAZING CJ!
I have to admit it impressed me and I'm gonna follow this from now and on... Loved your river shore plopping.
Btw, where did you get that wooden pier/jetty/whatever it's named...

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Directors Commentary:
Can you tell I was really getting into seasonal flora?  Looking back, I think I went a little overboard with the MMPs, but it's just part of the learning curve I guess.  I am a big fan of seasonal flora, and I really wish I was able to go back and use Blunder's epic Cascadia Tree Controller.  Unfortunately I had already 'treed' most of my region by the time Blunder's masterpiece came out and I didn't want to spend days going back through my region and re-treeing.  
Thank you photoshop for turning my fishing pole into a rifle.  
I had alot of fun creating the mine image.  You can't really tell, but there is a whole lot of elevation changes in that area, so it was a challenge painting the landscape to match. The actual mine BAT is from @ionionion, among other gems he created.  Part of the reason I started New SorGun was just to get a chance to use his collection of BATs.  The Fox mine becomes a more prominent part of the story later on.
The greatest discovery while doing this entry was learning how to blend the plop RFR water with the in-game water.  It turned out well for swampy areas, and would be essential in getting a future logging mill to look right.  
Thanks again for revisiting with me *:)
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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