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New SorGun

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WAR! The Battle of New SorGun



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 12
WAR!  The Battle of New SorGun
February 1856


The Puget Sound War has spread to the SorGun region. A number of Indian tribes in the area, including the Nisqually, Muckelshoot, and Puyallup have decided to fight, rather than give up their lands in accordance with the poorly negotiated Treaty of Medicine Creek.


The previous month, in January, a raid was conducted against the small town of Seattle.


The local militias were able to repulse the attack on Seattle with the help from the USS Decatur and a detachment of US Marines. Unfortunately the Indian war party has set their sight on the town of New SorGun and the surrounding area.


In February of 1856, the Indian war party began to make their way down the Rannug River, putting the town of Junction directly in their path.

The Wapato tribe became aware of the danger and warned their friends in New SorGun. It was quickly determined that the town of Junction was indefensible. Orders were given and everybody in the area was to pack what they could and head north towards New SorGun.
(click for full size)

Early in the morning of February 17, the Indian raiders prepared to attack the town of Junction.


Homes outside of town were put to the torch as the sun began to rise.


With no resistance to be seen, the Indian warriors quickly set fire to the main town of Junction.


The main crossroads in town were ablaze in no time.


By the evening, most of the structures in the immediate vicinity of the town were on fire, or already smoldering.


By nighfall, even homes outside of town were set ablaze and burned throughout the night.


For most settlers, years of hard work and a lifetime of savings disappeared in a day.


The Indian party wasted little time and continued their war path.

Fortunately for Farmer Ben, the Indians crossed the Rannug River further upstream, leaving his home and farm untouched. All he could do was watch on the opposite bank.
Update 12 - 11 Farmer Ben mosaic.jpg


The next day they came across the Wapato village. Because the Wapato were widely known as friends of the New SorGun settlers, their village was not spared.


Like Junction, the village had been evacuated. The Wapato tribe was safe, but their village was no more.


The war party was on the move again, and New SorGun was the last stop.

Old man Nug climbed to the highest point on his hill. Smoke rose in the west where the Wapato village had once been. Would the town of New SorGun be next?
(click for full size)

The Indians made camp in preparation for the big raid. Less than a mile of dense forest separated the two groups – The townsfolk could see the smoke of their campfires rising to the west. For the first time, the fate of New SorGun was in question…
Update 12 - 16 tobecontinued.jpg


Note: Most of my images are rarely touched using Photoshop, but this update is an exception. I'm still very new to photo editing, so I would like to hear your feedback. Thanks for stopping by!


Recommended Comments

Your entries are like potato chips, once you've had one, you want more!!!

The highest point picture is kind of lol (In a good way). but I like the fire (maybe the trails of smoke should be longer and to the side)

All in all VERY GOOD!!!

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Your storytelling skills are outstanding. Way to keep us hanging just as the story was building to a climax. Hurry up and get to work on the next part , already ! ( just kidding, I know good stuff like this doesn't happen overnight). The next to last pic looks good at first glance, but when I go to full size it appears that all your trees are growing horizontally to the left. I would think that those on the right would lean to the right, giving an impression of a panorama. But I'm not really the one to give any advice on this, Perhaps someone that actually has some skill would be better suited. Anyways, it's another spectacular update. Keep em coming !

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Yes, that is quite good. I have no skill whatsoever in creating visual delights, but you seem to have done a pretty good job at it. So, I don't really have any advice, but it does look cool to me.

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That is AMAZING! This really is a fantastic CJ.

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Whoa! Awesome job there! And you have to improve in some aspects at photoshopping, but overall this entry was pretty good in that aspect.

Waiting to see more. :)

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Way to go!
Wow, this is making you hold on to your seat, cutting right through the climax...
I love the scenery, the story and the western BATs... Where can I find those?
All in all, it seems like a 5/5 and a gurantee that I'll follow your CJ for many weeks.

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Directors Commentary:
I think this was the first entry to resemble a sort of story arc.  Previous entries were mostly just pictures and explaining each one with a description.  I wrote this entry, for the most part, first, then went in and created the pictures to fill in the story.  As this CJ progressed, this became the norm.  I often spend more time writing the storyline than on any of the visuals.  
It had been a while since I manually set fire to any of my cities, so it was sort of fun playing god and unleashing my fire wrath on my sims *:lol:
The SC4 fire animations still look pretty good, 15 years later. :]
This was my biggest foray into photoshop yet, and I think the results were mixed.  The war maps turned out decent, and I was happy with the fade to white on the last 'to be continued' pic, but the image from the hill just isn't cutting it for me.  It was my first attempt at really testing the limits with the 'perspective' tool in photoshop.  Sometimes our little isometric game does have limitations. 
Ok, lets keep this photo link fixin' train going. *:)
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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