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New SorGun

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Mr. Delin’s Dream



New SorGun Masthead.jpg

Update 14
Mr. Delin's Dream
Summer 1856


It all started with a cabin…
Update 10 - 8 swamp.jpg


Nicholas J. Delin led a party of pioneers to the edge of the wilderness in the fall of 1854 with high hopes and big dreams. But Mr. Delin was not an ordinary pioneer. He was rich. And well connected. He could call many US senators and congressmen as his friends.
(US Capitol Building circa 1850)


But Mr. Delin also had ambition. He dreamed of creating a western metropolis rivaling New York City.
(NYC circa 1850)


And he believed he had found the location – at the furthest edge of western expansion in the Oregon territory, in an area folks were calling ‘SorGun’ – named for a little settlement south of his grand dream.


What started as one cabin quickly grew into many.
Update 14 - 2 growthmosaic.jpg


With Mr. Delin’s financial resources, ships bearing supplies and manpower were a constant presence along the settlements shoreline.
(Click for full size)


Food, medicine and tools were arriving on a regular basis.


A storehouse was built to handle all the goods and it became a hub of activity in the fledgling settlement.


The tools were quickly put to use – Mr. Delin began construction on a mammoth structure – the size of which was not seen anywhere north of Portland, OR.
update 13 teaser.jpg


Finally, after months of strenuous labor, Mr. Delin’s construction project was complete…
Update 14 - 6 sawmill mosiac.jpg


The steam powered saw mill was larger and more advanced than the saw mill in New SorGun and could cut boards at twice the rate. Of course, with two saw mills operating in the area, lumber prices would drop, and that was welcome news to the inhabitants of the region. But selling boards was only a means to an end for Mr. Delin – He was in the business of selling land and creating an empire. The saw mill was one step in that direction. The tiny settlement had a grand celebration after the mill was completed, and for the first time in over a year, Mr. Delin took a day off…


Replies to the last Teaser


dubaidude303: Wow! I cannot wait for this one! You truly do amazing work! *:)
Thank you!


MilitantRadical: Hey SimCoug, never heard Sink the Bismark before but you're right, it is very similar to Battle of New Orleans. looking forward to your next entry as usual.
Great, hope you enjoyed it.


keder: Awesome!!!! Can't wait


Fox: *Picks jaw up from the ground* Wow .. that is seriously creative!
I appreciate the kind comment!


NMUSpidey: I'm a bit on the tired side to try to think of a creative way to say, "AWESOME!" so I'll just second all the above sentiments. 5/5 of course, too.
Thanks Spidey.


Mithrik: SimCoug, how you make so much awesome.
Thanks for the picture *:)


Evillions: Very nice usage of MMPs! Its hard to pull off a decent lake with those water MMPs.
Thank you Evillions, glad you stopped by.


Hope you enjoyed this update – your comments are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by.


Recommended Comments

This is so amazing!
I love how you found that sawmill model while being built...
It is truly amazing... All the MMP's and your amount of devotion to make this CJ look like real life development...
I am following you for the past two monthes and enjoy it everytime...

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This is the same level as Paeng, just incredible, your setting is so realistic, so lush and beautiful, I'm ashamed to post my own! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

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With a new sawmill, the seeds of development have been sown. Looking forward to big things in New SorGun. Once again, beautiful stuff. The attention to detail makes my brain hurt, but in a good way .

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Directors Commentary:
You may have won the battle Dropbox, but you won't win the war.  I even had to fix a link to one of the old capitol building images... Hopefully Wikipedia doesn't lose that one any time soon.  Damn you internet - stop changing.
Like a lot of members here, I started visiting the SC4 sites just to download the great custom content.  Eventually, after mustering enough courage, I began participating in some of the forums.  SimPeg was really the site where I started sharing my content and getting feedback from the other regulars.  Unfortunately, I started participating right when Pegasus was winding down his involvement.  So when I found this sawmill among the the countless number of other models he created, I knew I wanted to make it a centerpiece in one of my CJ updates.  The trick for me was to blend it into the surrounding scenery, and luckily with some well placed MMPs, I think it works pretty well.  I don't know if @Pegasus ever saw it, but I hope I did it some justice in this entry, because it is just a really neat, unique model that deserves recognition.  
*I am in the process of updating all the images in order to ensure they don't have broken links in the future - in addition I thought I would add a little commentary since it's been 5 years since these entries.

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