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  1. You've lost me. Don't you need a mod to designate lane segregation? EDIT: Holy smokes! I just realized that avenues have two lanes, not four. I misinterpreted the divider line on the asphalt. Suddenly avenues have become even more pointless. Why not built the smaller and cheaper roads that also have two lanes?
  2. But six-lane roads have a higher capacity and speed limit (with options for grass and bus lanes) than avenues. So are avenues pointless?
  3. Define "more options". I still don't see the difference between avenues and four-lane roads. Buses can just as easily use both.
  4. I'm browsing the Steam workshop for more mods and assets and I would like to comment on a few submissions. Except... I don't know how. See the attached screenshot. Even though I'm logged in, there's no "Reply" button below the comments. How do I reply?
  5. Exactly what the title says. The game gives you the option to build a "large avenue with grass" or a "large avenue with bus lanes", but I don't see what the point of these are. We already have four-lane roads with those features, which possess the same capacity and speed limit. Are the avenues completely redundant or am I missing something?
  6. I didn't want to mention it, because it loads every other mod, map and asset just fine. It's only themes that won't load in sandbox play. I tried Turjan's advice about selecting the publish option, but it didn't make any difference. Is my version of the game truly the source of the problem?
  7. Hello! Need help here. I still can't get my map themes to load.
  8. Instead of subscribing to the assets via Steam, try downloading them on smods.ru and see if that makes a difference.
  9. I'm experimenting with custom DLC today and I can get everything working fine except for map themes. I downloaded different themes and placed them in the "MapThemes" subfolder. These themes are listed in the CS menu and I can select them when loading a map, but for some reason the themes don't load in sandbox play. I tried using the Environment Changer mod, but it made no difference. Here's the weird part: I can load the themes in the theme editor and they show up fine. I've also tried making changes and saving them under a new name. But no matter what I do, the themes won't load in sandbox play. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Highway Light Towers v2

    I agree with the fact that they look overly large. Have you no sense of proportions? Scale them down.