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  1. WINE, Boot Camp, or Mac?

    Be careful with this, I can’t remember for sure and don’t have access to my disk, but I don’t think the SC4 vanilla or Rush Hour installer on the disk has been update to a universal app. That means it can’t run on any intel processor only Macs, only PowerPC. These are the old processors that were used back when SC4 was made. The Deluxe release fixed this, I think, but I don’t think the original or rush hour was. Can you not buy it from steam or the App Store? These are the options that I guarantee will work.
  2. WINE, Boot Camp, or Mac?

    Hi there, My first reaction is to say that you have a perfectly good version of SC4 ready and waiting to go. It will run a little slower, it won’t have many nice nightlights, but it is all ready to play and you don’t have to pay any more money to do so. The SSD and the graphics card will help, although I can’t really tell you how much of a difference they will make. It’s an old game, and I’m not sure how well optimised it is for current tech. Follow @CorinaMarie‘s link to help get the most out of the graphics card (translate notepad to text editor and crontrol panel to about this Mac), the SSD should help somewhat without you needing to do anything. Mac vs Bootcamp vs Wine? I play all of my SC4 on bootcamp now. Bootcamp is exactly like playing on a windows machine. You get all the benefits over the Mac version without much hassle. Wine tries to emulate windows, and I haven’t found that it works as well as I would want. For someone at your level I would suggest not trying wine. That brings us to Bootcamp vs Mac. To be honest, Bootcamp is the more refined version. It lets you play the windows version, which has patched all of the Mac issues. However, you do have to purchase a copy of windows and another version of SC4. On that basis alone I’d say play on Mac for now, you don’t have to spend any more money and you get to play a good version of SC4 right away. If you find you want to upgrade down the line, then Bootcamp is waiting for you. You can bring over all your saved games and plugins if you do decide to make the switch. If the nightlights do start bothering you , check out this curated collection of stex files which have working nightlights for macs. MacInjector has recently been developed allowing us to install .dll files. This means no more prop pox and extra cheats and tools! Follow this tutorial on how to use it. Hopefully this has helped answer your questions, if you have any more feel free to ask
  3. Prop Pox on a Mac: I'm Stuck

    I’m sorry, I have no experience with PropPox and how to squash it in our Mac version. However, I would love it if you could give a detailed write up of : This would be an invaluable resource for the Mac Forum.
  4. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    This is exactly what we are trying to say. We are trying to be upfront that for now the system is staying as it is, but that we are not opposed to incorporating other reasonable suggestions. I like this idea! I’m not sure if we can impose a minimum amount of characters, but it’s something we can look into. Would this be something that would help? It might stop people leaving comments like “I don’t like this” or “nice work” and force them to elaborate on their point of view. That wouldn’t necessarily stop people rating files at 2 or 3 stars, but the creator would at least understand why they rated the file that way.
  5. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    As we reopen this thread let me take a second to remind you of our current stance on the ratings system and to how to continue discussing the matter without breaking site rules. At this stage we have no intention of removing the rating system. This does not mean we’re not listening to your opinions, if the ability in forum software presents itself in the future your opinions here will help us to evolve how the rating system works on ST. This also doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways we can evolve the how the ratings system runs now. We’re open to other ways in which we could make the experience more enjoyable for you. There may be ways in which we can help creators so they don’t receive unfair ratings, we would love to hear your ideas around that. Let’s also keep this discussion on track and within the site rules. Discuss the issues, not each other. This is not the place to bring up specific examples of downrating. Let’s keep this discussion about downrating in general and about reasonable methods to fix the issue. If you notice someone downrating files on the STEX, please report them and let the staff resolve the issue. Remember that our staff are only volunteers, but they work really hard to ensure that the STEX is a fair and level playing field. If there are issues around the outcome of a reported review, feel free to contact the admins to discuss it further. Also, I’ll add a bit of history for those who haven’t been around as long as others have; this issue came up years ago, some of you will probably remember the rampant abuse of the ratings system, and we managed to work out a way to solve our issues. Our last system had no accountability, anyone could rate anything anonymously and we as staff had no good way of removing these. We looked for forum software that could help us with this issue, amongst a range of others. We changed our software, in part, so that we could change the rating system. Now everyone must be logged in to rate, you must have downloaded the file and you must leave a comment with your rating. This has helped curve a systematic culture of ratings abuse and allowed us to be in the position we are now. We are always open to the idea of changing our practices, and would love to hear your thoughts as it may lead to a change in how we operate. Thanks for your understanding and contributions to the site.
  6. Sylva, NC is growing

    These are amazing! Can’t wait to see more
  7. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    Thank you for reporting it, as I stated before the staff are still discussing this specific issue and are yet to decide on an outcome.
  8. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    Yes, there has. I’ll bring that code and, more specifically, two rules into the discussion because I feel it highlights how we are currently moderating reviews and ratings on the STEX. For emphasis I’ll extract one phrase which I think is key for this discussion. “The ratings tells the Author that the work is good or needs improvement.” It’s important to remember why we have the rating system in the first place, it both gives context to every file and also let’s the author know how good or poor their file is. It’s important to give fair ratings to files. After 15 years of ST it’s useful to know where files stack up against each other. Everyday new members look at the STEX and have to make decisions on what to download. What’s the best pack of residential buildings? What’s the best train station? They don’t give too much credibility to comments because they don’t know us, they don’t know whose comments suit their building style. They’ll give more credibility to ratings because they are a quick and way to assess files without prior knowledge of the author or the community. In my opinion that’s why ratings are an integral part of the STEX. While the code of conduct is a little old, we haven’t made any alterations to it with the advent of new features, so our STEX mods should still be following this and applying it where appropriate. Again, our rules are clear that we do not allow abuse of the rating system, but that rating a file what you think it is worth is not abuse of the system. A one star, two star, or even three star rating is welcome on files whose quality falls into those rankings. Who judges what quality a one star files is compared to a three star file? We all do. We do that by rating files. If you think something deserves one star, by all means rate that file appropriately and leave an appropriate review. Conversely if you think a files is worthy of five stars, rate it five stars and leave an appropriate review as to why you think it’s worth five stars. In enforcing this this code of conduct we currently are not removing ratings which fall below five stars. We believe that giving one, two or three star ratings where appropriate are within the rules and code of conduct of the STEX. We will be removing or editing reviews which are obviously abusive. As CB stated the first in your list was an abuse of the ratings system and was removed. We have been removing ratings which abuse the trust given to our members to rate files appropriately. The second two reviews you reported are being discussed. This is not an acknowledgement that they either are or are not appropriate, but generally rating files and leaving appropriate reviews no matter the star value is acceptable. The code of conduct was rewritten in 2010. It seems appropriate now to begin reviewing how this aligns with the STEX currently. However, until any changes have been made please find the code of conduct as the written rules for the STEX and understand that this code is the written guidance which the STEX mods follow and they will be applying this code where appropriate.
  9. Member of the Month: January 2018

    Awesome work this month you two! From making our games better to making our forums better, you guys rock!
  10. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    @simmaster07, amazing, this is the modding discovery of the year! Best patch to this game since the TE lot CTD. Awesome dedication to making this game even better
  11. That’s a real shame. A big loss for the Mac community. We’ll figure out a way to get passed this, but it will never be the same or as easy as it once was. We’ll have to develop a comprehensive guide on using Wine or parallels with something like the GOG version of the game. RIP SimCity 4 on Mac 2003 - 2018
  12. We used to do that, but we specifically moved away from that model because we were running out of room for these images in members post panels. This new system was designed to break up a members awards and graphically show what parts of the site they spend their time in and are recognised for. We will need a slight tidy up in their layout, which we couldn’t do earlier because we wanted to keep them secret and unfortunately couldn’t test them without making them public. We'll work on that over the coming days.
  13. 2015 Trixie Winners - The nominations are in and they've all been counted. Here are the winners for 2015! City Journal Awards Best Airport We've seen many examples of airports in CJs this year, this members CJ has paid close attention to the design of their Airport, and we celebrate them with this award. Best Asian Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other Asian cities. Best CBD Every major city has a CBD, and our CJs love creating CBDs of their own. This award goes to the best example of CBDs that we've seen in CJs this year. Best City Journal Startup This award goes to our favourite new City Journaller whose first CJ has become an immediate favourite. Best European Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other European cities. Best Fictional City Journal This award goes to the best fictional city, a city which is neither sci-fi nor a real world recreation, but a city with its own style, history and location. Best Historical City Journal City Journals introduced a new way of learning and living a bit of history. From the Roman Empire to the 19th century, some players decided to go beyond the four predetermined tilesets and write their own little part in history. This award goes to the member who has better told us ancient stories and ways of life. Best Industry The gritty grime of the industry doesn't escape most cities, but this member has fully embraced the smog and pollution of their industry and created CJ which showcases how great their industrial zone is. Best Narration This award goes to the City Journal that makes us feel at home in the city, providing familiar landmarks while telling us the story of a city. Best Natural Environment / Landscape Area Some CJs are designed to show off the beautiful beaches, river valleys, and mountains in their region. This award is for the CJ that best showcases the region's natural terrain. Best North American Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other North American cities. Best Overall Design City Journallers pay close attention to how every part of their Journals look, from how their entries are formatted and posted, to how compose the images they post. This award goes to the member who has the best designed City Journal overall. Best Park Sometimes you need a break from the concrete jungle. Scenic beauty and recreation are elements of this award. This creator has created the ultimate in parks using a naturalistic setting. Best Photoshopping This award goes to the member who has the best photoshopping of any CJ. From creating different worlds, to balancing image colours, this member used Photoshop to enhance their images in the most creative way possible. Best Real World Re-Creation Many CJs are based off of real life locations, or share similar styles with real cities. This CJ goes beyond that to have the closest recreation of a real world location. Best Road Map This award goes to the member who has documented their city in the most amazing road map we have seen this year. Best Road Geek Every City Journal must have roads, but the recipient of this award paid attention to the detail of each and every road to ensure they had proper functionality and use for the Sims who would be using it everyday. Best Rural / Agriculture Cities and skyscrapers are great, but rural towns are fantastic too. This award is for the CJ that best depicts a rural area. Best Science Fiction City Journal The member who wins this award really deserves a lot of credit for designing cities and a region that we could only imagine in a Science Fiction novel. Best Urban Area This award goes to the member who has created the best city overall. Many CJs exhibit great parts of their city, but this award goes to the CJ which creates the best city overall. Best Use of Added Media Not all that we see in City Journals is real. But of them all, this CJ stood out above them all with the best use of added graphics, sound, or video in a CJ at Simtropolis. Best Use of Railroads Railroads are the backbone of many cities, transporting freight or commuters. This award goes to the CJ which has given us the best example of what a railroad can be. City Journal of the Year The nominations are in, and it was decided that this City Journal was the best creation this year. Most Entertaining City Journal This award is for the City Journal that is really fun. The text, the screenshots, and the everyday life of the theme city are very entertaining. Most Surrealistic City Journal This award goes to the surrealist CJ that we've read this year. Saddest City Builder Moment Caught on Picture This award goes to the creator who managed to document the lowest moment of their city. This could be from a natural disaster, a silly bug or from an incredibly bad planning decision. This members misfortune gave us a smile, and so we reward them with this token of our gratitude. Go back to category selection Custom Content Awards Best BAT Newcomer of the Year Big splashes have been made in the community this year by this new BATer! BAT of the Year The nominations are in, and it was decided that this BAT was the best creation this year. BATter of the Year This member is the best overall BATer this year. Multiple BATs at an outstanding level of quality, mixed with their ability to constantly help others in BAT threads makes this member the best BATer this year. Best Automata SC4 players are in love with their automata. We love to cruise the streets, hop a bus, ride the rails, and fly the friendly skies. This award goes to the member who has ensured we can do all of the above. Best Development Thread This award is for the person who curates the best development thread, through either providing an insight into their own creative process, writing tutorials or just by being the best at documenting the twists and turns of creating content for the STEX. Best Industrial BAT of the Year Industrial parks are an absolute essential in our cities. But they are often under represented as BATers choose more glamorous subjects. That is not the case for this member. We feel a sneeze coming on due to their dusty realness, because industrial structures have never felt a more reverential touch. Best Large Scale Project The scale and scope of this project is so impressive that it's taken a great amount of work to pull off. This award goes to the member who has created the best large scale project. Best Lotter This award recognizes the skill of the individual who puts a high level of polish to each lot creation, and has received acclaim from the community with every lot that is created. Best Props Every little helps. This award goes to the member who best added to the Lot Editor's custom palette. Best Re-Creation This BAT is the best recreation of a specific, real life building, done with total devotion to complete and thorough accuracy. Best Re-Lot Taking an existing building and giving it a new lease of life is an important skill. This award goes to the member who has created the best reLOT this year. Best Remake of a Building From Older SimCity Games A building from yesteryear, remade for this year. This award goes to the member who has made the best creation from a previous SimCity game. Big Building of the Year Buildings come in all sizes, but this is the best skyscraper, highrise or major complex created this year. Favourite BAT Team This award goes to the community's favourite BAT team this year. Highest Overall Quality This award goes to the person whose creations are consistently outstanding. Highest Technical Achievement in Custom Creations This award goes to the individual who has pushed the boundaries of custom content beyond what we once knew, and who have shared their discoveries with the rest of the community. Lot of the Year Buildings must go on some kind of LOT, and this LOT is the best we have seen this year. Mod of the Year All votes are now in, and it has been decided by the community that this Mod was the best creation this year. Most Beautiful Small Addition This award goes to the member who has created a tiny yet extremely beautiful addition to the game. Most Dedicated Modder This award recognizes the Modder who has stretched most to go above and beyond, to bring us their best possible work in some shape or form. Most Luminous Illuminator Lighting, or more specifically night lighting, creates such completely dramatic changes to the way we view our BATs in game. This award goes to the BATer who provided lighting that is the most realistic, most technically advanced, most beautifully fitting, or even the most outlandishly eye-catching. Most Important Discovery / Innovation It seems that some relatively small steps for Modders can lead to some pretty giant leaps for simkind. This award has been invented for the one who sits at the desk in the Mission Control of Modding. Houston, we have a Trixie! Most Improved BATter This award goes to the BATer who has shown the most improvement during the year. Most Inventive Creation With many different cities come many different ways which buildings or creations could adapt to their surroundings, and the only way to overcome this is to make an inventive creation to cover all bases. This member created the most inventive addition to our game. Most Realistic Creation This award goes to the member who has created a BAT which is extremely realistic. This is a fictional building, yet is so well detailed we could be forgiven in assuming it was a real world recreation. Most Useful Creation These creations fill a void that many of us feel came with the vanilla game. They are useful because they make our cities feel more complete. Most Useful Feedback in Custom Content Threads This award is for the person who provides great, behind the scenes support for other people's BATs. Helping out, giving valuable instruction, and doing those annoying but necessary tasks needed to bring a quality BAT to the STEX. Radio, What's New? Radio, Someone Still Loves You We saw radio ga ga... Small Building of the Year Buildings come in all sizes, but this is the best small building, house, shack, service, warehouse created this year. STEX Community Favourite When asked who was the STEX Community Favourite, most people chose this individual. Go back to category selection Forum Awards Best Tutorial While the game may be ten years old, new things and new ways of doing old things keep popping up. This award is for the member who demonstrated a useful procedure in a tutorial. Friendliest Forumer This award recognizes the most friendly forumer, one who is always piping in with good cheer and making newbies feel at home. Highest Quality Poster Many members have high post counts, some stretching well into the ten-thousands. But sometimes its quality, not quantity, that matters. This award goes to the person who may not have a high post count, but puts a lot of thought into their posts to ensure that each one matters. Most Engaging Off Topic This award recognizes the member whose contributions in the Off-Topic section are above and beyond the usual high quality. The winner has a positive attitude, and engages the readers of their posts by making relevant and useful comments. Most Helpful Post One post which went a long way to help. This award goes to the member who assisted many people with a notably informative and resourceful forum contribution. Most Informed Member on Real World Events This award goes to the member who is most likely to be reading the newspaper right now. This member is constantly engaged with global events and is relied on to keep us informed of what's going on in the world today. Technical Denizen The threads in our Bugs & Technical Issues forums discuss many issues. This award honours the best techie who answers the wide range of questions that people raise. Challenge Coordinators For making the Simtropolis Challenges possible. Go back to category selection Community Awards Best Avatar Some avatars are interesting; some not so much. This award goes to the member whose avatar was deemed the most entertaining. Enduring Dedication Award Simtropolis has changed much through the ages. The award goes to a member whose dedication, work, and contributions have helped make the site evolve into its current form. Funniest Overall Member This award goes to the member who helped spread some good cheer, keeping the community in good spirits. Merit of Team Spirit Without teamwork, a project can become chaos. This award goes to the team best able to overcome adversity and to stick together through thick and thin. This team has shown real dedication to making these projects work. Most Active Non-City Builder This award is for the user who does not play a city builder game, but still contributes a massive amount to the Simtropolis forums. Most Consistently Helpful Member The most consistently forumer is recognized for tirelessly answering questions when possible, often answering the same ones over and over with good cheer, is always eager to share knowledge and point the uninitiated toward the light. Most Welcoming to Newcomers Some just give a simple "Welcome to the site" to new members who join the site. This member was always there to meet and greet newcomers to the community. Simtropolis Walking Library Every community has a member who knows so much about the site we belong to. They are always there to provide us with historical facts about Simtropolis, and this award recognises them within the history of ST. The Member Who Was Everywhere This award goes to a member whose dedication, work, and contributions have helped make the site a welcoming and enjoyable place for all. We Miss You; Come Back In an online community such as this, people come and go as Real Life Syndrome takes over. Sometimes, we lose someone who we really would rather have kept among us. This award goes to the person we miss the most and wish to hear from in the next year. Best Dirktator It can only be... Staff Awards Thanks for all your continued hard work and dedication. Go back to category selection
  14. Trixie Winners Announced - The Llamas have finally been herded, the nominations finally counted, and the medals finally polished. Please join us in congratulating the Trixie winners for 2015 and 2016! The Trixies are a celebration of all types of community contributions, ranging from STEX uploads, CJ entries, all the way to forum posts. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the amazing content shared over the past two years, and give a special 'thanks' to your fellow members. Nominations were held earlier this year, and since then we've been busy behind the scenes getting this reveal ready. The past two years have flown by, and we are fortunate enough to have an event which we can celebrate community content produced during this time. A big congratulations go out to all winners and nominees for the past two years, and also to everyone who took part in the awards. Whether coming up with ideas or making one or many nominations, the Trixies wouldn't be possible without you all. Winners Revealed Below Browse through the next two posts which will reveal who has won Trixies each year. We then welcome all recipients to take the stage and say a few words, meanwhile we also encourage everyone to take join in the festivities congratulating the winners and discussing the content. 2015 Trixie Winners City Journal Awards Custom Content Awards Forum Awards Community Awards 2016 Trixie Winners City Journal Awards Custom Content Awards Forum Awards Community Awards Click each of the above links to navigate to a specific section, or just keep on reading on... Without further adieu, the Trixie winners for 2015 and 2016!
  15. Site Suggestion Box

    We can look into this. In the background I’ve been slowly updating our standard emoticons to HD. These work like our Trixie emoticons where if you have a 72 dpi screen you see our normal icon, but on a higher dpi screen an HD version is used. Most people won’t notice, but this has made these icons cleaner and at the same time I’ve doubled the frame rate so that they run smoother too. I am all for adding new emoticons, but I can’t do that all myself. I’ll talk with the team, and maybe we can come up with a way for the community to help out while keeping the images within the same design style. I’ll update you again when we have discussed a way forward.