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  1. Night Light

    Hi, There isn’t really a download for nightlights on the Mac like there is for the windows version. All buildings that are nightlight capable need to be specially created. Have a look at this collection of files, these are all the buildings on the STEX which have Mac compatible lighting. http://community.simtropolis.com/tags/mac compatible/ Hope these help
  2. Why So Many Moderators Here?

    I'll add a few more comments in addition to what's already been discussed; The sites users are international, and we like to have a wide moderation base that can react to issues in different time zones. We don't actively seek this out when considering people for a moderators position, but it's a great benefit of having a large moderating group. Moderating is a voluntary position, and we understand that not everyone can dedicate their time to ST 24/7. Some can only fit in a couple nights a week, and that's fine. It's really useful to have a few eyes on the same area, so that when one of those eyes isn't looking, we have another set that can help out. We love having a broad range of views on issues behind the scenes. It's helpful being able to discuss issues with everyone before we take a stance on any situation so that our actions are representative of the morals of ST. It keeps all of the staff on the same page and means that we don't have dominant personalities orchestrating how the sites rules are enforced, but we have one unified stance. Lastly, the moderating team is pretty awesome, and I wouldn't want to have any less members than we do now. We don't have much to moderate these days, not in comparison to 10 years ago, but it's awesome having this great team who like to get stuck into other projects, are always willing to give their feedback and are generally just great people
  3. That was by design. We felt that in the past we had conducted interviews with lots of the regular members, and we wanted to get an insight into some of the people that you might not have heard from before but are doing great things around the site. We did try to get a couple 'big names' in there too, and I thought that their contributions helped balance out the less known members. Maybe there were more CJers than BATers, we'll try and balance that a bit better if we do interviews again next time. Heard you, and everyone else, loud and clear! We'll work out a way to have that better for next time. We may be limited for what we can do here in this respect, but we have just under a years worth of testing before it rolls around again, so we hope we can work out a more elegant solution. It sounds like we will try to keep a hold of doing this through posts, as it had some quite important benefits that you all appreciated. We'll streamline the process for next time! We could do that. My view is that you should be trying to nominate just one person for one award because there can only really be one definitive BAT of the Year. I can understand that it is difficult to make those clear distinctions sometimes, and that it might be best to remove the restriction on nominating only one member per award and instead limit it to the amount of times you can nominate a member for any award. As we continue to count the nominations we'll be taking the data and scaling the list back to a smaller amount based around how many nominations each award received. We will probably conduct another discussion next year, like we did with this year, around the awards list. Although next time we will bring our new refined list to the discussion and ask for advice on what else should be included. That way the list can stay responsive to what's happened that year through community discussion, and be more concise by removing superfluous awards. Keep the the suggestions coming, these have been great and will really help us formulate our plans for next year!
  4. The future of "Chat"...

    The STEX has less functionality than the workshop for sure, and we can't really do much about that, but modders have been submitting files on the STEX by linking to their workshop file. It works well enough, but further integration is beyond our control. I think recently we've had a good increase of use in our C:S forums. I see where we are now with C:S is a similar analogue to where we were in 2003-4 with the EA exchange. We fill the same demand with C:S players as we do with SC4 players, albeit with a reduction in scope from the workshop being a much better system than EA had ever implemented. We provide space for people to come and discuss the game, collaborate with others, share what they've done, talk with likeminded people. There are other forums for that too, the steam forums are similar to the EA forums. I think we are seeing a lot more new members come through in the C:S section because they are looking for a space that we were looking for 10 or more years ago. I hope they find that we provide that space for them, but we will need to continue developing the site to keep up with the different needs of this group.
  5. That happened to me the last time I was in chat too. It might have something to do with losing support for the chat client, but it is probably just a glitch.
  6. At a glance we can't be sure, but we will for sure let you know what the split is when the counting has finished! Even if 2015 gets a third of the nominations, that's much better than 2014. But we will let you know what the numbers are when we have them! There were a lot of default awards this year, we came to these by getting suggestions from the community, taking the ones which were suggested the most, and then pairing these down by staff consensus on what makes the most sense to include. Going forward we will be reducing these again, this time we will use nomination counts to help us make this decision. I think, as an experiment, the list building worked really well, thank you to everyone who helped out. Now it's on us to continue the development of these lists so that they stay appropriate to the content being created and nominated for. Now, off to start counting!
  7. We will for sure be doing some trimming for Trixies 2017. But it is so hard to get that balance right, 2013 and 2014 had lists which were probably too short, 2015 and 2016 have lists which are probably too long. I think we'll be able to find that balance for 2017. Either way, the community discussion we had helped us to reform what the base awards are, now we can use nominations to decide which ones are appropriate to continue on to the next ceremony.
  8. Hey, welcome to Simtropolis! :)

    I just have to say, your YouTube Cities Skylines series' are amazing,  a must watch for me every week. I'm sure our members would be enthralled watching your videos :8) they've made me rethink how I build my cities.

    Hope to see you around the forums sometime :thumb:

  9. Looks like we've just passed 300 nominations! There's just over a day left to submit your nominations, so if your still waiting, now is the best time to nominate
  10. Wow, we have quickly passed that mark! Keep it up guys
  11. Haha, whoops
  12. Two weeks left to nominate content for a Trixie award!
    Nominate content from either 2015 or 2016 :D

  13. It's usually just content uploaded within the year. In some cases updates will count, the NAM for instance, but they only count when there are big changes to content. Yes, each year is being counted seperatly from each other. Two ceremonies, held at the same time!
  14. Entry 2:

    Looks like an amazing place to live! You'd probably see me either; watching the Football, of both kinds; on the baseball field; at that fantastic amusement park; or on the back nine of the Northfield Country Club! Great looking city, I will be following its progress!
  15. I'm sure Trixie would want to honour him in some way. That llama was always very fond of him.