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  1. Curved Walls

    Yep will do. Thanks guys! Now, back to my first BAT of many buildings in Queensland! :-)
  2. Curved Walls

    Thanks guys! Thanks madhatter106, in the case of a corner only, would I have to "slice" it somehow to only what i need as opposed to the whole spline? Cheers :-)
  3. Curved Walls

    G'day guys, While I am currently working on my first BAT, how does one go about making curved walls? I have been reading up about this and it appears that there are ways of achieving this. Unfortunately, it seems that the Philippo Tutorial doesn't highlight this aspect. What is the best way please?
  4. First BAT From Queensland

    Ah ok. No worries there. I'll keep going with this building. It's been a while since last posting and batting and I'm about to get back into it. Another question. Regarding the curved walls, I've been reading up and it appears there are several ways to achieve it. The way I will most likely go is to create a cylinder, extrude inwards, edit the poly and "slice" it somehow (?) Which way did everyone find easier to create curved walls?
  5. First BAT From Queensland

    Ah ok thanks madhatter106. Should I create the spline in the top view as one whole line in accordance with the building's shape, extrude that to the desired height? After that, would I continue as per phillipbo's tutorial to create the doors and windows? When it comes to creating the balconies as splines in the top view and extruding it, as the balconies are curved at the corners and there are small curved balconies at the back of the building, and changing the splines to either editable splines/polys, would it allow me to curve the corners and the balconies? There are a stack of buildings in my project that have curved balconies which makes the buildings look very swanky/trendy/upmarket. A few of my planned buildings have trimmings on the outside of the balconies that form some sort of pattern on the outside edges when, seen from a short distance away, are pretty eye catching. Also, a couple of parts of this building are slightly higher than the base shape of the building itself and curved at the outside corners, would you recommend that I create separate splines and extrude those parts to the desired height which would obviously be higher?
  6. First BAT From Queensland

    Thanks madhatter106, I remember reading up on something like that a fair while back, but I'm not 100% on it. Would I extrude it in the top view?
  7. First BAT From Queensland

    I'm back. I had to redo one of the front walls, the right wall and standard primitive at the front as they looked out of proportion. The front wall with the two sets of balcony doors had to be redone as I saw a property for sale showing one of the units and the doors were not partitioned off and I made them one whole set of double doors instead. Now I have done a couple of the left walls (including part of the stairwell). That's most of the front half done. Now for the back half.
  8. First BAT From Queensland

    Thanks guys. Yep will do thanks mate.
  9. G'day there! I am now in the process of creating my first of many BATs using GMAX. This is a mid-rise residential block of units of 6 floors on Queensland's Gold Coast. Thanks heaps for all of the advice so far. I have been referring to the BAT Essentials and I will catch up on any other tutorials. I made each floor 3 metres in height and the splines are extruded by 0.3 metres. So far, I grouped all of the completed walls in case I need to move them for some reason. I'm thinking of, when scaling the whole thing to fit in with the visuals in SimCity 4 Deluxe, it won't look like a dwarf (I hope that it will work out). I made the doors red and windows blue so that I know what is what. I did create a standard primitive (shown as dark green). All of the dimensions are pure and utter guesses as the Google Earth Pro way of gathering dimensions doesn't seem to work on my laptop and desktop for some bizarre reason. I used metres as the unit of measurement. Please feel free to give some much appreciated advice, it would be pretty helpful.
  10. Vertical Scaling

    Ah ok, thanks for all of this. One more thing, should the ground floor / foyer / lobby should me made at about 6 metres in real world scale as suggested in a reply in one of my previous posts?
  11. Vertical Scaling

    Thanks mate, I forgot to mention that I'm using GMAX and I think I found it (attached). From the looks of things, I would have to scale it on the Z axis. Would I just type in 133.0 in the Z box?
  12. Vertical Scaling

    Thanks korver & JP Schriefer. I'm in the process of creating mid to high rise BAT's. So, 3 metres per floor sounds better. Where would I find the scaling tool in the BAT? Here are 2 pics of the one I'm currently making.
  13. Vertical Scaling

    G'day guys, I'm still in the process of creating my stack of BATs from my favourite part of the world. Lately, I've been reading about the vertical scaling aspects and a question has come to mind: I have been creating my BATs calculating about 133% of the vertical dimension. For my residential BATs, I have made them 6 metres in height for each floor. From what I have been reading, there may be a scaling tool in the BAT. Would it be better for me to continue as I have been doing or to make the BATs height at real world heights (which would be about 4.5 metres per floor) and use this scaling tool (wherever it may be in the BAT)?
  14. Neon Signage Tutorials

    Ah ok, I can give these a go. I have attached an image. The signs that I wish to do are like the ones on the building on the left showing "Suncorp" and the one on the right showing "Shangri-La Hotel.
  15. Neon Signage Tutorials

    Hi Jasoncw, Thanks for all of that and it certainly will help. I was wondering about making the signage, for example, KFC, Maccas and names of hotels and buildings which are, say, on or near the tops of buildings, that light up at night time as neons. I suspect that I might need another program to make the signage?