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  1. Congrats! These buildings look great. I'll definitely be getting this pack.
  2. Yes! A driving range! My dad would be pleased. This looks like something I'd place in every city I make.
  3. Oh cool - I didn't realise they could be made with textures attached. And now you mention it, it would look better as concrete. Doh! Anyhow, I look forward to seeing it.
  4. Great use of the Procedural Assets mod! I downloaded a heap of concrete textures yesterday - looks like I'll need to get some metal textures in anticipation of this bridge.
  5. Nice job once again. Great idea to put a helipad on top!
  6. I'm loving the look of that boat storage - I know just where I'll put it! Hope your Internet is working again! Always a pain when that goes down.
  7. Another fantastic building! Perfect for small town America. Re: roof props, I appreciate these being added by creators as it's something I always forget to do myself! Plop the Growables and Disable Zone Check are now must-have mods for me. I do use RICO on small buildings when I want to change the number of households or employees, though.
  8. I've tried laying paths across the vanilla quays with no success. Hope you manage to get it working somehow, but even if you don't, I'll definitely use these assets because they look really nice!
  9. Capilano Islands

    Wonderful terraforming! I'm envious of anyone who has the patience for such things as I get so bored/frustrated doing it myself.
  10. Fantastic! So glad to see another talented asset maker join the ranks. Regarding vanilla vs. custom, I think you should use whatever you think looks best with your building. If there's a vanilla prop that would work, use it, but if not, there are many wonderful props on the Workshop. As far as I can tell, it's not a game-breaker if we choose not to install all the "required" props for whatever reason.