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  1. awesome addition, huge and fluffy, love em!
  2. I love it! You could add the bulk of your planted area and planters in the mesh and texture, then add just a few plants in addition. Thats what i am planning for few of the assets on my to do list.
  3. Prosper`s buildings

    Well, he wants to add more features, so he calls it alpha. Right now you can only raise/lower each segment of road/wall/quay/etc with keyboard buttons, its awesome! I
  4. wow thats quite nice bunch of new types, what a sweet addition!
  5. Prosper`s buildings

    You can use Network Node editor mod to fix those front alignment issues on the building, adjust the road nodes until its perfectly flat in the areas you need it.
  6. I seem to remember hearing as much also, but other than the Cim Copter mod ive not seen many uses of animating stuff thats not vanilla game stuff. I think we are close, the game does do it but there is some issue with the importer not being ready yet AFAICT? I could be way wrong but im waiting on animating stuff untill ive gotten through a good chunk of the non-animated assets I want to make.
  7. They often do right? ...and at a higher rate than other areas, read some Erin Brockovich haha
  8. Delta's Creations

    yeah it really depends on the asset, for some things like my biltmore I've chosen to make/apply the materials in blender, then bake UV with those as texture, also im making much the detailed geometry so I can bake those into the normals, and of course even with that I will need to optimize and reuse certain areas of the diffuse etc in final optimizations. Other assets im making I am using pre-exising graphics for most of the textures, and/or touching up in photoshop, etc etc.... its always depending on your needs... and for me, whatever seems more fun at the moment is quite important too.
  9. The double gantries have changed models to be smaller half the size side hwy signs, also the animated signs are invisible except for the words. I will test again soon and see what it may be related to, could be unreleated to Judas mod
  10. this does work very nicely! it feels so much more natural now to see proper signage, and the American roads mod is so nice too, I fixed my LOD issue with roads united somewhat, I was using the sliders for color and that apparently messed it up for me. Has anyone else noticed issues with the Mark a route mod and this? im not certain its related but for some reason all the mark a route signs are FUBAR for the moment.
  11. Yeah, I will be so excited when animation of various types become doable/teachable. I have my lava props but they feel so wrong without at least an animated texture at minimum, and at best a full on lava shader there are some cool ones available in the Unity community, even the free ones are nice.
  12. How long does a city map take to load?

    using the loading screen mod I now load a city between 2.5 to 4 minutes, pushing just under a thousand mods/assets. ive got an 8core AMD fx 4.8ghz, gtx980ti hybrid, 16gb ram, SSD, about to double my ram this week and I have room for three more video cards, while few games can take advantage of multicards yet, some do, and when I switch to three 4k monitors ill need the additional video cards, at least one more.
  13. very nice, I love the cracks in the concrete facing at street level, perfect nominal amount of grunge
  14. woah these are very nice! Thanks for sharing your awesome creations
  15. [Release] Surface Painter mod

    YAY!!! Such a great addition!