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  1. Version 1.0.0


    The Berlin Palace (German: Berliner Schloss or Stadtschloss) is a building in the centre of Berlin, located on the Museum Island at Schlossplatz, opposite the Lustgarten park. It was a royal and imperial palace and served as the winter residence of the Electors of Brandenburg, the Kings of Prussia and the German Emperors. The palace was heavily damaged by Allied bombing in World War II. Although it could have been repaired, the palace was demolished in 1950 by the German Democratic Republic authorities, despite criticism. The palace is currently being rebuilt, with completion expected in 2018. The reconstructed palace will be the seat of the Humboldt Forum, a museum for world culture which is a successor museum of the Ancient Prussian Art Chamber, which was also located in the Berlin Palace. The Humboldt Forum has been described as the German equivalent of the British Museum. Menu position: Landmarks Lot size: 8 x 13 Plop cost: 70,000 Bulldoze cost: 3,000 Monthly cost: 1,000 Dependences: None
  2. Queen Mary 2 Ship

    yes, the most largest and luxurious passenger ships of the world
  3. Queen Mary 2 Ship

    Version 1.0.0


    Queen Mary 2 is my first job with SC4. DESCRIPTION: The Queen Mary 2 is the most largest and luxurious passenger ships of the world. Was built in 2003 by French shipyard "Chantiers de l'Atlantique" in Saint-Nazaire INSTALLATION: Copy all the files from the .zip archive into your SimCity 4 Plugins folder. by Alvaro6j
  4. Plopable trains

    I have the same problem with the textures, the rails are not shown.
  5. German Timbered Houses

    Why I can not do with inner light?