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  1. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Definitely a fictional representation of Port Tobacco, but it's a nice one!
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Are there any good El-Rail terminal stations? The only one I have is the Shibuya Station in Tokyo, which is nice but it's both large and not appropriate to many locations. While we're at it, what about monorail/HSR/GHSR terminals? I only have the "ITS Terminus Station" that was released with the original HSRP. Thanks!
  3. A couple brown boxes on jpn sidewalk mod

    Good news and bad news. I was able to reconstruct the file and unzip it properly (had to explore some features of WINRAR). However, the brown box issue persists, so this was not the fix. Due to the size and placement of the boxes, I am pretty sure they are light posts. I have all the dependencies listed though, and the Lights mod says it has no dependencies because it itself is a dependency. I'm so confused.
  4. I posted about this in the thread for it ( http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29521-jpn-sidewalk-mod-rhd-version/ ) but there's been no response so I've come to a wider forum. My problem is that, in unpacking one of the zipped files for the original mod (called z_zJPN_SideWalk_Mod2.zip ) I get the following message: I believe this is the cause of a number of brown boxes I have when I run SC4 now. *Most* of the props work, but I have scattered brown boxes where there are obviously a couple key props missing. Observe the attached image. So my request is this: does anyone know how to unzip this so that I can use the files, or does someone have a working copy of these files they can send to me? Thanks!
  5. JPN Sidewalk Mod RHD version

    I'm having a problem with some brown boxes appearing, and I can't figure out what the cause is. I can see most of the props, but it looks like I'm just missing a couple. I know that when I unzipped this file [ z_zJPN_SideWalk_Mod2.zip ] it said that it couldn't create certain files because it said that the "the file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." Does anyone perhaps have a version of this folder that works, or any advice on how to unzip this properly? I haven't had this issue with any other files from that Japanese site, only this one. Please help! I'm like 90% of the way to using this mod properly!
  6. Back to Olsènes

    How did you get the tram-on-road bridge to work properly? I've fiddled with it for hours and not gotten the game to let me plop things correctly. What's your trick?
  7. IRM W2W E-Z Polish Factory by jestarr

    Ah great! I needed a w2w factory to produce Poles.
  8. Hi all. I have a question that I hope is rather simple: I want to know if it is easy/ possible to convert a skin for a passenger train engine into one for a freight train engine. The engine I want to convert is one of these GG-1s: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/17573-gg1-for-various-railroads/?tab=comments. So how would one do this? Is it as simple as re-naming the file or placing it somewhere else? Or is that distinction between passenger and freight engine somewhere in the code? Thanks!
  9. GG1 for Various Railroads

    Is there a way to convert these passenger engines into freight engines? I would love to use them for that instead, particularly the PRR ones.
  10. FrankU Dutch parks

    Which prop pack has the park fences? They're showing up as brightly colored boxes instead of lovely wrought-iron.
  11. One Detroit Center

    I'm having a strange problem with the query tool on this building. When I click on it, it presents the normal commercial window with jobs, et al, but above that, also an industrial window, showing zero jobs and some weird stuff. I cannot close this industrial window, which even remains when I exit to the regional view. I can only make it go away by closing the game entirely. Any idea what the source of this problem is?
  12. Charlotte Apartments

    Beautiful! What tileset is it for?
  13. Worked like a charm. Jolly good show!
  14. Ah. Perhaps I did not in fact have the newest NAM then. I downloaded 31.2 and now the monorail and elrail look great. However, when I installed it, I did not get the prompt I've gotten in past NAM versions, which asked about preferences concerning color of viaducts, direction for roads, etc. Would you know anything about that? My rail viaducts are all this ugly gray color now.
  15. Hello. After downloading the newest version of NAM, I encountered the following issue: Uploaded with ImageShack.us As you can see, both my monorail (top) and el rail (middle) now appear to be missing some vital skin file. I can't imagine what this would be, though. Neither NAM nor the Bullet Train Mod have extra requirements, and I did not have this problem with the older version of NAM. Just to be sure, I reinstalled BTM, but the problem remains. Anyone have any advice on how to stop my monorails/el rails from looking ridiculous? Is this a known issue? Thanks!