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City-building game(s)

Found 16 results

  1. Cymru Centre

    Version 1.0.0


    Format: .bld Dimensions: 3x3 Intended zone type: Commercial Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
  2. SunnySide 60

    Version 1.0.0


    Format: .bld Dimensions: 3x3 Intended zone type: Commercial Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
  3. A1 Clongowes Castle

    Version 1.0.0


    This file was originally hosted on the EA SimCity 3000 Building Exchange. They have since removed the site and therefore it has become abandonware. I retrieved the file via the WaybackMachine. All credit goes to the original architect. Building: A1 Clongowes Castle (79 Kb) Architect: A1 Donal J,D,F, Neligan (4) Date Uploaded: 11/2/1999 Tile Size: 3x3 Height: 9 blocks Volume: 1426 blocks Building Type: Other Custom Decals?: YES Description: Castle Browne part of Clongowes Wood College. This Irish college is famous around the world for its Rugby and Academics.
  4. L5 3x3 Villa08 (#27)

    When I looked at this asset for the first time, it looked like an overgrown single-storey home. But it has 2 storeys! Sadly the wood colour can not be changed with the colour variations. The night lights are slightly broken Default Stats Zone: Residential Low-density Level: 5 (high-wealth cims) Lot size: 3x3 (can expand to 3x4) Improved Asset The colour variation only affects the small border around the roof (the texture is bright orange): Default Asset What do you think? Please comment to help me to name, rate, classify and improve the assets! Use this questionnaire:
  5. L5 3x3 Villa02 (#17)

    I like this one, though wood is a little bit too bright. Default Stats Zone: Residential Low-density Level: 5 (high-wealth cims) Lot size: 3x3 (can expand to 3x4) Improved Asset I only changed the colour variations. Not much to improve here. Default Asset What do you think? Please comment to help me to name, rate, classify and improve the assets! Use this questionnaire:
  6. I like this building! The roof is very detailed, it is not too big for a level 3 building (if you consider it as the higher growth stage compared to level 2), and the roof colour is acceptable. There is just one problem: The actual roof colour is a very bright red or orange, and only the colour variations (which are blue and green) make it look like this. Default Stats Zone: Residential Low-density Level: 3 (medium-wealth cims) Lot size: 3x3 (can expand to 3x4) Detail Pictures Default Colour Variations & Illumination You can guess what the original roof colour is. The second one on the left is very close... and of course all color variations are too saturated and bright. Improved Colour Variations Fixing this building was very hard, it took me at least 5 minutes per colour. Also take a look at the top right corner of the screenshot What do you think? What do you think? Please comment to help me to name, rate, classify and improve the assets! Use this questionnaire:
  7. L4 3x3 Villa05 (#6)

    Pure brutalism (the architecture style)! I wonder why they added so much dirt and grunge, as this is a level 4 asset for high-wealth people (same with most of the other high-wealth building). I also think that the windows are too blue. Is anyone willing to do a re-texture? Default Stats Zone: Residential Low-density Level: 4 (high-wealth cims) Lot size: 3x3 (can expand to 3x4) Detail Pictures Default Colour Variations & Illumination Pastel colours: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue - would you colour your villa like that? Improved Colour Variations Brutalists like raw concrete, so let's color it like that! What do you think? Please comment to help me to name, rate, classify and improve the assets! Use this questionnaire:
  8. MacDonald Station



    MacDonald Station is derived from my Telus Plaza upload, and has been made into a separate lot for increased playability. In real life it's an office building, but I have made it into a police station. It's comparable in size to Maxis's Large Police Station, and so it is comparable in stats, although the radius has been increased. • 3x3 police station. • MaxisNite and DarkNite night versions included. • Dark Nite requires the Day and Nite Modd. Installation Instructions: 1. Download either the DarkNite (DN) or MaxisNite (MN) version. If you're unsure, choose the MN version. 2. Unzip the .zip and move its contents to Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins. 4. SC4Lot files are descriptively titled. Remove the lot versions which you don't want. Do not remove any .SC4Model files. BAT and modding by Jasoncw Click here to learn about new projects in the works
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Upon completion in 1928, the Penobscot Building was the tallest building in the world outside of New York and Chicago. This art deco tower is the third, tallest, and most iconic building in the greater Penobscot Block office complex. It was designed by Wirt Rowland of Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, who designed the nearby Guardian Building, built a year later. Corrado Parducci, a local architectural scupltor, provided Native American themed ornament for the building which is named after the Penobscot Nation. I first started this BAT way back in 2006 (over 7 years ago!), and for various reasons I needed to restart it. I worked on Penobscot Mk. II from 2007-2008. Once again, as I progressed through the building I ran into problems and had to restart. I quietly worked on Penobscot Mk. III from 2012 to the present, and not even including the previous attempts it's been by far the most hours I've put into a BAT. Enjoy! 3x3 growable and ploppable CO§§§ lot. CAM Version included. During the winter the nitelites change to a Christmas scheme! MaxisNite and DarkNite night versions included. DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd. Requires mipro essentials December 2013 or newer. Installation Instructions: Download either the DarkNite (DN) or MaxisNite (MN) version. If you're unsure, choose the MN version. Unzip the .zip and move its contents to Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins. SC4Lot files are descriptively titled. Remove the lot versions which you don't want. Do not remove any .SC4Model files. If you're not interested in Christmas lights and would like to trim some MB from your Plugins folder, you can remove the Christmas .SC4Prop file without adverse effects. mipro Forum Thread mipro STEX Uploads
  10. Version


    The Barry Sanders Project is now mipro! Located in downtown Detroit, One Detroit Center is the tallest office building in the state of Michigan. Originally concieved as a set of twin towers, Two Detroit Center was left unbuilt when demand for downtown office space did not justify another 1.6 million sq ft skyscraper. One Detroit Center was designed by noted architects John Burgee and Philip Johnson, and was constructed in 1993 in the postmodern style, with Flemish-inspired neo-gothic spires. The building is home to many law firms and banks. Dependencies: Requires mipro Essentials December 2013 or newer. 5x3 and 3x3 growable and ploppable. Grows in Houston and Euro tilesets. Provides 4,178 CO$$$ jobs for your city. Available in both MaxisNite and DarkNite. DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd. mipro forum thread mipro STEX uploads
  11. NYBT 201 E. 19 Street



    NYBT 201 E. 19 Street, by Aaron Graham Credits Aaron Graham- Building Creator/ Modder Darknon35- Growth Tester Vlasky- Growth Tester Noahclem- Shop Logo Suzaku- Shop Namer Jack_wilds- Shop Namer Aaron Graham- Shop Namer Here’s the 201 E. 19 Street, located in Gramercy neighborhood in Manhattan. These apartments are Wall to Wall (W2W) buildings. This 16 story brick apartment building set is a New York City style. The architecture style for this building is a modernism style completed in 1960, by architect Feldman, H.I. There are four bats/ Building models, each one have a different brick color. Each model has four lot types R$$, R$$$, CS$$, and CS$$. 201 E. 19 Street should be a comfy place for your Sim to live in. Enjoy the upload!! Here's the link to the architect's floor plan of 201 E. 19 Street. http://nyre.cul.columbia.edu/projects/view/16467 Please Download Maxis Nite or Dark nite, if you download both please install the nite verion you use for your cities at night. If you install both and using the default path settings that's appled in the installer the installed model file will replace the model file that's in the plugins folder. Dependencies SimFox Day n Nite Modd (For Dark Nite Version only) NYBT Essentials BSC - VIP Girafe Maples V2 MAC Users: File Juicer should enable you to use this installer package. (For Mac Users only) If anything is wrong with the links in this description or problems with the files please go to my Aaron Graham's NYBT Residential Thread thread to the last page and post your problem, or you can PM (Private Message) Me.
  12. Red Brick Office Building

    Version 1


    Red Brick Office Building This is my second BAT There are two versions: one LM version and one CS 3x3 growable. There are no dependencies. Night lighting works.
  13. Large Plaza

    Version II


    This is a simple edited version of the MAXIS Large Plaza. It does not replace the original. It will appear near the original in the parks menu. Cost/maintenance/etc is the same as the regular version. There are dependencies: BSC Textures vol 1 located here http://sc4devotion.c...c.php?lotGET=90 BSC Textures vol 2 located here http://sc4devotion.c....php?lotGET=638 PEG MTP SUPER PACK located here http://community.sim...mtp-super-pack/
  14. Krost Tower

    Version Maxis Night Version


    40 storey residential tower based (somewhat loosely) on one built by KROST development as a part of large residential complex in Moscow. This package contains: 1 landmark 3x3 lot 1 growable high density R$ stage 8 lot Stats: Residents (growable version): 3037 R$ / 5500 R$ (when dilapidated) Consumption water: 98 power: 50 Pollution / radii air 17 / 5 water 18 / 6 garbage 11 / 0 radiation 0 / 0 building value 79362$ bulldoze cost 2030$ construction time 203 days flammability 40 max fire stage 5 landmark effect (landmark lot) 40 over 20 mayor ratings (landmark lot) 10 over 256 plop cost (landmark lot) 80000 Monthly cost (landmark lot) 100 tileset (growable lot) all Installation Instructions Unzip SimFoxKrostTower folder into Pluging Folder within your documents folder. Special Notes This is a truNite building, so glorious night view comes at a price of dawn/dust one. There are no dependencies what so ever as entire thing is modeled/bated Enjoy! my BAT threads: non-Asian buildings Asian buildings bat modeling-rendering tech thread
  15. Version 1


    Here's my latest BAT: Residential Diamante, a building for wealthy sims. They will relax in the gardens or swim in the extra large pool on the roof. You will need two dependencies for this to work. Include in the zip file are a 3x3 R$$$ version, a 3x3 Landmark version, a readme file and more pics. Feel free to make a CS$$$ version with the landmark for personal use. Special thanks for all who gave me advices on my BAT Thread about this BAT. And also special thanks to Cerulean for the base and overlay textures and Swi21 for the benches, lamps and fences I use to make this BAT look better. R $$$ Landmark Plop Cost - 10,000 Capacity Satisfied Dependencies BSC Textures Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01 Mod Edit: Added missing dependencies.
  16. Version


    The Citibank Tower is a tower housing many financial firms. Most the firms are doing reasonably well though still have a way to go a head of them. The tower is built in a very unique way giving it eye attracting looks while still keeping it an average tower. Growable CO§§ Version File: 'NDEX - Citibank Tower - Growable CO2 (3x3)_f0792e9b.SC4Lot' Lot Size: 3x3 tiles CO§§ Jobs Provided: 3,215 Value: §22,470 Bulldoze Cost: §2,495 Stage: 6 Ploppable CO§§ Version File: 'NDEX - Citibank Tower - Ploppable CO2 (3x3)_f0792ec2.SC4Lot' Lot Size: 3x3 tiles Plop Cost: §213,345 CO§§ Jobs Provided: 3,215 Monthly Maintenance Cost: §0 Bulldoze Cost: §2,495 Dependencies In addition to the files listed above, you need to have the following: Textures: NDEX Texture Set Volume 1 BSC Textures Vol 01 LUA Script: BSC Essentials Package Query: NDEX Global Essentials Mod edit: Fixed broken description format and dependency links.

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