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  1. SimCity 4 demand mods don't work

    I'll throw might hat in the ring as one who never uses demand mods. @CorinaMarie hit the nail on the head. It's impossible to tell if any one person is already aware of the following, so it helps sometimes to go over how demand is designed to work. If you already know, then this is a review. If not it's part of the education necessary to get the most out of the game. Demand, as designed into the game, is actually a cycle. A new city starts out with a small amount of demand for all developer types to allow you to start zoning. Otherwise you end up with a "What comes first, the chicken or the egg?" conundrum Commercial and Industrial demand suggests that there are Residential Sims available to take jobs. It allows growth of of those types of zones. As commercial and industrial buildings grow, jobs are created for the all wealth levels in ratios determined by simulation exemplars, and based by the maximum capacity of a particular building. This drives growth in Residential demand. At the same time, this also causes Commercial and Industrial demand to decline according to the numbers of jobs provided by those same buildings. Now, the increase in Residential demand allows for development of new Residential zones. As Residential buildings grow and new Sims move in, new jobs are created in ratios determined by other simulation exemplars, based on the numbers of new Sims (keep in mind that only about half of your Residential population is eligible to take a job). This drives growth in Commercial and Industrial demand, but causes a decline in Residential demand in proportion to the number of new job-eligible Sims finding available jobs. Ad infinitum! By changing all demand numbers to max (which is an artificiality), the demand mods essentially short-circuit the game mechanics, some of which may not be understood by us because they are buried in the game executable (which we can't decipher for the most part), rather than those mechanics being governed by the exemplars (which we can decipher). Another bad part of the demand mods is that if you decide to stop using them, the game can't deal with this sudden change. It doesn't just go back to what demand actually exists; demand will end up being in chaos for some time, thus likely stunting the growth of your city. Demand may actually go negative (heavily negative) for some if not all developer types. It's not unusual for demand for one or another developer type / wealth level to go somewhat negative at various times. This usually ends up being a wake-up call that you are not paying attention to one or another aspect of the game, and is usually fixable.. However if demand bottoms out (-6000 default) on many developer types/wealth levels at the same time, it may in fact be game over for that city. You will read about some community members who swear by the demand mods, and swear they've never experienced anything bad with them. You will also read about others that claim they have destroyed their city using demand mods. So opinions vary! My guess is that those who swear by them already had a stable, healthy city when they applied one of these mods (in an effort to further accelerate growth), while those that have had big problems have thrown one of these mods into their Plugins at the very early stages of their city, before it has time to settle in (in an effort to get their city to that multi-million Sim population level and covered by hundreds of skyscrapers). Unfortunately, proving (or disproving) this guess (demand mods can work when applied at the right time vs. demand mods can cause doom and gloom if applied at the wrong time) would take a large amount of dedicated game playing to test the various scenarios, and then repeating to verify conclusions - time which most community members either don't have, or don't want to expend! If only RL didn't exist. Sorry, don't want to come across as if I'm preaching. But rather, I wanted to thoroughly explain the "why" for not personally using demand mods. vs. just saying "I don't believe in using them!"
  2. How's this for proof of @rsc204's point. As an experiment, I physically renamed the file to "BusSign_NYC.duh". DataNode, PIM-X, and Reader 1.5.4 all list the file as "BusSign_NYC.SC4Model"! So the actual file extension (with @rivit's fix of DataNode) doesn't appear to confuse any of the most common modding tools, or presumably, the game. It might not be a bad idea for anyone who has Maxis LE (or any other modding tools in use that looks at model files) installed, to take a few seconds to run a similar "proof" test (about the actual extension being irrelevant), if for no other reason than peace of mind. Disregard this post. I was obviously in an addled frame of mind so early in the morning, and didn't do my due diligence. I just found the original file that I had removed the .dat from, so none of the above is true. Sorry for the confusion!
  3. Well I can confirm that @jeffryfisher isn't going crazy. I tested the model he posted above with essentially an empty Plugins folder, and got essentially the same results, although in my case, it shows two entries for the same file - one that shows that it's contents are completely over-ridden, and another that is not. But I think I found the resolution. Look at the complete file name - xxx.SC4Model.dat. I removed the .dat part of the extension, and everything worked fine in DataNode. My guess is that maybe DataNode was reading it once as an SC4Model file and once as a DAT file??
  4. No textures after download

    That's what I get for jumping straight to analyzing the download without reading the entirety of the description.
  5. No textures after download

    If it will help, included is a screenshot from the PIM-X LE of your lot. In the LE tools window at the bottom are all the props that actually made it into your Lot Exemplar.
  6. No textures after download

    @Duco, I used a blank Plugins folder, your lot, and the dependencies you list. Plopping the lot in-game shows your lot absent of any trees, Sims, or vehicles as is shown in your screenshot included with the download. A scan with @rivit's SC4DataNode shows no missing dependencies. Opening you lot with the PIM-X LE shows the same thing that shows in the PNG included with your lot. In short, your Lot Exemplar includes no references to any tree, vehicle, or Sim props as shown in the the download screenshot. Something happened to your Lot Exemplar (removing all those other props) between the time you took that screenshot, and when you uploaded the lot.
  7. TL-NDC Medium Freight Rail

    I'll admit this is a failing of mine, but whenever I look at any type of industrial / rail-freight lot, my mind goes to "How would everything work?" (primarily traffic patterns for large vehicles). The reason most industrial lots are large and sprawling is because of the amount of room necessary to realistically maneuver large freight trucks. I'm sure we've all seen the amount of space an eighteen wheeler needs to make a 90 degree left turn at smaller intersections. A right turn at the same intersection often requires temporarily blocking lanes in multiple directions to give the driver sufficient room to turn without running over cars, curbs, mail boxes, light poles, and little old ladies. It's somewhat contradictory that we wish for more realism in our buildings and props, but don't pay attention sometimes to the realism of some of the systems that support those buildings. An eighteen wheeler with a 46' trailer (most common design vehicle for turning-radius studies) requires a turning radius of more than 90' (call it two tiles) to make a 180 degree turn. Obviously, one with a 53' trailer requires more space, a 40' trailer a bit less. For trailers parked side-by-side (such as at a freight terminal), a truck needs to be able to pull straight forward almost it's entire length before even beginning to make a turn in order to clear obstacles at either side. Also except in outdoor storage areas, freight yards are kept clear of piles of stuff unless it it be loaded immediately in a nearby freight vehicle. Otherwise, this further constrains vehicle maneuverability. Unfortunately, this attempt at reality would constrain a lotter's ability to show off a lot of beautiful props. I don't know if there is a happy medium. Strictly from a realism/space point of view, the two trailers at the lower left are orphaned forever, the two at lower center could only be removed using the exit on the right side of the lot (with the caveat that the Roadway trailer is moved first), the FedEx trailer next to the large tank at lower center is just in the way - period, and the two trucks at upper center would need to be pulled forward to almost the left fence and then backed (expertly) the entire length of the yard (assuming the trailer at upper right was removed first), in order to exit the yard (with the proviso that the green truck is moved first). Please understand that these comments are not directed specifically at you (or at least not you alone), but at anyone that would create an industrial, or rail-freight lot that involves large freight vehicles. Bending realism a little for the purpose of showing off props is OK. Completely disregarding it just doesn't look right! Otherwise, nice work!!
  8. NDEX Old Post Office Highway (SOLVED)

    After a brief experiment, if you just drag the highway up to the building, it will not connect. You have to drag the highway into (or out of) the building, or better drag it all the way through.
  9. SC4 works fine on Windows 7, except in one circumstance. I suspect this is your problem:
  10. Three Buggy Defaults

    Those updates change game files in the installation folder, and shouldn't place anything in either of the Plugins folder (game folder or My Documents). If you have those updates already installed, "emptying" your Plugins folder won't affect them at all. With the game installed from scratch, even fully patched, your My Documents\Plugins folder will be empty until you put something in there.
  11. @RobertLM78, you're just lucky I guess. Unless you checked each and every download by itself, with only the listed dependencies, my guess would be that you probably did download something with an incomplete/incorrect list. You just happened to have the necessary dependencies already in your Plugins. At one point I was working my way through the contents of my Plugins folder just to see how the listed dependencies compared to what was actually needed. Just getting through some of the game menu categories (Education, Health, Public Safety, Utilities), I ended up with a list of almost 50 downloads that had dependencies that weren't listed. NOTE that his list was provided to admins at the time so that the dependency lists could be corrected. I've got another similar longer list for the LEX over at SC4D (that is by no means complete). While I was going through this process, almost 15% of the downloads checked had incomplete/incorrect dependency lists.
  12. Some of the following is just common sense, some maybe not so much. You may already know some of this. I cannot over-stress the importance of reading all provided documentation (download description and any included readme files). This can often alleviate confusion, and prevent problems. You have two Plugins folders, one that is referred as being in your game installation folder (i.e. usually somewhere under c:\Program Files), and one under My Documents\SC4. This last is where the majority of what you download should be placed. There are some instances where files should be placed in the game installation Plugins folder (specifically .DLLs), but installation instructions will specifically mention this. Almost all downloads (as you've probably already seen) come in the form of .ZIP files. You must unzip these files to place the contents in your Plugins folder (I mention this because there have been people in recent months who have placed the downloaded .ZIP files in their Plugins as is, and then wondered why nothing worked as advertised). There is no chronological or any other order of installation for dependencies. Dependencies are a fact of life with SC4. Without dependencies, SC4 would mostly be pretty boring. Any given dependency only needs to exist once in your Plugins folder. A particular dependency may be used by a multitude of downloads. As you download more and more, you will likely find that you might already have some or most of the needed dependencies for the new download. Since it sounds like you are just starting out (again?), now is the time to impose some sort of organization to your Plugins folder. For the most part, it really doesn't matter exactly how you organize (the game really doesn't care except in certain circumstances - see comments about mods above), just that you organize to make it easier for you to find things, and decide what you have and don't have (so you don't end up with a bunch of duplicates). There are several topics about on how best to organize one's Plugins folder. The bottom line is that if any particular method doesn't make sense to you, that's not the method to choose. Do not blindly follow default installation instructions to just "Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder." To repeat myself, establish some sort of organization now, and follow that organization when placing each download in your Plugins folder. Be prepared. Not all downloads have 100% correct dependency lists. Some lists are incomplete, others may list an incorrect dependency. Content creators do the best they can to provide you with a correct list, but sometimes things get missed. If a missing dependency is a prop, usually it just doesn't show up, and players usually don't notice the difference. If the missing dependency is a model, you will see the "dreaded" brown box when the lot is plopped or grows. Brown boxes only appear when a model is missing. You are more likely to find incorrect lists with older downloads than with newer ones If any particular download (usually mods) needs to be placed in a specific location, the download description, readme file, or both will be specific. For any download that includes extraneous files (pretty much anything other than .SC4Lot, .SC4Desc, .SC4Model, .DAT and .DLL), save someplace outside of your Plugins folders. Having them in your Plugins folders won't harm anything, but if you accumulate enough, it might slow down your game. All of this information is in the forums someplace, but not always in the same place.
  13. Do not feel alone!
  14. @tariely, I'm not sure what to tell you. I took a random lot, opened it in PIM-X Lot Editor, added the same norway_maple_B_evergreen prop, saved the lot, and then used LotPlop to check the lot in-game. The Norway Maple prop showed up fine. I don't think it's the prop. There might be something weird going on with the Maxis LE. But since I don't use it, I wouldn't know that to tell you to look for.
  15. Region show nothing !

    Did you use the save and exit option, or did you save separately, and the exit without saving? Using the combined save and exit option has been known to corrupt city save files!