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  1. Too Much Money bug?

    For those who are not exactly sure what the load order looks like for SC4, the following is an extract from the documentation for SC4DataNode by @rivit: "The order of loading looks like this SimCity 4\*.dat* thus EP1.dat, LotEditor.dat, Intro.dat, SimCity_n.dat,Sound.dat SimCity 4\Language\*.dat SimCity 4\SKU_Data\..\*.dat then SimCity 4\Plugins and then User Documents\Simcity4\Plugins (or in fact any arbitrary Directory) For the plugins the loading order is two passes – this is in operating system collation sequence \plugins\*.* where *.* is not *.dat AND *.* contains the DBPF Tag in bytes 1-4 \plugins\asubfolder\*.* \plugins\asubfolder\asubsub\*.* \plugins\asubfolder\bsubsub\*.* \plugins\bsubfolder\*.* And then again \plugins\*.dat \plugins\asubfolder\*.dat \plugins\asubfolder\asubsub\*.dat \plugins\asubfolder\bsubsub\*.dat \plugins\bsubfolder\*.dat" Remember that overrides occur whenever two or more exemplars share the same IID. So obviously where these exemplars exist in the Plugins folder will affect which exemplar is used in-game (whichever one loads last). Tim
  2. Too Much Money bug?

    just to avoid confusion here: Load order is the order in which the game loads your plugins into memory. This can best be seen using SC4DataNode mentioned above. The initial screen (after scanning your Plugins folder) will show the exact order that all your Plugins will be loaded into the game. Load order can be modified by renaming any sufolders inside your Plugins folder, or moving content to different folders than where they currently exist. Item Order determines the order in which any ploppable lots are viewed in whatever in-game menu they have been assigned to. This can be adjusted using iReader to adjust the Item Order property of each building exemplar as mentioned by @rsc204. Note that only ploppables (i.e. any lot/building that appears in one of your in-game menus) have this property. Growables do not have this property for obvious reasons.
  3. Spoorlaan 386, Tilburg

    @capsrool, this lot shows up fine in the Landmark menu. On my PC it shows up between "Rotes Rathaus" and "Amalienborg." It is listed as "Custom Ploppable." What did you do with the .rar file after you downloaded it? RAR is another archive format like ZIP. One must un-archive the file before the contents are of any use in-game.
  4. Industrial Manufacturing Lots Dependencies

    Even though these lots (from both downloads ) use Maxis Buildings as Props as their basis, @Diamond used multiple buildings (as props) on each of his lots. The Lots included in IRM are all relots of the original Maxis Industrial lots, and thus replace the original Maxis lots. So while these lots use buildings that were used on the the default Maxis lots, and thus also on the IRM relots, I don't believe you will see any of these lots in IRM as they exist in these downloads. Having said that, the final answer to your question could be yes, variations are included, in that all the lots (Maxis, IRM, and these) use the same models. But as duplicates of the basic layouts (as relots tend to be), no.
  5. Industrial Manufacturing Lots Dependencies

    You guys guessed right with BSC Mega Props JES Vol01. I did find a surprise. I-M manufacturers small lots also needs BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790).
  6. @Moses Zal, here's where I think your initial premise goes a bit off-track. The primary difference between the Kiosk and any other Maxis station is that the Kiosk has no dispatches. Your premise hinges on an assumption that stations with dispatches have no other means to apprehend criminals than with dispatches. If having no dispatches means "the center strength, exterior strength, and radius applies to arresting criminals by foot," and since dispatches have their own center strength, exterior strength, and radius, what then do the center strength, exterior strength, and radius of the station itself apply to? The Kiosk and the Small Police Station both have the same number of employees/jobs. So your premise philosophically says that the majority of Police Officers working at the Kiosk are out on foot apprehending criminals, while at the Small Police Station, the only Police Officers that can apprehend criminals are the two who have vehicles available to them, and they are limited in their effectiveness due to the limited radius of coverage of a dispatch. And/or, they have no means at all of apprehending criminals if the available dispatches are already busy. I don't see how that can make any sense.
  7. You lost me here! I don't understand why the center strength gets divided by 255? I think your premise is based on some false thinking. You're assuming that the ability of a police station to capture criminals is dependent on dispatches for those stations that have dispatches. If you get right down to it though, dispatches only capture any criminals when you see a crime in progress, and manually dispatch a unit. Criminal apprehension is still occurring even when a unit is not dispatched. You just don't see it (like you don't see it with a Kiosk, which has no dispatches). From the Prima guide: CRIMINAL APPREHENSION "Whether criminals are caught or not depends on the level of police coverage. If the crime protection value on a tile is above 20 (usually within the inner 80 percent of a police radius), an arrest will happen. Beyond that, it’s dicier, with dispatching providing your best bet for catching crooks. Apprehension ability can be increased by overlapping station radii. Because crime protection effects are additive, overlapping increases police protection in outer areas." Notice that the only mention of dispatches is here is in reference to apprehending criminals beyond the 80% point in coverage radius. If a Station with dispatches could only catch criminals when a dispatch is made, then its center and exterior strength would be irrelevant. I think the key wording in the Guide is here: "When on a call, Police Dispatches work like mini-Police Stations, enhancing coverage within their radii (suppressing crimes and arresting criminals)." and here: WHAT IS A DISPATCH? A dispatch works like a mini Fire or Police Station. Its area of protection while at a dispatch scene is strongest near the pylon and dissipates with distance. While on site, the dispatch will quell fires and crimes within their area of effect at the same time they’re doing their appointed task." This would tend to imply that dispatches only exert their influence when they are at the site they were dispatched to. Secondary to this is the implication that dispatches don't actually exist as an "entity" until a manual dispatch is made. Stats: Police Kiosk Center Strength: 100 Exterior Strength: 0 Radius: 12 Tiles Gain or loss per tile: 100 / 12 = 8.33/tile Your math: 100 / 255 = 0.39 / 12 = .03/tile Small Station Center Strength: 200 Exterior Strength: 0 Radius: 24 Tiles Gain or loss per tile: 200 / 24 = 8.33/tile Your math: 200 / 255 = 0.78 / 24 = .03/tile Large Station Center Strength: 300 Exterior Strength: 0 Radius: 37 Tiles Gain or loss per tile: 300 / 37 = 8.11/tile Your math: 300 / 255 = 1.18 / 37 = .03/tile Rush Hour adds the Deluxe Station Center Strength: 350 Exterior Strength: 0 Radius: 43 Tiles Gain or loss per tile: 350 / 43 = 8.14/tile Your math: 350 / 255 = 1.37 / 43 = .03/tile
  8. Just to verify: You did do that for both files (Villavicencio_stoneClearRustic.dat and Villavicencio_stoneClearRusticDemie.dat). When I downloaded the package, in the folders where the above files reside, there was also a .sav version of the above files. Do they still exist in your Plugins folder? If so, delete them (as well as any other .sav file that might exist in your Plugins folder).
  9. @tariely FYI, I found the download I think @matias93 was referring to (Various Lot Foundations and Retaining Walls) here on the STEX, but none of the IIDs you show in your LE screenshots match any exemplars in that download. That's not to say that the textures you're missing don't come from that download.
  10. Ummm, if the offending lots aren't in your Plugins folder someplace, how could they end up in your Parks menu so you could plop them (successfully or unsuccessfully)?? What's the link that you were given for SC4D? Weren't there any entries of type LotConfiguration in the DataNode results?
  11. Police Protection At A Certain Tile

    I'm not aware of any available view, graph, or tool that would give you this information. However, it really shouldn't be that difficult to figure out. You have the Center Strength (strength at the Police facility), radius of coverage (in meters), and External Strength (strength at extreme radius) stats for each Police facility. So you have only two data points to work with. This means that strength decreases linearly the farther you get from the police station. So let's take the Maxis Small Police station as an example. It has the following stats: Center Strength = 200; External Strength = 0; Protection Radius = 384m (24 tiles). The math tells us then that strength drops 8.33 points for each tile as one moves away from that Police Station.. Note that when protection radii overlap from different Police facilities, the effect is additive. So you would have to figure out the strength going outward from each Police Facility. Also note that custom Police facilities may have stats very different from default Maxis facilities.
  12. @tariely, I'm guessing that the reason some of those lots plop as "blank" is that they require some texture you don't currently have in your plugins, while the ones that do work are maybe using either a Maxis texture, or some other common one. I'm pretty sure that the information shown is the IID of the lot, and the exemplar name, which may or may not match the file name. If you haven't done so already, you might try running a search on your Plugins folder using one of the exemplar names (or maybe just "retaining_wall") as your search term. You might get lucky. Barring someone recognizing the lot names (or getting lucky with the above search), I can think of only two ways to identify these lots: testing by halves (which I think you're familiar with), or using SC4Datanode. For a DataNode search, once you scan your Plugins folder, switch to TGI View, and then check "Lots - Props." The resulting list will show only Lot Configuration, Building, Prop, and Cohort exemplars. The list is filtered by GID, while the ID shown in the LE is IID. Luckily all Lot Exemplars have the same GID (0xA8FBD372). Scroll down the list until you find that GID, and then start searching for one of the listed IIDs. Once you find this, the information provided will tell you where these lots are located on your hard-drive (definitely much easier and quicker than doing a testing by halves search). BTW, I ran a DataNode search on my Plugins, and didn't come up with anything.
  13. Actually it's not, in either the original Prima Guide, or the updated one created for Rush Hour. Based on a word search on "courthouse", there is no mention in either guide of the effect you've mentioned. Is it possible you got the information from a custom courthouse someplace, or some mod? As @rsc204 mentioned, the number of dispatches in and of itself, doesn't enhance the effectiveness of the police station. However, since each dispatch unit has its own center strength, exterior strength, and radius of protection, it functions as a min-police station when manually dispatched. In addition to performing whatever function it was dispatched for, it will also provide crime suppression and arrest of criminals within its radius of coverage.
  14. Prepping my First Region

    For schools (vs. colleges/universities/museums/libraries), you have two budget sliders. The Local Funding slider affects maximum capacity (i.e. as funding decreases, so does max capacity). This is one way you can lower spending - adjust budget to meet current capacity + a buffer. It doesn't make much sense to have Local funding maxxed out if the current number of students is only 1/10th the maximum capacity. But doing this also implies constantly rechecking to insure schools aren't getting overcrowded based on current funding. The second slider is for Local Bus Funding. This slider affects coverage radius for the school (i.e. as bus funding decreases, so does coverage radius; Note that with this slider set to zero, your effective radius of coverage is exactly half the published coverage radius) To get the maximum Education Boost, you will need a mix of education facilities of different types to cover specific age ranges, and probably multiples of each type to cover your residential areas. Note that it can get expensive trying to provide all this education coverage. If you can't afford full education coverage for all age ranges, nothing bad will happen. It just means that some Sims will take longer to reach maximum EQ than others. You have a similar situation with Health Care facilities, except the second slider is Ambulance Funding. As far as your brain hurting from the math, luckily you really don't need to do any math. Basically, the game automatically figures out what type of development is needed at any particular time, based on education and wealth level of the workforce. Just follow the RCI graphs. In the end, you will probably automatically end up with something close to the ratios mentioned by @rsc204, without punishing your brain.
  15. Can you give me an example of one of the downloads that is confusing you?