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  1. Industrial Revolution Mod - Base Pack (Maxis Lots)

    Thank you very much for this.I have just started a new region with this mod,and it looks really nice and real in game, compare to the normal "grey" industry.And not complicated at all,-to use and to install.Can´t wait till I get Hightech :))
  2. Again I can only apologize for wasting your time.I really thought it was (easy) possible to modifie maxis buildings,and also thought that is what the modders are doing,-either modifye existing buildings or create some new ones using G-max.-because I have seen many modifyed maxis buildings as download. Then when you sayed you could teach me,I thought it was these two buildings we was talking about.Again my bad,sorry. I don´t know why you are so afraid showing me to mod those DAT files.I have open and watched them many times,without doing anything,then closed them again,because I did´nt know what to do.No big deal,ther´s just many. You and me,-we hav´nt been speaking the same language,-that can happend when foreign people try to translate and understand each other. Sorry for the confusing.
  3. But that´s the screen I get when I push "open file".It´s just incidentally that the plugin folder are highligthed.Nothing are highligthed when it open. And why would I want to costumize any downloaded file.From beginning I´ve asked for a (maxis) school and hospital,and when you told you could teach me using the Reader,I thought it was those two buildings we should mod and nothing ells. My installation is total clean.Nothing downloaded anywhere,because I deleted anything Origin related because of that error,and now run the game trough Steam.I just hav´nt sayed that clear enough.
  4. I don´t think there are any differents in how the different versions of Windows handle the game other than you can´t play the disc version on Win 10,and also the "Region Wiew glitch" on large maps. Just for the fun,I´ve visit LEX today just to see my download history,and I have exatly 110 downloads from that site only.I have no idea of how many from here because I lost my first account for some reasons.Also in old days I used a lot of files from SimCity.com I think that will answer your question of if I know how to handle the Plugin Folder. I just never see exatly what type of files they are,just how to download and install.Because it don´t interest me,-and sorry to say,-it still don´t. I´ve never been interested in programming and in this case modding,and I don´t think i´ll ever will. But using a tool like Reader,Sc4 mapper,LotEditor and so on is ok,-as long as it´s simple. And using the Reader is absolute not simple for me,and I find it better we stop this thread now,-though I´m still interested in how to navigate to those two building(hospital,school). Anyway.Thank you very much for taking your time to try and teach an old man,but sorry mate "I was´nt game".
  5. O my God. I really appreciate you take your time to teach me using this Reader,or in your own word,-how to catch a fish.But I feel like a marsian who have never seen water in hes life. The first part about .SC4Lot, .SC4Desc, .SC4Model, and .dat,well I know very little.I know a hole lot more about the SC4 Mapper and bit files,but thats another story. I have tryed to follow your instructions,and have "open file",and that gives me this: Then you tells me to open the .SC4Lot file,but I don´t know where to find that one. It´s very late here now,and my brain stopped working by reading your last post :)).I won´t say to give it up yet,but perhaps take some smaller steps...
  6. I love you :))-even you forgot to tell me also changes the SimCity folder (no 2 option,but how could you know it also saied Origin)hehhh.. Now Reader open as intended.Bravo. Can´t wait till next lesson.You´r a good friend:) In the meantime,I´ll use a little time in the "Donate" option in top of this site. CU.Kim
  7. Win 10 x64 Well.Now I have installed the Reader from your link,and also the Visual C++ 2010 (only possible after deleting all other versions of Visual´s...) Now,I also have SC4 Deluxe on Steam,so I decided to remove Origin from my PC,and instead install SC4 from Steam,but still it tells me this: I know it´s the version (sc4) from Steam now,because it´s on danish(my language),and the Origin version are on english,so I have no idea why it still says /Origin Games... When I click "ok" on that screen,Reader open with this screen: I don´t get the message about: "No Reader.ini detected.You need to setup the Reader for optimal performance" and as you can see,-the Reader seems to be ready,but I don´t know if it "looks right". -many things are greyed out.. So far,so good (or bad?)
  8. Nice reply,-I like that ;=).However I really don´t think you "can easily" teach me using the Reader. I have downloadet it,-in different version (1.4) now,but whatever version I use-when I open it,the first message I get are this: "Failed to open C:/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Sim City 4 Deluxe Editon/English (US)/Sim CityLocale.DAT" --(I can´t even do this / correct on my keyboard...lol) Then when I click ok,the program open with this message: "No Reader.ini detected.You need to setup the Reader for optimal performance" So allready just by open the program,I have no idea what happend and what to do. Am I game? Absolutely,and if you can teach me using this "easy" thing,you´ve got yourself a friend for life
  9. Hello all. First at all,-I´m not new to sc4,I have played it since 2004,but I hav´nt played for some years. I have played allmost all the new City builders,but SimCity 4 is the only real "build a city" game for me :),-because(and many other reasons) so far I hav´nt reached more than 650.000 population,in a single city,and that was with the latest NAM installed. I have SimCity 4,-the very first and original on a disc,-but unfortunately I can´t play it on modern computers,so digital SC4 Deluxe it is. No problem in that,-other than ALL the problems you all know about,-It´s simply unplayable without Mods. And mods is what this thread is about.If I had the knowlegde to customize a Hospital,or any other buildings for my use, by using the Lot Editor and iLive Reader I wouldn´t make this post,but I simply can´t figure out how to use these great tools.(58 yeays old,and never had an I pad,-or what ever the name are....;)) So here is my little pray for you Modders. I would really like a Hospital and an Elementary School with a capacity of 9-10.000,and with 3 times the cost for both the ambulance and daily running. Nothing ells must be changed.Just a lot that act as 3 Hospitals or Schools I know there´s a load of those costum Civic both here and Devotion,but I hav´nt found anything that fit my "style". Can YOU do this for me?please?
  10. CXL 2012 Bus problem

    Naee,I did´nt make a single 1 way street/road at all. The message just popped up,some time after I´ve maked the line. But no matter why,I would be glad to know WHAT to do when a Bus-line are broken? Do I need to rebuild it all?
  11. I have CXL 2012,and had a well working Bus-line. Then I got a message that the line was stopped working because,-perhaps of a broken road. But there was no broken roads or any other issues I could figure out. When I tryed to see where the problem should be,I was taken to the beginning of the line,but there was no way I could see how I should repaire or whatever anything! Can anyone in here explain for me,what the problem was,and what I should have done to fix it?
  12. CitiesXL 2012

    Hi.I´m also a n o o b in this game.I played XL a cupple of years ago,and that time I could do it off,-or online,where there was other players too. Now I´ve just downloaded XL 2012,and it seems that ther´s no online part anymore. And this is the n o o b question:Is this game not online anymore?I mean,-no chat,no trade,no visiting other players city´s? Please avoid answer my question,if you feel annoying about this silly n o o b . Aha,I found the answer myself "However, on March 8, 2010 the online service was closed and the game became single-player only." That´s a damn shame though,but still a good game.
  13. Help needed-University

    Aha.I thought education level and school grade was the same.Thanks a lot,-both of you.
  14. I need the big uni in my town. I did´nt build it when it showes up in as reward.Now I really need it,but its not in the rewards list or in the list for schools anymore.My mayor rating are 60+,education level 160+ and population about 90.000.Why cant I get it?
  15. Today I activated a Blueprint on the CitiesXL website,and now I cant play the game. I am stucked in the last screen that says "CitiesXL-loggin in....." I waited 10 min but absolut nothing happend and I could only alt-ctrl-del out again. Anybody ells having this issue,and what do I do? Edit. I have solved the problem.I´m a *****,-it was my Firewall...