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  1. Upcoming Teaser

    After from what seems to be an eternity from posting anything in over a year, I am back with more ideas and energy for developing Mistral Isle. Here is some few teaser shots to give you an idea of what is to come very soon. Please mind that these shots are what I consider to be polished and done, as there are still other areas I have not shown yet to reach this level of development.
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    @Haljackey From my personal preference, I like the third option the best for its relative compactness compared to the other two possible options. However, from what I see, it could be more space efficient, but there might be special needs that I may not have known, such as traffic levels. I am just tipping my few cents in and ultimately you decide what is truly best.
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    The latest "unusual diamond" interchange I was working on today.
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    A rebuild of an interchange that I posted way back. Compared to as of this post, this is about over a month old and which has seen some notable changes, which will be seen in my next CJ update.
  5. Made much significant progress on the next CJ entry, but it is now less likely that I'll be able to publish an full-blown update, although to compensate, I'll sprinkle some WIP screenshots of the city I am working and rebuilding on. *;)

    Forgot to mention, I did some city rework in Birdwater, which I will touch up on soon. Took a week to get the essential foundations firmly in place. 

  6. Scenes From Hong Kong

    Ooooh, this tickles my admiration of urban landscapes over and over again. As usual, extremely well-detailed and crafted to top quality. Good work all round!
  7. Well, its been a busy 2017 and 2018 as I gear up for greater things ahead. That does not mean I am dead here, nor the end of my city journal. Aside from having to rework back to a backup copy of Mistral Isle (Due to prop pox), I will have to redo the city of Birdwater Point yet again. Still, I have been feeling the urge to play some more SimCity 4 and apply some new approaches to city-building. I will not promise an update this month (because I will be out of the country for a family reunion), but perhaps July will see something more substantial to my CJ. *;)

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Hi Artimus,

      Welcome back to Simtropolis! *:)

      As you may have seen a few months ago, it so happens there's been quite the revelation in terms of Prop Pox. Thanks to the incredible efforts of @simmaster07, there's now finally a cure at long last. Although I've never experienced the dreaded crippling bug myself, I've heard far too often how it can be such a game-breaker.

      I'm personally not completely sure which types of props the Pox affects. Whether it's just limited to props on lots, or the flora type (MMPs). So it might require those to be re-plopped again after installing the fix. The big positive news is it's been proven to remarkably revert all signs and symptoms of Prop Pox infected cities.

      So you may well find this thread of interest, along with the new release of the SC4Fix. It's great to hear you've got aspirations to contribute by resuming City Journalling, and I hope this may help with achieving that goal.

    2. Artimus


      Nice. I just tried this fix and holy mackerels it does work! That saves me a lot of redevelopment time and I feel free from the worries of prop pox dread. Wonderful fix indeed! 

  8. Evolution

    Such a neat video you composed! Clearly this encompasses human history and development in SimCity 4 itself, which is impressive! Sorry I was not able to get back on your higher resolution request. Still, it was pretty neat to watch!
  9. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    A WIP interchange. It is a rework of a previous post I made a while ago and thought it was outdated. MMPing this one is always a favorite thing to do. Might do future upgrades although at the cost of some development could shelve that possibility for a long while.
  10. Hello again! As you have been informed, today's entry will be a different kind from the usual posts I make in my CJ. Today, I wanted to share some of my recent changes and experiments regarding to how Mistral's roadways could look in the future and whether if that prospect seems to be promising enough that I will keep the changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recreating the Roadways: Using the JPN Sidewalk Mod Interestingly, this change came to be due to some overriding base texture problems with Paeng's Sandstone Texture Mod and RMIP Airport Lots. Finding a solution to this problem was quite tough for me to solve without the help of other people, but it did give me another opportunity to change the sidewalk mod I was currently using at that time to something else. This is when I glossed through the internet for potential listings and the JPN Sidewalk Mod was a definitive answer to that desire. Here are some pictures I took in Birdwater Point to see what the effect it would have on my city. However, one of the sidewalk mod's weakness is that it does not appear on NWM roads as well as some curved roadways. Still, I awfully like the changes it brings. Overall, I have been pleased with this mod. It is especially very good at spicing up urban areas where buildings are bunched up together in close proximity. Indeed, I felt that this can give me the "Mistralian" city look that I always wanted. However, on the flip side, the street version is not up to snuff with the sole idea that this mod can and will blocks people's driveways with fences in my suburbs. That idea will just not fly with me anytime soon. Still, I might have to replace those streets with SAM oriented ones. Do note that I am still deciding to keep the mod or revert that change anytime in the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One More Thing... If you have stuck around long enough to read about my excited ramblings, then I will award you yet another thing I am working on at the moment. Do note that its still a WIP and is still subject to change as I get to grips on how airports work. (I spent two days figuring out what the RMIP lots do in order to get me to this point.) Do leave a comment about your thoughts and thank you for your time! - Artimus
  11. Well, I made sure that BSC Texture Pack v1 was installed into my Plugins folder. Currently, I am using Paeng's Texture Mod, which is the definite source of the problem with the override. However, as of now the SimCity 4 Lot Editor will not save those airport lots I need to edit the correct base texture due to this error "Failed to open SC4LOT file." I am still scouring the forums for a solution to this problem...
  12. That seems to be case until I installed the Lot Editor and started to edit the base textures of the affected lots. For an idea I came up with, I backed up my current Plugins folder and stored it in a separate location. Then I made a second Plugins folder except that I only copied the Aerospace Consortium folder (The airport lots I am currently using). I open the Lot Editor again to see if anything changed, and what happens next is that the correct base textures was somehow restored instead of the incorrect walking sidewalk texture. I did this test twice (with same result) and now I am very sure that something in my plugins folder is conflicting with some of the custom airport lots. Still thinking of what is the exact root of this problem...
  13. Once Upon a Time Middletown

    Wow, I do love the sense of rural America that you have made in this entry. Its a bit like time travelling back in a time-capsule to a virtually bygone era.
  14. Hello! As of right now, I am not sure what is causing this tarmac to gain a sidewalk texture instead of the usual concrete tarmac one. I am trying to pin down the root of this problem, but if anyone knows any potential solutions, I will appreciate the help. By the way I am using the AC Team's airport sets. Additionally, I might be overlooking a particular pack I am missing somehow? I'm browsing the dependency list to see if this is the case.
  15. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Here is my first gif showing off Downtown Birdwater from day to night.