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About this City Journal

By Jorge Carrillo

Entries in this City Journal


With joy and sadness I come to show advances of the development of Larna,

Joy for the new that we have already reach the Milestone of 40 million Sims,

Sadness because it seam that I have lost the Airpor, unable to open the city and play with it to record a video.

I would ask you if some body would like to try to open the file in his own game, I gould be glad to send a copy of it, just to check if they can open it and thus confirming that the problem is in my computer,




A big city needs a big rail station, Larna needed a main Passenger Train Station able to move millions of commuters, it is linked to the web of highways and to the web of Monorail and to the lines of HSR of which it is the core station too,

  1. It accounts with eight modules of rails connected by underground and interlinked to exchange trains between modules,
  2. It has the Corporate Offices of the Larna Rail Services Company, which is incharge of the management of the whole rail system of Larna.
  3. It is next to the Airport Charles V to allow train commuters to reduce time when moving to their Terminals and flights,
  4. Modules are also connected by Tram to help those wich are disabled to walk long distances in interchanges.



Airport Authorities demand to real estate developers to respect the trajectories of Airport runways


Supreme Court defined not to allow any building to be built in the south paths of the Runways of CV Ariport in a distance of 3 kilometers from the limits of Charles V Airport

The Court also declared that the east lands to the secundary runways must be protected for 2 kilometers from the limits of CVA.

Court defined that only Fams can be established in those lands


The lands in dispute are in yellow




This Time I am presenting you the low density district of Metepec,

Metepec is a City which grew over former fields of crops, The farmers wanted to keep a low density use of the land even when exchanging its use from agriculture to urban, though the 90% of the houses are 1x1 tile, the city grew wnicely and soon became one of the districts most desirable in Larna.

The mall of Metepec has retail stores of exclusive and renouned brands of wear, resraurants and enertainment places.


It is easy to go to the mall either by train or car, It is well communicated.


Some rich people got autorization to build a department building close to Metepec Reserve of Forest.


Sims of Metepec love Base-Ball, and they go to the Stadium after a hard day of work in the finantial district.


Metepec citizens love low density blocks:


Metepec is half Residential, half Agricultural and Industrial, The side closest to Larna Urban area is the residential part,


Metepect citizens use Mostly Passengel train as the core way of transportation, this reduces at minimum air pollution.


I hope you liked Metepec.

Thank you for watching.


Save the forest

The growing of Larna threatens the lasts forest of the low lands. People demand protection for those trees to be preserved as city parks.



Then the new law of urbanization had to be edicted:

Article 224 All the groups of trees with extension larger to 10 acre must be registred in the catalogue of the Bureau of Enviromental issues

Article 225 All the forest with extension larger to 50 acre have to be protected as a reserve of biodiversity

Article 226 Streets Avenues or Roads must go around the boundary of the forest, avoiding in all moment the destruction of parts of it.

Article 227 The destruction of the forest or the damage in partial or total destruction of it ,will carry a fee and the obligation of restitution and restauration of the integrity of the forest damaged.

Article 228 Lumber activities must be controled and supervised by the Bureau of Enviromental issues to regulate their activity to specific camps of sustainable explotation.



Well president of México just today anounced the construction of the new Airport of Mexico City, and the Airport is going to have 6 runways, it was a kind of epiphany that My Airport CVA planed for Larna also have 6 runways, Arround México city we live almost 30 million people in its greater are, including Querétaro.


When I presented Charles V Airport Larna had almos 30 million people, here I present the Note from Reuters about new Airport of México city and its 6 runways and a picture of CV A 6 runways, even the location of Runways are very simlar. Prophesy? Epiphany? or some arquitect of the project is also a forumer of Simtropolis:

New airport plan for Mexico City eyes six runways: sources


(Reuters) - Mexico is reviewing design plans for a new 120 billion peso ($9.23 billion) Mexico City airport which will eventually have six runways and should begin operating by 2018, according to sources familiar with the plan.

The new hub is due to replace the overstretched Benito Juarez International Airport and would be built on the area of the Texcoco lake bed nearby, said two people with knowledge of the project, few details about which have been revealed....

Mexico City







First of all thank you to all who answered my last question about suburbs style of plannification, thanks to GDK, Schulmator, Kyoto Coyote and Kisa Atsuko, I am really honored by your only review of my humble posts. I comment you that I tried the small blocks system but it looked not so good, first because I had not many houses of smal tile, size (1x1 or 1x2 or 2x1) and so the result was with a single style of maxis house and the look was kind of comunist.

I tried to download more small houses and I did, but the look didn't really convince me and I then started a new research for planning the suburbs. This was the result:


The way I found to make nice lookong suburbs was by making roundabouts inside my tipical 6x6 blocks, I have to share with you that Larna is wholy planned as a 6x6 block city, and in my square mind I was very reluctant to change it but it happened that I made a nice discovery by making roundabouts streets inside my 6x6 block, This system is as follows: .

  • I had to respect the ways of the Rail lines but surrounding them by parks and trees.
  • I had to add playgrounds to the block in the spacaes without street or road to go away.
  • And I had to put passenger train stations to decrees de use of car and to decrees comute times.

The result is as follows:






Concerning the numbers, Larna has reached 38.8 million thanks not to the suburbs but to one of the districts of Trinidad,




Sorry to disapoint you again. This time I am posting 2 options of urbanization for smal houses 1x1 with gardens and parks. But As you know I like straight streets to connect them easier to the avenues which follow the patherns of the rest of the region.

In this case I have 2 options one with big blocks and the other one with small blocks, both are blocks with gardens in the middle along the block. Dark gray lines are avenues, black lines are roads, and light gray lines are streets, Darck green spaces are gardens and light green spaces are habitational areas.

¿Which Option do you dislike it the less?

Option A: larger blocks


Option B: smaller blocks



The connecting highway that is being constructed, has this look:



News about the New High Way that will link Larna with Trinidad and with the Costal cities have spread, and People is Wondering through which lands will it be built. Delegates from the central government are going to speak with the farmers to show them the plan of the new highway to calm people and to start arrangements for land expropiation and, if it is the case, liquidation or exchange to affected farmers.


Farmers wanted the Highway to also allow them to move their crops on it, And after negociations, the Government accepted to built some inlets and outlets to the highway to connect them to it. Perhaps because the farmer accepted the construction of a High Speed Rail aside to the highway without noticing that the HSR was going to be quite noisy. Any way the delegates took advantage of their lack of information and after the signatures of the agreements they flew away and the Machines begun the construction of both The highway and the High speed rail.



latest work

This time I am showing the last areas of larna under development, you can see close to the Airport CV, a smal hill wich is surrounded by avenues and streets, that area will be a commercial and habitaional area, and the hill will be preserved as a recreational park with dams and trees:




Well as you know I usually like to post when my city moves one million ahead in population, but now to break a little bit that logic I would like to post few pics of one of those costal cities with lo population, its name is Cihuatlán: (sorry for the yellow lines







By the Way those twin towers grew up by themselves, it was not intended:



This time I am posting to update my jurnal because I need help, I am having problems with te transport system, Particularly in the Train station and the commuting to the Subway System, my stations are just overpassed. If you can help me to find larger capacity stations which do not require larger area I am going to thank you.





Larna 34.5 M

Well I am giving the news of Larna reaching 34.5 Millions but I am also taking advantage of giving a little prospective of how is it that so many different cities fit in the same region, the next picture shows what I am doing.


I am trying to put some rivers which I have created in another region with the same configuration in the size of the cities, You can see that the voids fit between regions, this is because i am moving the rivers from Rios to Larna.



Trying to find the advantages of a urbanization NY Style.

The blocks are made of north - south avenues each 14 spaces and roads running east - west each 6 spaces with east west avenues each 8 roads.

At this moment the city lacks of any masive mean of transportation, no subway, no buses, no rail, only cars and pedestrians. I guess that such is the cause of so many buildings in poor conditions, because of the high noise levels in the streets and the high levels of air pollution. Then the next step will be to place a subway web at least one line every avenue, such as it is in New York.



In the next picture we can see le large area of land which has not been urbanized yet, I think that the idea will be to copy Brooklin and Queens with urbanization of middle density and high density only in the coast line, and large areas of suburbs.


The next picture shows the empire state near a park, I would have rathered put the rockefeller center and a far larger park, but, this is just an experiment, I am not saying that I am going to copy New York City or at least recreata it. I just want to review the impact of having its urban trace..



I know that my regin look very unatural and the fact that it lacks of agriculture areas makes it even more unreal, That is why I am exploring the osibilities of using the SPAM by PEG. Jala is my first big city in which I am using the SPAM. Jala is south the Main Airport of Larna. I probably will us this mod in all the non urban blocks.




Larna 33.5 M

This time I am posting the latest work I have been doing, I keep Growing Larna in the cities close to the southern rivers, and we reached 33.5 million sims in the region. I have experimented some different types of urbanizations by making more usage of Train Viaducts as the core public mean of transportationfor the latest city in which I have been Working, Santa María Bertilla.


Santa MAría Bertilla is a city in which the buildings get very repetitive, I don't like that but the buildings are left free to grow all the ways they want it, I just put streets, roads, avenueas and services and I leave the city to grow free, though sometimes I don't like the way it does.



The Central Island of San Marcos Port is fully devoted to Oil and Gas trading. the east side of the island is for liquid hicrocarbon, and the west side is for gas hidrocarbon. I will keep updating, I have gotten the plots from many different places, I have links to all of them in my blogspot, searh for Mysimcities.blogspot.



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