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  1. Yeah, I have a bunch more portraits. I have links to my facebook, tumblr, and twitter (facebook has ALL the pictures I've done so far). Like, follow, share. That would be great! I'll also post more here.
  2. Captain John S. Crawford, 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (Collis Zouaves) During the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, 1864
  3. 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (Collis Zouaves), Company F, during the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, August 1864.
  4. Yeah, sort of an unhanded way to force an upgrade, though I would highly suggest upgrading to Windows 10 if you are Windows-based. Of course, not every computer can handle Windows 10 and not every program or peripheral will function after an upgrade. The upgrade is really nice and simple for basic users. It won't wipe out all your programs and data, though I would suggest an upgrade to Windows 10 the perfect time to do a fresh wipe of the old hard drive to clear off all the junk. I'm based in China and I've noticed that almost NOBODY besides myself has upgraded to Windows 10 preferring to stick with their pirated copies of Windows Vista and XP. Oh well, this sort of tactic (hitting the X button actually accepts something) smacks of the same tactic I hate with Chinese applications. Hit the no button or the uninstall and it actually adds more crap to your system.
  5. Brigadier General John Buford (USA)Buford was born in Woodford County, Kentucky on 4 March 1826, but was raised in Rock Island, Illinois. His father was a prominent Democrat and political opponent of Abraham Lincoln. His family had a long military tradition. His grandfather, Simeon Buford, served in the cavalry during the American Revolutionary War under Henry "Lighthorse" Lee. His half-brother, Napoleon Bonaparte Buford, would become a major general in the Union Army, while his cousin, Abraham Buford, would become a cavalry brigadier general in the Confederate Army.He attended West Point and graduated 16th of 38 cadets in 1848. He was commissioned a brevet second lieutenant in the 1st U.S. Dragoons, transferring the next year to the 2nd U.S. Dragoons. He served in Texas and against the Sioux, served on peacekeeping duty in Bleeding Kansas, and in the Utah War in 1858. He was stationed at Fort Crittenden, Utah, from 1859 - 1861.When war broke out, Buford was forced to choose between North and South. While his background pointed him South, his military ties, including his two most influential professional role models, Colonels William S. Harney and Philip St. George Cooke, Southerners who remained loyal to the Union, pointed him North. He served several months in the defense of Washington, and in July 1862 was raised to the rank of brigadier general of volunteers.Major General John Pope appointed him commander of the II Corps Cavalry Brigade of the Army of Virginia. He was wounded at the Second Battle of Bull Run. When he returned to service, he served as chief of cavalry for Major Generals George B. McClellan and Ambrose E. Burnside in the Army of the Potomac. However, Buford desired a field command. During the Maryland Campaign, Buford replaced Brigadier General George Stoneman on McClellan's staff for the battles of South Mountain and Antietam.Major General Joseph Hooker gave Buford the Reserve Brigade of regular cavalry in the 1st Division, Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac. Hooker remarked that Buford would have been a better choice to head the Cavalry Corps over Alfred Pleasonton. Buford led his new division at the Battle of Brandy Station.At Gettysburg, Buford rose to fame. Commanding the 1st Division, he is credited with selecting the field of battle at Gettysburg. On 30 June, Buford's command rode into Gettysburg, and Buford quickly realized that he was facing a superior force of rebels to his front and set out to hold the high ground south of town until the I Corps, under Major General John F. Reynolds, could come up in force. Buford's decisions and the tenacity of his men allowed the Union to secure Cemetery Ridge and ultimately defeat Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg.Pleasonton sent Buford's division to Emmitsburg, Maryland, to resupply and refit, uncovering the Union left flank. During the retreat from Gettysburg, Buford pursued the Confederates to Warrenton, Virginia. He covered Major General George Meade's retrograde movement in the October 1863 Bristoe Campaign.Buford fell ill late in 1863, possibly from typhoid, and he took respite at the Washington home of his good friend, General George Stoneman. On 16 December, Stoneman initiated the proposal that Buford be promoted to major general. Lincoln assented writing, "I am informed that General Buford will not survive the day. It suggests itself to me that he will be made Major General for distinguished and meritorious service at the Battle of Gettysburg." Buford asked, "Does he mean it?" When assured the promotion was genuine, he replied simply, "It is too late, now I wish I could live."He died at 2 p.m., 16 December 1863. Lincoln was among the mourners at his funeral and his pallbearers included General Casey, Heintzelman, Sickles, Schofield, Hancock, Doubleday, and Warren. He was buried alongside fellow Gettysburg hero Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing.
  6. Hello, Simtropolis, it has been a long time since I've been active in SimCity or on Simtropolis. This is not a re-entry into the world of Sim City, but a showcase of my new hobby, coloring black and white photographs. Most of the photographs I have colored have been from the American Civil War. These have all been colored by yours truly. Please follow me on Twitter @ColorizedPast, Tumblr colorizedpast.tumblr.com, and Facebook ColorizedPast. Here is my current project: 114 Pennsylvania Infanty (Zouaves), Company F, around Petersburg, Virginia 1864
  7. Wow, I can't believe I never actually got back into SimCity. At some point, maybe. We'll see.
  8. Are there any "year" sc4 mods?

    Yeah, the previous games started in 1900...and they also had a futuristic component to them, did they not? I remember the future building set for SC2000...can't remember if that triggered at a certain point on the game clock though. SC4 just starts in 00 because the game really doesn't have any time flow component built in to change building styles or anything...except that you can set the 4 different building sets (Chicago, Houston, etc.) to switch every 5 years (but again, that just has to do with the passage of 5 years and not a specific YEAR like 1960 or whatever). What you are talking about would be pretty cool, though!
  9. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Important update and news!

    Agh, your cities are so perfect! I wish I could get my downtowns to look so great.
  10. Are there any "year" sc4 mods?

    Does the game even start in 1900? I thought it was just 0. The years have NOTHING to do with what things grow or don't, so it really doesn't matter. It really is just a timer for how many Sim Years your city has been moving along. I have some that are 300+ due to age and lots of fast speeds to get thing growing. Other cities, I have are 1 year old...
  11. Green Beach

    The other little things. I'd say the abundance of original Maxis buildings and the road layout. Very reminiscent of much more vanilla type cities. And that ain't a bad thing :D. Looks good.
  12. MGB - Long Pedestrian Bridges

    Looks cool. I'll have to come back and download these when I get to the point of needing modern pedestrian bridges!
  13. Well, I stumbled across my SimCity backups while digging for my old maps to use for my ESL classes. The seed has been planted. I think I might be ready to do some more SimCity! Heck, I've already finished a few more tiles in my map for Ouisconsin. I've noticed that once again Simtropolis has changed settings and my journal is all messed up for fonts, pictures, etc. I'll have to remedy those problems. First, I really need to actually start up SimCity and see if everything will work right! Then, I'll start going and get an update and clean up the thread! I've been tempted to buy Cities: Skylines whenever it pops up on sale on Steam, but I'm just not ready to jump into it...I guess I need to see more the direction it is going and if it can end up like SC4...a VASTLY different game than it was 13 years ago or so.