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  1. PEG Random Woods v206

    Still looking for the updated version...
  2. Any chance I can get z_RHD_ped_overpasses.zip When the file downloads it says it is corrupted or invalid. Same happens with otherof those extra files.
  3. Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Addon Set1

    I've downloaded the CAM version of the IRM. can I install the addons, or will they conflict with the grow stages? If I have CAM am I stuck with the base pack only?
  4. nos.17 Essentials

    So the nos textures shopuld be replace for this new one? Because they have different name. old is only nos 17 textures and new is !nos
  5. OOM - Ordinance Overhaul Mod

    Hope I get an answer... Is this compatible with the "Crime doesn't pay" modd from RaphaelNinja?
  6. RHW-4 Toll Booth

  7. BLaM Modular Railyard System

    Good lot but with RRW on the NAM I rather be downloading lots with RRW textures
  8. Light Replacement Mod (LRM) v4.0 Mega Pack

    I like the streets lighting but please something is need to be done with the lots... they just look tooooooo bright.... I even remove the lots" plugin of the LRM and still i get super bright lots....
  9. Plugin Landmark Props

    What does this plugin exaclty do?
  10. Paeng's Urban Renewal - PURe

    I have all dependecies but the base textures doesnt appear ... any help? or missing dep? others than this and the PURE pack (and it depen)....
  11. roadside parking lots pack

    trees doesn't appear... I have all the dependencies any help?
  12. Street Side MOD for MAVE-4

    I have one question, does this function along with the MAVE 4 & 6 no grass? Or should the MAVE 4 no grass should be deleted?
  13. nos.17 Essentials

    Are this included in LBT Megaprops pack?
  14. Industrial Revolution Mod - CAM Version

    I've downloaded a lot of Industrial building CAM and not CAM will the game crash or what will happen if I install this?