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  1. OwO Sign

    A perfect addition to any city. A must-download for every serious SimCity 4 player.
  2. My Personal Questions.

    The Ring of Fire is actually bigger than that. (Its size has been mentioned earlier in the thread if you missed it)
  3. My Personal Questions.

    I don't think maps of that size are even possible, The Ring of Fire already requires a decently powerful computer just to load.
  4. My Personal Questions.

    The only region that comes to mind is The Ring of Fire. It might not be mostly flat, but I'd say it has something for everyone if you're willing to look past the downright impractical size of it.
  5. How to play SC4 Deluxe again?

    I'll just quote what I said in the introduce yourself thread to keep everything in one place.
  6. Introduce Yourself Here!

    The disc version doesn't work on Windows 10 because Microsoft dropped support for a driver it needs. You'll have to get it digitally on GOG (where it's currently 75% off as of this post) or Steam if you want to play it.
  7. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Is it a digital copy or on a disc?
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Looking good! Can't wait to see them in my cities. okay so i only posted this so that i could get a park named after me
  9. Show us your before/after shots!

    Continuing from my previous post, here's the city as it is right now: With more than half the region's population, it's easily the biggest city in the region now.
  10. Cori's Tree Shoppe

    wait what do you mean cori's not doing this one? oh okay fine i'll do it then Since @CorinaMarie got lazy politely requested that I write this, I present to you, Cori Jolteon Ferrian's Tree Shoppe by Toby Ferrian@Simtropolis A picture catalogue of (almost) every known Tree Controller Mod for SimCity 4 Note: I did not create any of these mods. This thread is simply to display each tree controller mod using the same city tile for easy comparison. If you find this useful bookmark or follow this thread. All images are hosted right here on Simtropolis, except for the gifs, which are hosted on Gfycat, so they will likely be around for as long as the site stays up. All of the content in this post is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, meaning you can share any part of this post as long as you attribute it to me. For people with 16:9 (or other wide screen) monitors, or a dual monitor setup, you can open this thread in two separate windows side by side. This allows you to have independent scroll bars to compare specific mods, but if you spread it across multiple monitors there may be some slight color difference between the two. For those that don't know what a tree controller is: A tree controller mod is a mod that replaces the trees that appear when you use the god mode tree brush. Other Threads in Cori's Shoppe Series: Cori's Water Shoppe (Links to and Pictures of every Water Mod) Cori's Beach Shoppe (Links to and Pictures of every Beach Mod) Cori's Terrain Shoppe ( Links to and Pictures of every Terrain Mod) Cori's Rock Shoppe (Links to and Pictures of every Rock Mod) Note: If you download a mod and have any difficulty with it and when all else fails, read the ReadMe instrructions that come with it. All of the pictures below were taken of the same hill with Maxis textures and shadows disabled. Due to the limited terrain variation not all trees are shown, and results may vary depending on your terrain and textures. If there are any tree controllers I forgot to add, let me know and I'll add them as soon as possible. The spoilers contain important information, so check them. Maxis trees: Cascadia Tree Controller by blunder: My personal favorite tree controller. Pacific Northwest Tree Controller by blunder: CPT Italia Tree Controller by c.p.: CPT Olympic Coast Tree Controller by c.p.: CPT Missouri Breaks Tree Controller by c.p.: Yes, it's supposed to look this barren. With this tree controller, trees only show up in areas with high moisture. To find areas with high moisture, use this mod. CPT Meadowshire River Tree Mod by c.p.: Like the Missouri Breaks tree controller above, it's supposed to be this barren. CPT Painted Desert Tree Controller by c.p.: HBS Yucatan Tropical Tree Mod 1: HBS Californian Mediterranean Tree Controller: HBS Chihuahuan Desert Flora Mod Central European Tree Controller by 11241036 ARDEN Seasonal Tree Controllers by vortext: This is the "Coast Regular" variant of the mod, the rest will be added at a later date. FedEx Tree Controller by missing dependencies: This is what you get when you don't read the ReadMe-s and descriptions, and don't install the dependencies. So again, read everything in the description and ReadMe file for the mod you choose. Unless, of course, you like the brown boxes enough to fill your city tiles with them.
  11. SC4D Fix dll problem

    GOG Galaxy is completely optional, except for a few games that rely on it for online functionality, such as Gwent. It's really just a more convenient way of managing and updating your games.
  12. Pyramid City.jpeg

    interesting layout
  13. Zones Data view

    If you chose to install the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool you can change it there.
  14. Cori's Tree Shoppe

    Thanks for reminding me that I had forgotten to link to it.
  15. Cori's Tree Shoppe

    It took me like a year (procrastination is fun, okay??), but I finally added the ARDEN Seasonal Tree Controller.
  16. Neutopia 2

    Don't upload the region as it's saved by the game, that's against the STEX rules. Use SC4 Mapper to export it to an SC4M file instead.
  17. Ban the User Above You!

    This already exists.
  18. Can't record SimCity 4

    I can't help you with D3DGear, as I've never used, or up until now even heard of, it. But with OBS, you can try the following: This, of course, requires that the game is running in windowed mode.
  19. Can't record SimCity 4

    I see OBS doesn't recognize the game at all, but what you can do instead is set the game to windowed mode and record the game as a window. That should work just fine.
  20. Can't record SimCity 4

    What happens when you try OBS?
  21. Can't record SimCity 4

    I've found that Open Brodadcaster Software (https://obsproject.com) works well with practically anything, including SimCity 4.
  22. Show us your Night Shots!

    The mainland section of the city of Constanta at night, as seen in this massive, 5000 x 5000 mosaic (click for full image):