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  1. Old North Church Boston

    I always look forward to seeing your creations. Very beautiful! Excellent work.
  2. Nelson Tower (450 Fashion Ave.)

    Beautiful building! You do excellent work. Thank you!
  3. Show us your Roundabouts & Intersections

    Thank you! I'm going to try it.
  4. Show us your Roundabouts & Intersections

    How did you make this roundabout? I've tried to make one like it but haven't gotten it right yet.
  5. NYBT / 712 Fifth Avenue

    Beautiful building. Thank you!
  6. DeVries Villas

    I have several BATs of yours and they all look fantastic. Very nice work. Thank you.
  7. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    Wow. I didn't think it was even possible to fix that most annoying, dreadful bug. Thank you so much! Amazing!
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I did. But my laptop (and back-up drive) with four yrs worth of sc4 work and a 3gb plugins folder were destroyed in 11/14. And I don't remember the name of the app. It does exist and was quite helpful.
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I read somewhere that there's an SC4 app that can tell you what dependencies are needed when you open a city that pops up the "Plug-in Pack needed" window. Can anyone give me any information on such an app? Thank you.
  10. RUM for RRW

    Fantastic work once again!  Thank you for sharing.