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  1. Stationsstraat 45, Tilburg

    Mindblowing and absolute perfection! Great to see you back!
  2. Two Liberty Place

  3. Torre Latinoamericana

    An absolutely incredible masterpiece! This truly rivals your best work! There can never be too many of these "small but tall" buildings in the game! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  4. Willoughby Tower

    FANTASTIC! Cannot get enough of your work! Thank you so much!
  5. Ciudadela San Martin Tower One

    MAGNIFICENT! What a joy to see more new releases from you! Thank you so very much!
  6. Karlsruhe Courthouse

    absolutely love the style and feel! you always give us something unique and amazing! thank you for yet another absolute GEM!
  7. Comcast Center

    PERFECTION in every way! Thank you for this masterpiece!
  8. 667 Madison Avenue

    Absolutely Incredible! The details are flawless and the complexity is breathtaking! THANK YOU for this masterful gem and brilliant NYC addition!
  9. 600 Madison Avenue

    Pure GENIUS! This is as brilliant as anything you have ever done, if not more so! Please grace us with more of your Nyc masterpieces!
  10. Watkins & Sons

    This is mind-blowingly brilliant! Gosh it's great to see you back and better than ever!
  11. Columbia Center

    In-your-face awesomeness! The nightlights are sheer brilliance!
  12. Eighth Avenue Place - East Tower

    Mind-blowing! Perfectly realized in every way!
  13. NYBT Nos. 31-33 Madison Avenue

    Absolutely wonderful, and the nightlighting could not be more realistic! Also, all of your NYC work is absolutely essential, and I can still remember years ago when you released your Macy's re-creation. Thank you for all you have done for the SC4 community and for all the buildings you have shared with us. I definitely know that I couldn't imagine my cities without them!
    Looks fantastic! THANK YOU!
  14. 261 5th Avenue

    Staggeringly beautiful! This is a masterpiece!