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    Love building games like Simcity of course but a also like strategy games like supreme commander. But best of all I love making games as an Environment Artist.

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  1. Hey I know This inst maya or photoshop but I need help. This should be relatively easy but I cant figure it out. It feels like a riddle (it should be a simple answer). The attached image shows a 1024X1024 texture with two images within. A brick texture and some sort of picket fence. Now, from what I know about textures to tile is they need to fit the entire 1024x1024 image. But I'm seeing people use images like this where they have tillable textures within tillable textures. The red lines and faded fence symbolise what I want it to do, lets say on a continues plane. How do I replicate this? Can i do it within maya?
  2. Idea Suggestion: More Wealth Levels

    Awesome. Got any work i could see?
  3. Idea Suggestion: More Wealth Levels

    So you're saying to have only 2 building per wealth level but make them changeable by colour? So are you a 3D modeller? If so i'd love to see your ideas for the building.
  4. Idea Suggestion: More Wealth Levels

    I think its a good idea to have a variation but that's also the problem. Too much variation would take a looong time. As soon as you add an extra wealth, that means you need to design not just houses but shops, industrial and park and so on. Say each wealth needs at least 6 variations of buildings for each density. That's 18 houses (Depending if you only have 3 density levels also) then you have a total of 54 building designs, then you have parks etc... For an indie game I think its asking a lot.
  5. Wanting in.

    Perhaps, but ye he already has the crewed blocked buildings in. id love to see some trees in there and a variation of buildings. but ye like you said its down to where he is. I'd love to know how he's creating the roads because if later on there's going to be different terrain, how would the road adjust to it. this also includes building car parks etc. Anyone know when the next live stream is?
  6. Wanting in.

    Ye i don't know much about coding, I'm more of a Environment artist so it all sounds very complicated to me. I think i know what you mean when they will be randomly generated but apart from just having a bunch of squares someone will need to create a WIDE variation of buildings. This including modelling, texturing etc. This will take a while. But ye i haven't seen any specifications apart from a small description about the graphics being minimalistic and looking like mirrors edge. Be cool to see a look of the game from a arts point of view instead of a load of coding to describe the feel of the game. Josh.
  7. Building and Rendering SimCity (2013)

    Awesome. But im confused to how this relief mapping works. I've looked up on it and I cant get it to work. The only way i can replicate this is by creating Displacement maps. but that creates high polys. HELP?1!!!!
  8. Wanting in.

    Hellooooooo. I have been following citybound for a while now and i love the progress. When are we likely to see the art style of the game? e.g. Concepts. I've been making a few models (Building, shops etc) and come up with some cool designs. Which brings me onto another question of is Anselm going to be asking for help anytime soon. I ask this because surely the whole asset part will take a while even with a team. If i have mist a talk about this i apologies and i'd be thankfull if i was directed if so. Josh. I've linked an image of two building not with the textures and they are models iv copied from simcity conepts.