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  1. Thank you to all the people who help make this game possible! Colossal Order, Paradox Interactive and all the Cities Skylines fans who made the community what it is today! I was going through a very dark time in my life and if it wasn't for this game I would probably still be in a hell hole of a life wishing I was dead. You gave me that faith in myself again and I'm eternally grateful! Bless your Lives with Love and Great Friendships! Nothing Is Impossible, for in that word you have "Im Possible". Start Living with Love and your Highest Dreams Now!
  2. Cool, I've had an idea to for that type of pole for a long time but never wanted to make it unless there was some way to change the wires through a mod. Would be great if someone made a mod that allowed you to change the power lines to that, default and underground. Good job.
  3. The Brooklyn Bridge has arrived! Please like, rate, subscribe and enjoy! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=658584285
  4. Feindbolds Buildings

    Woah, Great Job Feindbold! What a great idea! People will love this.
  5. Work In Progress. Can you guess which building?
  6. Prosper`s buildings

    I keep telling him that.
  7. Hello Everyone, I was working on a new building today and realized how much I hate all the guess work in trying to get the dimensions/proportions of a building using stuff like the Google Maps Area Calculator or through pure guess work by looking at a reference photo. Looking at Google Earth I wished I could just extract the model directly from there so I could at least build my model based on those given dimensions and proportions and then just scale it up to to the proper height of the building as that's usually an easy to find number. So I found a video on YouTube explaining how to do just that and I tried it already and it works! It will save you tons of time if you are trying to model something exactly as it is in real life, no more guess work. The models aren't perfect with many weird angles and edges but the foundation is there and you can use reference photos to get your model to look just right. For those wondering, this does not mean this is a way to extract models and just texture those up and import them. This is a method in which to get a template to build your own model with. Sort of like following a set of blueprints. The models are not good enough imo anyways. You will need a few things... A version of 3DS Max between 5.0-9.0, 2009 and 2011. I tried 2011 but the plugin was not working for me. A 2009 version had no problems, the plugin from 3D ripper DX worked fine. 3D Ripper DX - http://www.deep-shadows.com/hax/3DRipperDX.htm Google Earth Version - http://filehippo.com/download_google_earth/12140/ Then all you have to do is watch this tutorial on how to extract the model. Hope this helps someone out on their next project.
  8. Prosper`s buildings

    I think he means this?
  9. I'm impressed on how fast you were able to create that.
  10. most likely where the original artist got the influence from, they look way to similar not to be.
  11. Just released the Hyatt Hotel, and as someone pointed out it would make a great ski resort in Snowfall. Check out the link for many more screenshots and to subscribe! Thanks http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=626925428
  12. Well there is an option to turn off alerts now but using the unsubscribe checkbox.
  13. I don't understand why people remove stuff.
  14. Prosper`s buildings

    I like the dark brick as well.