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  1. It sounds like Steam isn't writing the files to disk correctly. Where do you have your game installed to? Check your install location to see if the workshop files are being installed. This will be [Install Location]\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content for the large part, although some mods may install library files elsewhere too.
  2. Funny Screenshots

    I like how the cims ride their bicycles down the steps into the subway... For some reason, this Fiat 500 levitated through my stadium and ended up embedded in a building.
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    I'm making a forestry area... Lots of birdsong in that neighbourhood!
  4. Show us your SKYLINE

  5. Show us your Detail Shots

    I like to see the city at street level, using a first person camera. Lots of detail to see!
  6. Show us your night shots

    Driving in the rain:
  7. Calabria

  8. Exploring Vitarvis

    This looks very interesting! I especially like your world map- keeping track of all the cities you built over the years is a lovely idea.
  9. Themes

    You must have buildings in the theme for both the size and zone type you are using for buildings to spawn. For example, I am using an 'American Trailer' theme, which has houses of 2X1, 2X2 and 3X3 in it. I've noticed that if I zone commercial within that district, no buildings grow because there are no commercial buildings in that theme. Likewise, no 1X1 trailers grow, because there are no 1X1 trailer models within the theme. So you might need to check whether the neo theme contains commercial buildings, and also what size the buildings in that theme are.
  10. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Wow, what a feat!