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  1. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    I quite like the neons lights, they are really nice especially for this kind of building. For the windows, I would be in favor to do interior ligthing, self illuminated ceiling or flooring, it gives more depth to the building but it's more complex to do as it requires to model and do partition of the interiors. Anyway, really good job as usual
  2. Thanks dear for your feedback. I tried as well a lot of options. It does not fix the issue. Some settings are lowering the effect but it does not remove it completely and for shapes like trees the result is way too bad. Definitively, old version of Max are the best for exports. I was using 3dsmax 2012 without any problem. Unfortunately, I am not able to install it again properly, there are some issues which seems to be linked with newer version of Windows. On top of that, Autodesk does not support the old version of Max anymore. I am afraid that if I am not able to install 2012 version, it will not release any new flora
  3. Seeking for your help. I installed 3dsmax 2017 and BAT4MAX. Rendering in 3dsmax looks neat however export in game looks blurred. Below comparison of same scene exported in 3dsmax 2012 many years ago and 3dsmax 2017. I tried to play with some settings in 3dsmax but nothing really working :/
  4. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17967.msg522526#msg522526
  5. I re opened the BAT (with 3dsmax 2017) lately and tried to finish my poplars. Seems that i found something satisfactory for summer liveries: Trying as well something higher
  6. Mushy's Random BATs

    Nice project. I really love your attention to details and the work on texture
  7. BAT Request Thread

    I think AndisArt worked on that. Let's see how it fits into SC4, I am not sure it would look nice due to the shape of the building.
  8. Krasner B.A.T. thread

    Looks cool Nice to see a Frenchie BATing
  9. BAT4Max v.5

    Thanks, the files linked to devotion is what I was looking for. They should be pined somewhere more visible, IMHO
  10. BAT4Max v.5

    Hi, Where can I find the HD plugin for Gmax in order to export in HD with 3dsmax. The link from Simfox is not working anymore. Is there another link? Thanks
  11. May I ask you - my great spirit of the forrest, keeper of the trees - if you are willing to have a short look on my farming project. The problem are the almond trees. I don't get them right. Tried it several times. The colours are okay, but the leaves don't look like leaves more like splatters from watercolour.

    I really could need better looking almond trees. Two or three to make a field. You know, from almonds you make almond liqueur and with almond liqueur you make tiramisu. And without tiramisu life has no sense.  

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    2. Fantozzi


      Most probably I confused things. I got used not to download 3ds models, where the zip is more than 2MB - I think I confused this the kb with the poly count - a classic fantozzi :ducky:

      (Download of attachment doesn't work - get an xml with some error message instead)

    3. rsc204


      That'll be ST I imagine, try here <Link Removed, updated file attached in previous post> for the time being. :)

    4. Fantozzi


      Well your acacia looks like an acacia. To me looks pretty good. Only thing from my part - maybe to work on its smell (when they smell it's like a confirmation of summer being here).

      I have a quite big collection of textures from 15, 20 years - when most of the web was still free and no one even had the idear to make money with them. Mostly they aren't high res but for web design by then and now for SC4 they work nice.

      But still to me on texturing it's mostly try and error and a little bit of experience to know how the result will look like in game.

      I think I went through all the plant models on Archive3D. But you gave me a good idear.


      Like making clusters of leafs and using copies with mirroring/rotation to avoid repetition.

      I was always looking for a complete tree. I will try something different. I will look for the right branch first. And then create separately a foliage cluster I can place on that branches. Maybe this was the hint I was searching for. Thank you.

  12. Hi Dear.

    Just changed my computer and I cannot log in to SC4D.

    I have a database error screen.

    Thank you in advance.


    1. rsc204


      It's probably not your new shiny, there seems to be a problem right now. Hopefully it will be resolved swiftly :).

    2. Tarkus


      Unfortunately, I can't really get into the site any farther at the moment, either.  We'll need Jeronij's assistance.

    3. Tarkus


      It's back now.

  13. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Lovely mod I just discover. Thanks for using my trees maybe some new models coul come before end of the year
  14. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    looks good, thanks for sharing