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  1. Paeng's Parking Lots Vol 01

  2. Realistic Civic Mod

    Will this have problems with the Crime Doesn't Pay mod? It sounds like they might not be compatible. Then again, if this mod increases the effectiveness (not just coverage) of the police stations then there's no need for the other mod. I'll check it out and see how it plays.
  3. Bullet Train Slope Mod

    Ahhh here's what I'm missing. I got the RHW slope mod, but was in need of this one for my RHW 6C. Thanks. Also enjoying your Building a city from scratch series. Great stuff.
  4. Applebees

    The amount of commercial lots you have made me download is ridiculous!!! I don't know how you did all this stuff back in the day, but I sure appreciate it. I'm glad I don't have to deal with making my own stuff anymore. Thanks!
  5. B62 Remastered - Target SuperCenter

    Excellent. This thing is huge!!! Will make things easier for building my Southpark Meadows.
  6. Paeng's Playgrounds 205

    Sweet. Great idea with the default skate part. No longer a boring piece of concrete with blue paint. Thanks.
  7. Modular Amusement Park Pack Roller Coasters

    Hey aldara, on the off chance you're still active and replying to these comments, would changing the file folders (I like to keep things organized my way) cause any inconveniences? Thanks for the mod by the way.
  8. Modular Amusement Park Pack Essentials

    Awesome.I see good reviews for this. Can't wait to use this.I should be able to replicate Fiesta Texas to a general look-alike. Will definitely be getting the other 3 packs. I love playing SC4. Specially in today's world, where my mini portable netbook can play it, even with all these mods. Thanks a bunch.
  9. LBT Gas Station Prop Pack 1 & 2

    Ah, this is probably why the gas stations aren't showing properly. This is what I needed. Finally. Thanks, you wonderful uploader.
  10. BAT (Building Architect Tool) won't installing

    Has anyone found a workaround for this? I'm having the same problem. Maybe something that can be done through the registry or modify certain files. It seems like a problem that only a few people have, but I was hoping someone came up with a solution after so many years.
  11. How to get gmax

    I found out you can use Autocad in conjunction with Gmax to get some neat designs (for the perfectionists). But you're right, I still need to get Gmax. It turned out to be a pretty easy install. Got it working on the first try. Anyways, thanks for the insight. Now to get the BAT.
  12. I cannot install BAT

    Alright, so dazflint was onto something in the previous comment. (thanks by the way). I read in various forums that it has to do with the way the BAT installer looks for SC4 in the directory or something. I'm nowhere near a computer expert, or amateur for that matter, but I'm not afraid to go into my registry or modify files to make sure the BAT installs. I tried searching many places for a fix, but didn't find an answer. Any active experts that can provide help or link to a fix? You'll be much appreciated. Maybe I missed something. I'll keep looking in the mean time. Sorry if I'm late to the party. Thanks in advance.