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  1. Are there any "year" sc4 mods?

    SC4 starts at the year 2000 even though it only shows 00 in game. You can tell this by the way you change the date using the option in the Extra Cheat menu. In order to change the date, you have to use the sequence 2XXX. It does have some kind of effect on the game but nothing I have found adverse. It's most noticeable in cities with farms. Once you change the date, whether forward or back, the farms will cycle through the seasons as in a time warp till it catches up to the date set. It does stop cycling after a while and the game continues to run as normal, at least from my experience that is. Now trying to set the date earlier than 2000 (ie: 19XX, 18XX) isn't something I've ever tried nor do I think it's even possible. You might just end up with a Y2K problem on your hands.
  2. MCP Small Shopping Center

  3. Pedestrian Mall Connector

  4. Demand but residents not moving in

    I know this sounds ridiculous, but... make sure you don't have the simulation paused.
  5. City Growth Rate

    Since it wasn't mentioned, there is the posibilty that your IHT isn't actually employing your $$$ sims. It'll still drive the need/want for $$$ but doing nothing to actually satisfy the demand. To fix that you'll need the IHT fix mod. Make sure to read the installation process very carefully. It might seem advanced but not really. If your confused or intimidated, just ask here and someone from the community willdo their best to help you through the process.
  6. Transportation Issue

    The 340/355 doesn't represent how many workers are being employed at said employment. Rather it represents how many jobs are available to the max amount it could provide. Ie. Available jobs ->349/355<-max possible if conditions were perfect. The only ways to know how many Sims are being employed is either with the query or with the Extra Cheat dll mod installed. however, the route query isn't an exact number. It counts each sim's mode of transportation. So if a sim drives to a bus then walks the final length to reach the job, each mode of transportation is accounted for. only with the Extra Cheat mod can you get an exact count of Sims employed and in what wealth class it's employing them. If you have the Extra Cheat mod installed, to access this information, press and hold Alt+shift+control and hover over the building without actually clicking on the building. Bare in mind that not all custom content will display this information.
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks for the links Yarahi.. Have to say I'm sort of shocked the billboards were a STEX download. thought I've been through all the STEX results for billboards.
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Looking for the download link to this building and... where can I find these billboards?
  9. commute time too long

    Not assuming, but in case you didn't know, the set of numbers in the top right corner (xxx/xxx) when using the (?) Query a building does not represent the amount of Sims working there. The left set of numbers represents the amount of jobs available base on conditions like its location, where as the right set of numbers is the max amount of jobs the building could have if all conditions were perfect. I believe without the ExtraCheat.dCheat.dll mod, it's very difficult to know the exact amount of Sims working in the building. You can use the (/?) Query to get a rough estimate of workers since it's not a perfect science. Plus it's difficult to know which level of Sims are currently taking up the employment.
  10. Radically Historical

    Learned about this trick not to long ago. Though I have sections I've been bulldozing for months now and still haven't gotten the whole area to grow exactly as I want it. The simulation is being a bitter little B.....