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  1. Coastal Modd

    Finally, A mod where I can make my beaches look like home in Montego Bay...
  2. Alderney

    What seawalls do you use?
  3. Update 7/Big Storm Update 1- Storm Rollo Headed Towards Portland

    I'd like to know where you got those lots of the buildings under construction. Otherwise nice cities!
  4. The Simoleon Trees

    finally i can build airports. The stuff in rmip and xiz vlt acb vlt and what not are EXPENSIVE thanks alot man
  5. Warehouses BATProps Part B

    So awesome it's a dependency...
  6. Warehouses BATProps Part A

    Some of those buildings remind me of Norway's ports and stuff.
  7. ReZonePlus

    [quote name='FrankU' timestamp='1324394769'] mrbisonm, on , said: Good idea and excellent for those who have money problems with the game or would like an easier game play, but not a realism mod as you said above. IRL you have to pay to zone and dezone land for res, com or ind, and believe me, depending where, it can cost a lot of money. ;)I just dezoned (last month) 3.5 acres of agricultural land to residential (here in Canada) and it cost me 4,000 $ Can of Government and Notary fees. Hey Fred, Here in the Netherlands rezoning to residential gives you a heck of a heap of money. When you succeed! And when someone will build on it. Nice mod, by the way. [/quote] He's right when you zone there is a possibility that the area will grow and the occupants will pay taxes and that will give you money. And find me on sc4d i make mods with Dutch French English German and Spanish!
  8. Custom Content

    Hi guys, I have been on the STEX for a while and I want to upload some custom content but my SC4 Bat is not letting me install it, so I was wondering if anyone could upload a pre installed folder of SC4 bat please. I've mastered lotting and got very good at it so, I just want to upload a good lot to the STEX. Aight yall.
  9. SHK Brigantine 2.0

    man i didnt read the readme until AFTER i loaded it into the game. Hmm it kinda reminds me of the caribbean water mod i made
  10. Pond Air

    you have to download and install the dependencies first
  11. SCAG Boeing 777 - Series II

    finally i can build an airport with a huge variation of large jets i only had the 747s but now i got all airbusses and boeings boyee
  12. Vice City map from GTA

    This is Vice City STORIES, not Vice City. But I have to admit its pretty dang accurate brother.
  13. Southwest Airlines 737-300

    is it udi enabled?
  14. SimCity 4 Ultimate Dependency Package - April 2012

    i know how to MEGA compress things too- just put a zip folder in another in another in another and so on ive compressed things like 240 megs to 92 So far....... MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HACOUGH COUGH COUGHCOUGH AWW crud
  15. RAH WatAir Inc

    You guys just need building prop vol 1 and 2 ill realease them today